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Schedule for John Lennon events in L.A. on Saturday

On Saturday, October 9, 2010, the Alliance for Survival peace and environmental group is sponsoring a John Lennon 70th Birthday Celebration at John Lennon Hollywood Walk of Fame Star in front of Capitol Records Tower Building. Here is the complete time schedule and program for the event.

8:00 AM - Sidewalk chalk artists gather at John's star, then begin creating Lennon and Beatles-themed murals around perimeter of Capitol Records Tower Building.

11:30 AM - 100-foot long "John Lennon 70th Birthday Message Scroll" will be started for the public to inscribe personal messages. (The scroll will be sent to Yoko Ono).

11:30 AM - Face Painting Table (for kids and young at heart).

11:30 AM - Lennon star polished by longtime star polisher and Lennon fan Dennis Garling.

12:00 Noon - The Beatles "They Say It's Your Birthday" echoes over the sound system and the program begins!

12:05 PM - Welcome- Jerry Rubin, Event Coordinator

12:10 PM - Violinist and vocalist Lili Haydn performs "Imagine".

12:15 PM - Vocal group The Three of Us performs "In My Life".

12:20 PM - Singer Jordan Zeigler performs "Beautiful Boy" (Dedicated to John and Yoko's son Sean, who was born the same day as his dad and is turning 35.)

12:25 PM - Chris Carter, radio host of "Breakfast With the Beatles" lights birthday cake candles as everyone sings "Happy Birthday" to John and Sean.

12:30 PM - Sidewalk chalk artists introduced.

12:35 PM - Cake-cutting ceremony led by Chris Carter. Lennon and Beatles songs echo over the sound system as fans enjoy the specially decorated cake.

12:50 PM - More performers, poetry and speakers at "open mic".

1:45 PM - Closing Circle at John's star as "Imagine" , "Give Peace a Chance" and "Love is All You Need" echo through the crowd.

2:00 PM - Birthday Celebration concludes. Fans are invited to gather again at the same location on Wednesday, December 8 at 6:00 PM for the free-to-the-public "John Lennon 30th Annual Memorial Candlelight Remembrance".

The John Lennon Hollywood Walk of Fame Star is located in front of the Capitol Records Tower Building at 1750 N. Vine Street in Hollywood.

The John Lennon 70th Birthday Celebration is sponsored by the Alliance for Survival peace and environmental group. For further information contact Jerry Rubin at 310-399-1000 or email JerryPeaceActivistRubin@earthlink.net

Published October 7, 2010

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