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Wednesday, July 8, 2015
Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono send birthday wishes to Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr celebrated his 75th birthday yesterday. Uploading a photo of herself and Starr to Twitter, Yoko Ono wrote, "Happy Birthday, Ringo! And Many, Many more. Let us count the ways how we love you... From an old acquaintance, yoko". Meanwhile, Paul McCartney sent three birthday wishes to Starr in total.

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Monday, July 6, 2015
Yoko says she loves the other Beatles like brothers

Yoko Ono says she loves the remaining Beatles "like my brothers" despite claims she split the band up through her relationship with the late John Lennon. "From my side there's an incredible love towards them because they have done something important for the world and especially for the young," she explained.

Source: The Sun Daily
Friday, July 3, 2015
John Lennon Songbook returns to Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

The John Lennon Songbook is returning to Liverpool Philharmonic Hall in a new staging as part of the Liverpool Philharmonic Summer Pops and the Liverpool Phil's 175th anniversary. First performed in Liverpool to sell-out audiences in 2008, Liverpool actor and vocalist Mark McGann reprises his role as Lennon in the concert.

Source: Liverpool Echo
Pictures: Nobody wants to live in Yoko's building

Apartment 46 in The Dakota in New York City has been on and off the market for over eight years. It's on again for $14.5 million. But, even if you have the cash, you might not have to be Yoko Ono's neighbor. The Dakota co-op board is famously picky, it has denied everyone from Billy Joel to Judd Apatow to Madonna.

Source: SF Gate
Wednesday, July 1, 2015
They say it's your birthday, John Lennon Airport

On this day in 1933, Liverpool Airport officially opened making July 1, 2015, the airport's 82nd birthday. Almost closed in 1974 and privatised in 1990, originally simply called Liverpool Airport, it was renamed in honor of John Lennon in 2002, a 7ft bronze statue of Lennon stands overlooking the check-in hall.

Source: Liverpool Echo
Monday, June 29, 2015
John Lennon's nonsense poetry to be performed at Edinburgh Festival

John Lennon's nonsense poetry will be performed at the Edinburgh Festival after more than 5,000 was raised through crowdfunding. Actor Jonathan Glew was granted the rights to Lennon's poetry collection In His Own Write by his widow Yoko Ono. The book, including short stories, poems and drawings, was first published in 1964.

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Statement says John Lennon's great uncle not prolific Victorian criminal

A statement has been released denying recent reports claiming that the great uncle of John Lennon was a prolific criminal living in Victorian Liverpool. Website Find My Past now says "the William Lennon in our records, who was also born in Liverpool in the same year, was not related to John Lennon."

Original Article  Source: NME, UK
Friday, June 26, 2015
Sean Lennon talks about Yoko, Kanye and his favorite Beatles songs

Sean Lennon recently gave an interview where discussed his musical inspirations, his favorite Beatles songs, and what he thinks about Kanye West working alongside his father's former collaborator, Paul McCartney. He said, "I think at first my inspiration came from just wanting to find some connection to my dad."

Source: Billboard
Thursday, June 25, 2015
Hearing Yoko Ono all over again

A small but vocal fan club has rediscovered Yoko Ono's records from the 1970s and found in "Fly" or "Sisters O Sisters" forgotten feminist anthems or anticipations of punk. However, curators Christophe Cherix and Klaus Biesenbach affirm in "One Woman Show" that Ono was a musician and composer from the start of her career in 1962.

Source: NY Times
Video Flashback: Paul McCartney plays John Lennon medley in 1990

Paul McCartney's Flowers in the Dirt tour hit in Liverpool on June 28th, 1990. The year marked the 50th anniversary of John Lennon's birth, and McCartney wanted to do something memorable to mark the occasion, performing a long medley that incorporated Strawberry Fields Forever, Help! and Give Peace a Chance.

