Beatles News Widget Documentation

The appearance and content of the Beatles News Widget can be altered by adding one or more options to the newswidget command line. For example:


The optional settings are separated from the newswidget.cgi command with a ? symbol and then, if there are more than one option, each option is separated from one another with an & symbol.

Each option has a default value. If you want to use the default value of an option, it's not necessary to specify the option at all.

These are the optional settings you can add to the newswidget command line to customize the appearance of the Beatles News Widget on your web site:

Change the number of news items listed.

default: 6, maximum: 10
example: count=4

Specifies whether links in the news display will open in the browser's current window or open a new window.

default: currentwindow
example: linktype=newwindow

Specifies whether or not to preceed each news headline link with a bullet character

default: show
example: bullets=none

Specifies whether to show news listing in table format or plain html text. Use the plain text option to combine the Beatles News Widget with the look and feel already on your web site.

default: table
example: format=text

The following settings apply when using table format only:

Changes the width of the table. Can either be an absolute number of pixels or a percentage of window space.

default: table takes up as much width as longest headline
example: width=160
example: width=100%

Changes font used in table. Be careful to only specify a font that all computers have.

default: arial
example: fontface=courier
example: fontface=verdana

Changes the font size of text in the table.

default: 2
example: fontsize=1

Changes the color of the non-link text in the table.

Note: Do NOT preface a hex color combination with the # symbol.

default: black
example: color=red (or any valid color name)
example: color=FF0000 (or any hex color combination)

Changes the background color of the table.

default: white

Changes the color of the border of the table.

default: black

Changes the color of links in the table.

default: blue

Changes the color of the links when the mouse is hovering over them.

default: darkred

More customization features may be added in the future, and ideas for new customizations from webmasters may be considered. We appreciate your ideas and comments.

The Beatles News Widget is Copyright © 2005-2014, Adam Forrest

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