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Friday, November 17, 2017
Yoko Ono wins in court against Hamburg bar named Yoko Mono

The Hamburg district court decided on Thursday a bizarre lawsuit by Yoko Ono against the owner of the "Yoko Mono" bar. The operator may no longer call his pub "Yoko Mono". It was an unauthorized name presumption, the court ruled, and one might think that Ono had something to do with the small bar. (Page translated into English.)

Original Page in German  Source: NDR, Germany
Painting from collection of Yoko Ono sells for nearly $11 million

A painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat from the collection of Yoko Ono has sold for $10.9 million. Sotheby's says the work, titled "Cabra", was sold Thursday night in New York to an unidentified buyer. The pre-sale estimate was $9 million to $12 million. Part of the proceeds will benefit the Spirit Foundations, founded by Ono and John Lennon.

Source: Voice of America
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Wednesday, November 15, 2017
John Lennon's former Surrey mansion hits the market for 8.9m

The Surrey home where John Lennon penned some of the Beatles biggest hits has listed for 8.9m (about $11.7m). Purchased by Lennon and his first wife Cynthia in 1964, at the peak of Beatlemania, Kenwood sits in 1.5 acres on the St George's Hill estate in Weybridge. John wrote I Am the Walrus in the home's attic.

Source: The Spaces
Monday, November 13, 2017
John Lennon music bus challenges local teens to imagine peace

When the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus pulled up at Hialeah Gardens High School, many students didn't know much about the famous late Beatle. But when the educators who drive the bus-turned-recording-studio-on-wheels played the 1971 song Imagine and other Beatles tunes, the kids understood the peace messages.

Source: WLRN, Miami
Friday, November 10, 2017
Touching video of 10-Year-Old boy with autism singing Imagine Warning: Page opens with sound

10-year-old Calum Cull from Essex, England has high functioning autism, so he doesn't need extreme care, but he struggles socially and academically. Calum has been singing since the age of four, his singing has been getting progressively better over the last few years. His powerful performance of John Lennon's Imagine is now online.

Source: 92.3 Amp FM, Los Angeles
Thursday, November 9, 2017
Review: John Lennon is alive in the new novel Saint John Lennon

In the newly released novel "Saint John Lennon" by Daniel Hartwell, on December 8, 2020, 40-year-old John Lennon mysteriously appears in front of the Dakota in New York City to begin an intriguing adventure. Lennon re-establishes his relationships with Yoko, the Beatles Paul and Ringo, and most poignantly, with Sean and Julian.

Source: Broadway World
Monday, November 6, 2017
Yoko Ono says she is part of the younger generation

Yoko Ono considers herself part of the "young generation". The 84-year-old artist said, "It excites me that the young generation is very wise. And I include myself in that." And Yoko is an avid user of social media because, she says, she finds it an effective and efficient way to communicate to many people at once.

Source: Brampton Guardian
Friday, November 3, 2017
X Factor stars The Cutkelvins are related to Beatles legend John Lennon

It has been revealed that Scots siblings The Cutkelvins, finalists on the X Factor UK TV show, are descendants of ex-Beatle John Lennon, via their grandmother, Barbra Lennon, who was John's second cousin. Sources say they have tried to keep their family link to Lennon quiet, adding, "Sadly, they're too young to have met him."

Source: The Sun, UK
Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Create art with Yoko Ono at Cape Town's cool new gallery

Among the artworks currently on view at A4 Arts Foundation, a new arts space in Cape Town, South Africa, is a so-called "instructional piece" by Yoko Ono. Visitors to the exhibition are invited to mend broken pieces of crockery laid out on a table.Mend Piece dates from 1966, the same year Ono met John Lennon at her exhibition in London.

Source: The Sunday Times, South Africa
Tom Petty joins John Lennon and David Bowie on top-earning dead celebs list

Tom Petty passed away less than a month ago, but the beloved rocker already has made it onto Forbes' annual list of top-earning deceased celebrities. Petty landed at #6 on the list, with earnings of $20 million. Michael Jackson is the #1 top-earning celeb for the fifth year in a row, John Lennon came in at the appropriate #9 with $12 million.