Source: Rolling Stone
Wednesday, June 24, 2015
May Pang says John Lennon UFO drawing is fake

May Pang, the former girlfriend of John Lennon, is reported to have claimed a rare drawing of a UFO by the Beatles legend, acquired by an expert on one of North Wales' greatest mysteries, is a fake, and is not anything close to Lennon's drawing style. Pang was with Lennon at the time of their alleged UFO sighting in New York.

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John Lennon publishes A Spaniard in the Works 50 years ago

Following the surprising commercial and critical reaction to his first book, In His Own Write, John Lennon was given the opportunity to produce a sequel. A Spaniard in the Works was published on June 24, 1965. As with In His Own Write, Works was a slim collection of short stories and poems, 18 in total, punctuated by Lennon's drawings.

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock
Tuesday, June 23, 2015
Paul McCartney gives his regards to Philly's Broad Street

Paul McCartney returned to Philadelphia at Wells Fargo Center June 21 and fans say the show was outstanding. "The place was packed, and the crowd was stoked! And Paul was energetic and engaged with the crowd," "Another fantastic and lengthy show, with several surprises and firsts," "Paul was in good voice," fans said.

Source: Beatles Examiner
John Lennon and Harry Nilsson tribute in NYC in July

The new free At the Inn concert series at Manhattan Inn continues with on July 13 as legendary songwriters John Lennon and Harry Nilsson will be paid tribute to by an impressive cast of musicians, including Nicole Atkins and Invisible Familiars, the project of Jared Samuel, who's worked with Sean Lennon.

Source: Brooklyn Vegan
Monday, June 22, 2015
Toronto gallery to present Bob Gruen exhibit

Whether hanging out on a roof with John Lennon, on a runway with Led Zeppelin, or on a subway car with the Ramones, rock photographer Bob Gruen has always had a knack for capturing the moment. Toronto's Liss Gallery is hosting an exhibition of his most-famous work beginning Tuesday and running to July 11.

Source: Metro News, Canada
Friday, June 19, 2015
John Lennon UFO link to North Wales extraterrestrial mystery

A leading expert on one of North Wales's greatest UFO mysteries claims to own a rare sketch John Lennon created to record an alien encounter he allegedly experienced in America. Russ Kellett is known for investigating the 1974 UFO Berwyn Mountains incident involving theories of an extraterrestrial craft crashing in the area.

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Thursday, June 18, 2015
Roberta Flack selling her apartment in the Dakota

Legendary singer Roberta Flack has put her apartment at the famed Dakota building on the Upper West Side of New York City on the market for $9.5 million. Flack has lived at the building for nearly 40 years and once counted John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Leonard Bernstein and Lauren Bacall among her neighbors.

Source: NY Daily News
Wednesday, June 17, 2015
Review: Lennon Box Set

John Lennon never wrote an autobiography, but given that he said of his songwriting "I like to write about me, 'cause I know me," the new Lennon vinyl box neatly serves as a memoir of his last decade. Aside from Imagine and Rock 'n' Roll, the other albums are out of print on vinyl. Now they're back, using the remastered 2010 CD mixes.

Source: Paste Magazine
Tuesday, June 16, 2015
Video: Lady Gaga performs John Lennon's Imagine in Azerbaijan

Lady Gaga helped open the inaugural European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan last Friday, as she walked out into the Olympic Stadium in a flowing white dress to perform John Lennon's classic ballad Imagine. The performance was a stripped-down affair, with Gaga simply singing the track over her piano, which was covered in flowers.

Source: Digital Spy
Plan to sing Imagine in Arabic raises furor at French school

John Lennon's song of peace, Imagine, which contains the lyrics "Imagine all the people living life in peace", has provoked a storm of controversy at a French primary school. Pupils were set to sing the song in five different languages at a school fair on June 26th, but some parents complained because one of the languages would be Arabic.

Source: The Local, France
Sean Lennon wants neighbors lawsuit tossed

Sean Lennon issued a blanket denial in response to legal claims by his neighbors, the parents of actress Marisa Tomei, that a 24-inch-diameter, 60-foot-tall, rotting ailanthus tree on his property is invading their Greenwich Village townhouse. It's the Tomeis' own fault because it's invading their property, not his, claims Lennon.

