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Famous Beatles artist adds her magic to popular John Lennon books

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Shreveport, LA. -- September 15, 2011 -- Artist Shannon MacDonald, known worldwide as The World's Greatest Beatles Artist, has been hired by Beatles author and expert Jude Southerland Kessler to do the cover art for her nine book series on the life of John Lennon.

Ms. MacDonald's artwork, titled "Standing on the Edge" will appear on the fourth printing of Ms. Kessler's first book, "Shoulda Been There". The photograph quality painting was created in one weekend's time after 2 years of dialogue between artist and author.

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"This meeting of the minds, as it were, was the brainchild of our shared publicist and was she ever right! Shannon and I are kindred spirits, one a writer, one an artist, both the most ardent of Lennon devotees," says Jude Kessler. "When Shannon and I chatted about the project initially and she began to tell me about the painting of John that she envisioned, it was as if she were actually reading my mind! Shannon is not only a mind-blowing artist, but she is, more importantly, a John girl. She understands him. I am elated to be working with her."

"I am looking forward to a roller coaster ride of paint, canvas, late night deadlines and Lennon books penned by Jude," says Shannon. "This has been a long time coming as Jude and I discussed this 2 years ago while meeting in Chicago. The thing I like most about Jude- like myself, she is not just a fan but she has a passion to 'get it right.' Together this will be a win-win situation. I have been asked by many to contribute my art to the 'inside'... In the end -it's all about the effin' cover. Thanks for asking, Jude."

Shannon will be starting work on Jude's second cover with a projected release date in late 2012.

The new edition of "Shoulda Been There", due out in mid-November, can be pre-ordered in time for Christmas delivery at

Prints and t-shirts of Shannon's artwork can be ordered from

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Published September 15, 2011

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