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Latest Beatles News as of Friday, September 23, 2016

More hits for the Beatles in new documentary film

Ron Howard's Beatles documentary has played so strongly in its first week in theaters that virtually all are holding it over for at least a second week, and the film's distributor is nearly doubling its number of screens beginning Friday. The film also has generally positive reviews, scoring a 97% positive rating at Rotten Tomatoes.

Source: Los Angeles Times
Sean Lennon fights back against order to chop down his tree

John Lennon's son has headed back to court in his $10 million dollar legal battle over a 70-year-old tree in his yard. Sean Lennon was ordered to remove the tree by a New York judge earlier this month, but in court documents filed Monday, Lennon is not giving up and is now demanding that the appeals court overturn the decision.

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First-ever song made by artificial intelligence sounds just like the Beatles

Sony's Computer Science Laboratory in Paris has produced two songs using artificial intelligence, a software they're calling Flow Machines. One of their first tracks, "Daddy's Car," nails The Beatles style and captures a transcendental, nostalgic pop vibe. Sony claims Flow Machines "can compose in any style."

Source: Mic

Leggy Mountbatten
Monty Python and Rutles actor Terence Bayler dies at 86

Terence Bayler, known for his acting roles with Monty Python and in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, has died aged 86. Bayler was also in the cast of Eric Idle and Neil Innes' BBC sketch show Rutland Weekend Television, and played band manager Leggy Mountbatten in the Rutles: All You Need Is Cash mockumentary of the Beatles.

Source: Yahoo! Movies, UK

1930s Hollywood musicals star Bobby Breen dies at 88

Bobby Breen, the celebrated boy soprano and child actor who appeared in a quick succession of popular 1930s films before puberty set in, has died. He was 88. He was a big box-office attraction for RKO Radio Pictures, and his likeness appears on the album cover of the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. He started performing at age 8.

Source: Hollywood Reporter
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Thursday, September 22, 2016
Listen: Ringo Starr drops surprise track for International Day of Peace

Ringo Starr dropped a surprise new song, "Now The Time Has Come," on Wednesday to celebrate the United Nations' International Day of Peace. Ringo said, "I worked on this record with peace and love. It was a joy to be part of this project. Making this record was incredibly personal for me."

Source: WROR FM, Boston
Paul McCartney's odd request for Desert Trip concert

Paul McCartney apparently wants to make sure he isn't dwarfed by any fellow rock gods, from the Rolling Stones to The Who, at the upcoming Desert Trip concert, which has also been dubbed "Oldchella." A source close to the show says that Macca requested the stage be raised a whole 6 inches every time he's on it.

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Liverpool's Hard Days Night Hotel welcomes renowned Beatles artist

The Hard Days Night Hotel in Liverpool welcomed a very special guest to its Fab Four inspired venue, as part of this year's International Beatleweek celebrations. Acclaimed Beatles artist Klaus Voormann, who designed the cover of The Beatles' Revolver album, visited the hotel to mark the 50th anniversary of the record's release.

Source: Click Liverpool
Internet data reveals most famous Beatle

Data from Google has shown who the most searched for Beatles is in England. The data from Google trends looks at the number of times people have searched for a particular celebrity since September 2011 and the results are illuminating. According to the internet, Paul McCartney is 10% more popular than John Lennon.

Source: Liverpool Echo
Wednesday, September 21, 2016
John Lennon birthday celebration in Hollywood starts at new, later time

Music, poetry, birthday cake and the decorating of John Lennon's Hollywood Walk of Fame star will all be taking place as Lennon and Beatles fans of all ages are invited to come together on Sunday, October 9 starting 6:00pm, until 8pm, to remember and honor the late legendary singer, songwriter and peace advocate on his 76th birthday.

Source: Beatles News
Massive John Lennon painting pays tribute to International Day of Peace

A Guinness World Record holder is marking the International Day of Peace with a 2,500 square foot painting of John Lennon. Eric Waugh earned the record in 2001 for creating the "world's largest painting on canvas by a single artist. His Lennon tribute, "Imagine Again," is to be displayed in Central Park, according to his Facebook page.

Source: USA Today
John Lennon's custom-made Suit to be featured in upcoming live auction

John Lennon's suit is to be auctioned in Boston. The custom-made, grey and black tweed houndstooth two-piece suit was created by Beatles tailor Douglas Millings. Lennon gave the suit to Madame Tussauds in London for use in the museum. The suit is estimated to be sold at auction for 50,000 (about $65,000).

Source: Liverpool Echo
John Lennon called overpopulation a joke during vintage interview

A vintage interview with John Lennon which has been posted on YouTube reveals he did not believe in overpopulation, and referred to it as a "joke." The book "The Population Bomb" was in the news, Lennon said, "I don't really believe it, you know. I think whatever happens will balance itself out and work itself out and work itself out."

Source: Live Action News
Pictures: Five guys who've been called the Fifth Beatle

In the history of The Beatles, a number of people have been dubbed the "fifth Beatle." George Matin was "the inventive Beatle." Klaus Voormann was "the secret Beatle." Brian Epstein was "the enterprising Beatle." Stu Sutcliffe was "the lost Beatle." And Pete Best, "the forgotten Beatle," was the most unluckiest of them all.