Source: Rock 107, Scranton
Tuesday, October 31, 2017
John Lennon's murderer boasts he has been forgiven by Jesus

John Lennon's killer has boasted that he has been forgiven by Jesus for assassinating the former Beatle. The murderer, in jail since shooting Lennon in New York City in 1980, admits in a letter to a US pen pal, that he had committed a "heinous crime," but he says, "[Jesus] chose to die so that our sins, even mine, could be forgiven."

Fan Content Warning  Source: The Mirror, UK
Monday, October 30, 2017
John Lennon Christmas card could sell for $15k at auction

A Christmas card written by John Lennon is on sale for $15,000. The festive note from 1968 was for his wife Yoko Ono's ex, music producer Tony Cox, and the former couple's daughter, Kyoko Cox. In one of the notes on the card, John asks Tony where the mastertapes of a 1968 concert Yoko performed are, and two of her short films.

Source: Brampton Guardian
Friday, October 27, 2017
Yoko Ono to exhibit at TULCA Festival in Ireland

Work by Yoko Ono will be displayed as part of the 2017 TULCA Festival of Visual Art. The festival, now in its 15th year, runs from November 3 to 19 at various locations around Galway, this year the visual arts festival is inspired by The Screamers and primal scream therapy, which has connections to both Ono and the west of Ireland.

Source: Galway Advertiser, Ireland
John Lennon Educational Tour Bus makes stop in Jacksonville

The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus made a stop Thursday in Jacksonville, Florida, and some lucky students got to experience music and film in an incredible way. Fifth-grade students were on the John Lennon bus Thursday learning how to write, record and produce original songs, music video, documentaries and more.

Source: WJXT TV, Jacksonville
Thursday, October 26, 2017
Unseen John Lennon images revealed in Liverpool

A set of unseen images of John Lennon, which were in a "junk drawer" for over 30 years because they were thought to have no value, have been unveiled. The 26 negatives from 1970 were brought to a valuation day at Liverpool's Beatles Story museum. The intimate portraits are a rare find and could be worth 10,000 (about $13,150).

Source: BBC News, UK
How Paul McCartney was lied to by Jann Wenner over his Rock Hall induction

There are many great stories in "Sticky Fingers," the biography of Rolling Stone and Rock Hall founder Jann Wenner. The book details Wenner's sucking up to the memory of John Lennon, and his Velcro-ing to Yoko Ono to win her favor. In the process, however, Wenner made an enemy of Paul McCartney by lying to him about the Rock Hall.

Source: Showbiz 411
Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Long Island students record love song aboard John Lennon bus

Select Herricks High School students spent last Thursday aboard the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, recording an original song written over the course of the day. The song written by the Herricks students has an "acoustic coffee shop, beach vibe, surreal feeling" but will "even include a horn section," said Lennon Bus engineer Steven Meloney.

Source: The Island Now
Rolling Stone magazine prints its first issue 50 years ago today

In the fall of 1967, Rolling Stone began operating out of a loft in San Francisco. Just a couple days before printing, co-founder Jann Wenner selected a photo for the cover, John Lennon from the film How I Won the War, which was hitting theaters the same time as the magazine. "It was the last piece of the puzzle for the issue," Wenner said.

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock
Friday, October 13, 2017
Interview: Yoko made two films for me

Jonas Mekas first met Yoko Ono in New York in 1960. A few years later, she went to London and met John Lennon. "In December 1970...I organised a little film festival and Yoko made two films for me in 10 days...At the time I saw a lot of John and Yoko, and I always enjoyed our time together. He was open, relaxed, very spontaneous."

Source: The Guardian, UK
Thursday, October 12, 2017
New book from Yoko Ono to document history of Imagine

Yoko Ono will share the story of the making of John Lennon's album "Imagine" in a "landmark publication" with book publisher Thames & Hudson. The book is due for release in October 2018 and will contain "unseen photographs, artefacts and new interviews" with the people who were there when the album was conceived and recorded.

Source: The Bookseller
Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Two letters from John Lennon explain why he meditated

In early 1968, The Beatles travelled to India to learn the value of transcendental meditation from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. While staying in the Himalayas, John Lennon wrote several letters to fans, expressing the value of their newfound meditative practices. These letters were published in book, The John Lennon Letters.