Source: NY Post
Students touch important piece of Beatles history

A fourth-grade class in Carmel Valley, CA., recently ended a unit of study inspired by John Lennon's "Imagine" by singing the song as it was played on a guitar he once owned. Each of the students was then photographed holding the instrument, which had been missing for more than 50 years. "I touched a piece of history," a student said.

Source: The Coast News, CA
Friday, June 12, 2015
Plans for first staging of In His Own Write gets support from Yoko

A effort in Scotland to present the first ever complete stage version of John Lennon's first book, "John Lennon: In His Own Write" has received the full support of Yoko Ono. The play will include rare film footage of Lennon, and it is the first time "In His Own Write" will be presented on stage in its entirety.

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Yoko Ono to design permanent art piece for Chicago park

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel will appear with Yoko Ono today to announce a public art installation titled "Sky Landing," to be installed next year in Jackson Park. The installation will be Ono's first permanent public art installation in the Americas. Emanuel said he hopes it to become "a place of congregation and contemplation."

Source: Chicago Tribune
Thursday, June 11, 2015
Julian Lennon foundation donates $100K for Nepal earthquake victims

White Feather Foundation, the charity Julian Lennon founded to aid environmental and humanitarian causes, has donated $100,000 to Music for Relief organization's efforts to aid victims of the recent earthquake in Nepal. Julian raised money for the cause via a funding campaign through his foundation and matched each donation.

Source: WFJA FM 105.5
John Lennon loved rock 'n' roll thanks to my record collection

John Lennon's boyhood friend whose record collection triggered his passion for rock 'n' roll recalls the moment in a new book. Michael Hill clearly remembers John's reaction to first hearing Little Richard singing Long Tall Sally, it struck him dumb. John later credited this record for setting him on the road to becoming a musician.

Source: Liverpool Echo
Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Famous John Lennon Long Island hangout to reopen

Beloved Montauk bar and restaurant Shagwong has changed hands and will reopen on Friday. The legendary hangout for locals and stars including John Lennon, the Rolling Stones and Andy Warhol was run for 46 years under Jimmy Hewitt, but has just been purchased by a developer. The new owners will add live music and a new jukebox.

Source: NY Post
Uri Geller says John Lennon told him he'd been visited by aliens

Back in November of 1979, John Lennon met Uri Geller a restaurant with in New York City. Geller said that Lennon told him that day that he believed in life on other planets and also that this planet was being visited by an E.T presence, then John told him an extraordinary story of his own visit from alien beings one night at the Dakota.

Source: Neon Nettle
Tuesday, June 9, 2015
Lennon vinyl remasters 9LP box set full collection of solo work

"LENNON", the 9LP vinyl box set featuring John Lennon's eight solo studio albums, released today, has been highly anticipated since most of Lennon's vinyl albums are out of print. It is the first release of John Lennon's complete collection of solo studio albums on vinyl, remastered from Lennon's original analogue masters in 2010.

Source: The Examiner
Yoko Ono planning return to music

In a Q&A on her website, 82-year-old Yoko Ono mentioned she feels ready to record a new album, her first since 2013. It will be her 16th solo album, but she has not revealed whether she'll record the LP with her son Sean Lennon, who she reformed the Plastic Ono Band with in 2009 and has made three albums with since.

Source: Sunday World, Dublin
Monday, June 8, 2015
John Lennon Sketchbook makes official online debut

Created six years after John Lennon's death in 1980, Yoko Ono and Oscar-winning animator and historian John Canemaker's cartoon short John Lennon Sketchbook has finally appeared on YouTube. The film is a poignant peek into the fertile mind of a Beatle whose prodigious talents extended well past creating immortal music.

Source: Cartoon Brew
John Lennon recording engineer Dennis Ferrante passes away

Recording engineer Dennis Ferrante, whose long list of credits includes work on albums by such diverse artists as John Lennon, Harry Nilsson, Lou Reed, Waylon Jennings and Elvis Presley, died June 6 from heart failure. Former Wings drummer Steve Holley said, "Dennis was a storyteller. I never saw him unkind to anyone."