Source: Deutsche Welle
Tuesday, September 20, 2016
Hollywood Bowl hits at #7 on Billboard Top 10

The Beatles' new concert album, Live at the Hollywood Bowl, has debuted at #7 on the Billboard 200, making it the band's 32nd record to reach the chart's top 10. The record had a total of 36,000 equivalent album units, 35,000 of which were pure album sales. Only three artists have scored more top-10 albums on the Billboard list.

Source: KWBE, Nebraska
New Beatles doc getting deluxe DVD/Blu-ray release

Ron Howard's Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years will come out on DVD and Blu-ray on November 18 in a couple of configurations, all featuring extended, full-length performances of several songs, including Twist and Shout, She Loves You and Can`t Buy Me Love. A two-disc Special Collector's Edition will feature a special 64-page booklet.

More Information  Source: WROR FM, Boston

Giles Martin
Giles Martin explains why 'there's still no one like the Beatles'

Giles Martin, son of George and a Grammy Award-winning producer himself who has spent hundreds of hours listening to the music of the Fab Four, says there isn't a band like the Beatles today, they were unique "and not just because they were the Beatles. They were almost three bands in one... the three writers, John and Paul, then George later."

Source: Huffington Post
Rift tearing apart the family of Fifth Beatle Sir George Martin

The family of the late Sir George Martin is being torn apart because of a dispute over his will, it has been reported. Alexis Stratfold, one of two children from Martin's first marriage, has described her inheritance as "a pittance," the bulk of Martin's estate going to his 87-year-old widow, Judy Lockhart Smith, mother of Giles.

Source: The Telegraph, UK
Rare Beatles photo portfolio to go on sale online

A rare portfolio of 10 images taken by Rowland Scherman at the first American Beatles concert will be sold on online auction platform Paddle8, for the 50th anniversary of Beatlemania's final live concerts. Scherman worked for LIFE, TIME, and Newsweek in the 1960s, but most of these 10 pictures have never been published.

Source: Blouin Artinfo

Donovan's fingerstyle that became the Beatles' White Album

Donovan Leitch, who's gone by his first name only for more than five decades, wrote and recorded hit songs like Mellow Yellow and Hurdy Gurdy Man, yet his influence as a songwriter and musician reaches beyond his own music. As George Harrison noted in the 1995 documentary The Beatles Anthology, "Donovan was all over the White Album."

Source: Westword
Monday, September 19, 2016
The Beatles a chart-topper in crowded movie weekend

A competitive weekend on Specialty screens saw The Fab Four land the top spot, as Ron Howard's doc The Beatles: Eight Days a Week The Touring Years bowed with a mix of one-nighters and traditional engagements, grossing over $615K in its slated week-long engagements via Abramorama.

Source: Deadline
Ed Sheeran tribute cut from Beatles documentary

British musician Ed Sheeran is a devoted Beatles fan and has grown friendly with Paul McCartney in recent years. As a result he jumped at the chance to appear in director Ron Howard's new film about the band. However due to time constraints, Howard says Sheeran's talking head segment didn't make it to the final cut of the movie.

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Ringo Starr to drum on new Jon Stevens recording

Australian singer Jon Stevens is getting by with a little help from his friends, Ringo Starr and Eurythmics guru Dave Stewart. Stevens is working on a new album with Stewart in the US, and Starr has joined them to play drums. The trio performed together at Starr's 76th birthday celebration in Los Angeles in July.

Source: The Courier Mail, Australia
Garden City schools to give course about the Beatles

Garden City Public Schools Continuing Education in Long Island, New York, is now offering a five week course entitled "The Beatles Story." Historian and life long Beatle fan John Ellis Kordes will explore the origins of the group in Liverpool, England, and how they struggled in the early years before exploding on the world scene in 1964.

Source: The Garden City News

Paris Jackson honors John Lennon with new tattoo

18-year-old Paris Jackson, the daughter of late King of Pop Michael Jackson, had John Lennon's image inked onto her arm. Paris, who recently opened up about being a victim of cyber bullying, had words from Lennon's song Imagine, "Imagine all the people living life in peace," inked under the image of his face. She showed off the new tattoo on social media.

Source: Irish Examiner
Friday, September 16, 2016
Pictures: The McCartneys party after Beatles film London premiere

He may be well into his seventies, but Paul McCartney proved he can still party like the best of them as he left an after-show party for the new Beatles documentary on Thursday night. Paul's fashion designer daughter Stella McCartney was also on hand, as was son James. Paul paid plenty of attention to his fans, giving them high-fives.

Source: The Daily Mail, UK
Pictures: Die-hard Beatles fan Liam Gallagher at Beatles film premiere

He is an enormous Beatles fan, even naming his son Lennon. So it was no surprise to see Liam Gallagher arriving at the world premiere of director Ron Howard's The Beatles: Eight Days A Week: The Touring Years, in London on Thursday night. Liam and his older brother Noel have made no secret of their love of the 1960s band.