Source: Happy
Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Liam Gallagher believes John Lennon is looking out for him

Liam Gallagher says John Lennon is his spiritual guide and he believes the music legend is watching over him. "(He's my) spiritual guide. I do believe he's here. I do believe that he's looking out for me," ardent John Lennon fan Gallagher told Rolling Stone magazine, who also named his eldest son, Lennon, 18, after him.

Source: Business Standard
Monday, October 9, 2017
Beatles family remembers John Lennon on 77th birthday

Paul McCartney has remembered John Lennon on what would have been his 77th birthday. McCartney wrote he was "reaching out to Johnny on his birthday" in a post on Twitter alongside an old photograph of the pals. Ringo Starr also paid tribute with a photo of the pair in their Beatles days, and Yoko tweeted he was "still with us."

Related Articles  Source: TV3, Ireland
John Lennon quotes on what would've been the his 77th birthday

John Lennon might have been one of the most important musicians in British history, but he was also known for his inspirational insights into the world. Before his tragic and untimely death in 1980, Lennon became the voice of his generation thanks to his heartfelt lyrics and quotes on love, peace, religion and war.

Related Articles  Source: The London Evening Standard
6 stunning John Lennon songs to play on his birthday Warning: Page opens with sound

John Lennon's catalog extends far beyond Beatles classics like Strawberry Fields Forever and solo highlights like Imagine. Some of his greatest musical moments come via his deep cuts, tunes off the beaten path of FM radio that cement his status as one of rock's greatest songwriters. Here is a list of six songs, in honor of his 77th birthday.

Related Articles  Source: Entertainment Weekly
New comedy announced about John Lennon

In about six months, a new comedy play Lennon's Banjo will premiere in Liverpool, telling the fascinating and touching story behind the beginning of the singer's musical journey, influenced by his mother Julia. The show will open at Liverpool's Epstein Theatre on Tuesday April 24, 2018, for a two-week run.

Source: The Guide Liverpool

Sean Lennon
Sean Lennon turns 42 today

Today is Sean Lennon's 42nd birthday. In 1998, in an interview in the Los Angeles Times, Sean said, "I feel very strongly about experimenting with different styles. That's what appeals so much to me about the Beastie Boys records and Beck's records today and the Beatles records before. That's what the future of music needs to be all about."

Source: Los Angeles Times
Friday, October 6, 2017
Beatles Day to be celebrated at the Workman's Club, Dublin this November

Beatles Day will be celebrated at the Workman's Club in Dublin on Saturday, November 4. '60s tribute band the Rockits, who perform at the legendary Liverpool venue, the Cavern Club every weekend, will appear at the celebration. There will also be a performance of the BBC Radio 2 play John Lennon's Last Day.

Source: Hot Press
John Lennon and Yoko Ono's Nutopian Embassy now for rent

The Tribeca townhouse that John Lennon and Yoko Ono used as the address for their "Nutopian Embassy" in 1973 just hit the rental market. Lennon and Ono never actually lived in the townhouse at 1 White Street, but for years, mail addressed to "John Lennon and Yoko Ono, c/o Nutopian Embassy" was delivered there.

Source: Architectural Digest
Thursday, October 5, 2017
We spent a night at the newly renovated John and Yoko suite

John and Yoko's Bed-In for Peace is a major part of the Beatles story, and the hotel room high over downtown Montreal was where he recorded his first solo single, Give Peace A Chance, on the room's bed, has been a pilgrimage site for decades. The suite just reopened and I was one of the first invited to spend a night there.

Source: The Star, Toronto

Imagine Peace Tower
Yoko Ono will attend illumination of Imagine Peace Tower

Yoko Ono will be paying her annual visit to Iceland this October, to signal the illumination of Imagine Peace Tower in memory of John Lennon on Monday 9th October, his birthday. The illumination will be at 9 pm. Located on the Icelandic island of Videy, Imagine Peace Tower is an outdoor work of art conceived by Yoko, dedicated to John by Yoko in 2007.