More Information  Source: Beatles Examiner
Friday, June 5, 2015
New book a comprehensive collection of John Lennon's visual art

In the years since his death, John Lennon's whimsical artwork has appeared on baby bedding, greeting cards, T-shirts, prints, posters and even in a few slim books. But a new volume, "John Lennon: The Collected Artwork," with a foreword from Yoko Ono, is the most comprehensive collection of his visual works to date.

Source: Boing Boing
Thursday, June 4, 2015
John Lennon's long lost Gibson guitar up for sale

A rare, once-lost 1962 guitar belonging to John Lennon will go up for auction this year and could break a record. The jumbo J-160E Gibson Acoustic guitar, purchased by Lennon in Liverpool, is expected to fetch between $600,000 and $800,000 when it goes on sale on Nov. 6 at an auction of rock'n'roll memorabilia in Beverly Hills.

Source: The Daily Mail, UK
Finding Yoko Ono's New York

In the winter of 1971, Yoko Ono mounted her first exhibition at New York's Museum of Modern Art, a two-week show she announced with a small ad in the Village Voice. When museum-goers arrived, a man clad in a sandwich board quickly apprised them of the truth behind the one-woman show: There wasn't one.

Source: National Post, Toronto
Tuesday, June 2, 2015
Unique Beatles memorabilia including John Lennon suit for sale on eBay

A suit worn by John Lennon and a musical instrument once owned by both George Harrison and George Formby, both valued at 100,000 each (about $153,400), are among Beatles-related items up for sale on auction site eBay. The items have been previously been on display in The Beatles Story in Liverpool from 2011 to May 2015.

Source: Liverpool Echo
Monday, June 1, 2015
CIA will neither confirm nor deny it has files related to Cynthia Lennon

Freedom of Information Act requests for the records of Cynthia Lennon, who died in April, yielded exactly two pages of results, yet still somehow spoke volumes. The FBI, which kept voluminous files on John, replied it had nothing on Cynthia, and refused to confirm (or deny) if she was on any sort of watch list before she died.

Source: Daily Caller
Friday, May 29, 2015
Lennon vs. McCartney play made into a film, will debut in Dublin

The stage play by Stephen Kennedy called "Lennon Vs. McCartney" has now been made into a short film by Eddie Jackson. It will have its world premiere in Dublin, Ireland next Tuesday. Seamus Brennan and Ruaidhri Conroy star as two fans conversing about who was the better Beatle, Lennon or McCartney, in an Irish pub.

Source: The Examiner
Ringo Starr says working with John Lennon was best experience

In the new Uncut magazine Ringo Starr talks about working with John Lennon on the "John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band" album, which he says was one of his best studio experiences. "It was incredible, John, Klaus [Voormann] and I. One of the finest trios I ever heard. We did it like a jam. We were psychic where the atmosphere was going to go."

Source: NME, UK
Thursday, May 21, 2015
John Lennon's iconic glasses sell at auction for $22,870

John Lennon's iconic glasses have been sold at auction in England. They were expected to fetch up to 10,000, but following a tight bidding war the glasses were sold to a mystery buyer for a staggering 14,600. A collection of Beatles photographs from their 1963 performance at the ABC cinema in Manchester sold for 1,800.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Paul McCartney's oft-criticized Ram was handmade gem

An overlooked precursor to the current handmade-pop phenomenon, Paul McCartney's Ram was initially criticized for everything that makes it sound unexpectedly bold, fascinatingly unedited and utterly misjudged today. But it is hampered, even now, by the long-forgotten sniping then engulfing McCartney and Lennon.

Source: Something Else Reviews
John Lennon Tour Bus inspires young musicians in Missisippi

The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus pulled into Biloxi High School Tuesday, equipped with cutting-edge technology encouraging students to write songs, record music, shoot short films and produce videos. The non-profit outreach program was established 18-years ago to inspire young people to express their creativity.

Source: WLOX TV, Biloxi

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