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Paul and Ringo appear together for emotional Beatles film premiere in London

Last night at the premier in London of The Beatles: Eight Days a Week, Paul McCartney said looking back at footage from the Beatles' touring years was "emotional and very special." He said, "We're getting great memories obviously of playing with John and George. So that's very emotional and very special to see that again."

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New film shows how the Beatles helped fight segregation

Music aside, the true power of The Beatles wasn't the volume of their fans or the popularity of their hairstyles, it was the pull of their politics. The band's refusal to play to segregated American audiences in 1964 is one striking example explored in a new documentary about the band's tireless years on the road in the 1960s.

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8 reasons even non-Beatles fans should watch their new feature-length doc

A Beatles film? In 2016? Why should anyone bother? Because, incredibly, there's still plenty to say half a century on. "But I don't like The Beatles!" Even so. The Digital Spy website has put together eight reasons why, Fabs fan or not, you have to watch Ron Howard's The Beatles: Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years.

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Larry Kane: The reluctant Beatles fan

Eight Days A Week, Ron Howard's new documentary about the Beatles' touring days in the 1960s, has contributions from familiar faces such as Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. Less expected is Larry Kane, who as a young journalist at the Top 40 music station WFUN Miami accompanied the band on every date of their first two US tours.

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Thursday, September 15, 2016
Beatles symposium speakers to raise money for local fire department

Guest speakers for the Beatles at the Ridge Authors and Artists Symposium, taking place this weekend, have offered to donate proceeds to a worthy cause in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas where the symposium is being held. "We want to make a difference and leave Walnut Ridge a happier place when we go," said journalist and author Ivor Davis.

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How new Beatles film reunited the Fab Four

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are back to where they once belonged, sharing a joke at Abbey Road. Paul McCartney said, "I started to see photos and footage of us all just as mates, that's all we were, just mates and it was great to be reminded of that. We kind of get reunited with John and George again. Which is very special."

Source: Liverpool Echo
Paul and Ringo haven't seen new documentary yet

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr say they haven't yet seen the band's new tour film documentary Eight Days A Week. In a Facebook Q&A, Paul and Ringo said the first time they will watch the movie will be at tonight's London premiere. McCartney said, "We haven't seen it, so we're looking forward to tomorrow night's premiere."

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Video: How Beatles created strange sound of Tomorrow Never Knows Warning: Page opens with sound

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years features fascinating archival footage and some new interviews. In a new clip now available on the internet, Paul and Ringo talk about just how they managed to create sounds that no-one ever heard before, including the tape loops on Tomorrow Never Knows.

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Apple says Shea Stadium footage lawsuit is frivolous

Sid Bernstein Presents LLC is suing apple over the rights to footage of the Beatles at Shea Stadium concert footage. The suit is entirely frivolous, Apple Corps' lawyer said in an interview. Bernstein's agreement with the Beatles at the time explicitly barred him from any filming rights and a copy of the deal will prove it easily, he said.

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George Harrison to receive first George Harrison Global Citizen Award

Prophets of Rage guitarist Tom Morello and Colbert Show bandleader Jon Batiste will curate this year's Global Citizen: The World On Stage event, where Paul Simon will present the inaugural George Harrison Global Citizen Award to the late Beatle posthumously, for his deep commitment to promoting world peace and ending poverty.

Source: Rolling Stone
John Lennon's missing Rolls-Royce rides again

John Lennon's white 1965 Rolls-Royce Phantom V is back on the road this summer for the first time in more than 30 years. It was made custom for Lennon, who wanted everything white, the interior, upholstery, the carpets and even the steering wheel. It was seen recently at the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club annual rally in England.

Source: The Telegraph, UK
Wednesday, September 14, 2016
Paul McCartney renews agreement with ASCAP for his songs in the U.S.

ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, today announced that Paul McCartney has renewed his agreement with the organization for representation of public performances of his songwriting catalog in the US. McCartney has been represented by ASCAP for performing rights in the US for multiple decades.

Source: Market Wired
Eight Days A Week: How Ron Howard brought the Beatles back to life

Eight Days A Week strips away layers of myth to give us back the Beatles who made the whole world scream. It puts us inside the bubble of their skyrocketing fame, an experience that these four men alone shared, and which only they fully understood. It was all about being four boys in a band. Until suddenly it wasn't.

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The eight Beatles films you probably haven't seen

No one had too much hope for the Beatles' movie debut, but, like the Beatles, A Hard Day's Night exceeded all expectations. It was quickly followed up by Help! and Yellow Submarine. But there were other Beatles film projects, too, some solo, many bizarre. A few, like Ringo's "Caveman" comedy, were even hits.

Source: NJ.com
Documentary about George Harrison's time in Benton coming to DVD

Filmmaker and Beatles aficionado Bob Bartel released "George Harrison: A Beatle in Benton, Illinois" in 2005. The film documents Harrison's visit to see his sister, Louise, in Benton in 1963. Bartel is rereleasing the DVD, now with more interviews and rare footage. The film has recently gone into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Source: The Southern Illinoisan

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