Source: Iceland Monitor
University screens John Lennon-inspired film

The film "Living is Easy with Eyes Closed" by David Trueba premiered last Friday on the campus of St. John's University in Queens, NY. John Lennon and the Beatles were the motivation behind this film, based on the song, Strawberry Fields Forever, in addition to Lennon's movie role in How I Won the War in 1966.

Source: The Torch
Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Free evaluations for Beatle collectors in Liverpool this month

Memorabilia Day returns to Liverpool on Wednesday, October 25 for Beatle fans to have their collection appraised by experts from Julien's Auctions. It takes place at The Beatles Story's Fab4 Cafe, Albert Dock on Wednesday, October 25. At last year's Liverpool event a letter written by John Lennon addressed to the Queen was uncovered.

Source: Wirral Globe, UK
Concert for John Lennon's 77th birthday this Saturday in Geneva, NY

Had he lived, John Lennon would have turned 77 this Monday, October 9, and in honor of the late Beatles legend's birthday, a special concert featuring a variety of musicians will be held on Saturday, October 7, in Geneva, New York. Performances include Lennon session guitarist Earl Slick and one-time Ringo Starr producer Mark Hudson.

Source: WJBD FM, Salem, IL

Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher explains how Yoko Ono inspired a new song

It's been revealed a new Liam Gallagher track was inspired by Yoko Ono. At a meeting in New York, he inquired about the meaning of a massive banner that was hanging up. She said, "It says, 'While I've been hibernating I've been gathering my wings.'" Gallagher wrote it down and now, those lyrics have finally worked their way into a song called "I've All I Need."

Source: Exclaim! Canada
Primal Scream therapist Arthur Janov dies at 93

Arthur Janov, a psychotherapist whose "primal therapy" had celebrities screaming to release their childhood traumas and spawned a best-selling book in the 1970s, has died. His 1970 book "The Primal Scream," made him an international celebrity. His patients included John Lennon and Yoko Ono. He was 93.

Source: CBS News
Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Yoko Ono Mural
Yoko Ono's latest large-scale mural unveiled in Washington, DC

Yoko Ono has exhibited her artwork at museums around the world, including New York's Museum of Modern Art. Now her artwork graces the side of Union Market in Washington, DC. The large-scale, public-art mural, Relax, Your Heart is Stronger Than What You Think! can be seen on the Union Market's 1000 sq ft exterior western wall.

Source: Lonely Planet
Thursday, September 21, 2017
Montreal hotel turns Lennon/Ono bed-in suite into memorial exhibit

Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel has opened their redesign of the suite 1742, where John Lennon and Yoko Ono spent eight days during their now-famous "bed-in for peace." The rooms now feature virtual reality exhibits, archival TV and radio footage, and furnishings and artwork inspired by the landmark moment in time.

Source: Toronto Sun
Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Listen: Arcade Fire covers John Lennon's Mind Games

Arcade Fire has recorded a new cover of John Lennon's Mind Games. They previously covered the song on a number of occasions, including at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago this summer. In this new cover, Arcade Fire have stuck to the violin riff and strong bass-line and Win Butler's Lennon-like vocals really shine through.

Source: Live Arena, UK
Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Patti Smith named 2017 John Lennon Real Love Award honoree

Patti Smith will receive the John Lennon Real Love Award at the Theatre Within's 37th Annual John Lennon Tribute, taking place December 1st at Symphony Space in New York City. During the show, Smith will perform a set comprising her favorite Lennon and Beatles tunes, and Sgt. Pepper will be covered in its entirety.

Source: Rolling Stone
Liverpool schools to celebrate John Lennon Imagine picture book

Children from a Liverpool school choir will sing John Lennon's Imagine at Liverpool One on the International Day Of Peace on Thursday. John lennon's iconic Imagine lyrics will be published for the first time as a picture book on the same day by Amnesty International, Yoko Ono and renowned French illustrator Jean Jullien.

Source: The Guide Liverpool

Yoko Ono sues John Lemon lemonade

A tiny start-up company from east London has become embroiled in a legal fight with Yoko Ono over the sale of a lemonade called John Lemon, who says it infringes on the John Lennon EU trademark and his legacy. The company that distributes John Lemon in the UK says its name is not connected with John Lennon, but cannot afford to fight the lawsuit.

Source: East London Advertiser

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