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Thursday, June 9, 2016
Paul McCartney joins Facebook in launching 360° photos

Facebook today is launching a new way of sharing those special moments with friends and family: 360 photos. To celebrate the launch, Paul McCartney is one of the first to share a 360 photo on Facebook. Paul's inaugural photo was taken during his recent concert in Cordoba, Argentina, and will be posting from Munich tomorrow.

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Paul McCartney pretends to be someone else when recognized

Paul McCartney says he acts like someone else when he gets recognized in public. Macca says he enjoys traveling by public transport, but on the occasions where a fellow traveler spots him, he insists they are mistaken about his identity. He tells them, "Are you kidding? Do you think he'd be on the Underground?"

Source: Business Standard
Review: Beatle makes Pure McCartney mixtape for fans

The "Pure McCartney" compilation is McCartney's own mixtape, one version of how he sees his career. Just like the fans, McCartney has favorites among his hits and album cuts. Eight tracks from "Flaming Pie" and five from "New" while none from "Flowers in the Dirt" or "Driving Rain" indicate clear preferences.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016
Video: Paul McCartney talks about the birth of The Beatles

Paul McCartney has discussed the beginnings of The Beatles in the newest clip of his six-part documentary series PURE McCartney VR. He talks about walking round Liverpool with John Lennon, and shares his memories of late producer George Martin, the production of Love Me Do and a "mystical experience" at a party with Bob Dylan.

Source: Uncut, UK
Monday, June 6, 2016
Paul McCartney didn't realize it was him on the Kanye track

Paul McCartney says didn't realize he was on Kanye West's FourFiveSeconds until he was told by the rapper. He said, "Suddenly in the post I get this Rihanna record and I thought it was great but I had to ring up and say, What's this got to do with me? Kanye said, Well that's you on guitar. I didn't recognize it cos they'd sped it up."

Source: Metro, UK
Paul McCartney says he was racist as a kid but he didn't know it

Paul McCartney has spoken about being unintentionally "racist" when he was younger, explaining that while growing up in Liverpool in the '50s and '60s, he used "certain words" that he now knows are offensive. He said, "Along the way we suddenly realized how it would make the people you were talking about feel."

Source: NME, UK
Friday, June 3, 2016
Paul McCartney plays Cupid on stage in Madrid

Paul McCartney plucked concert goers Rubén and Marina out of the crowd at Madrid's Vicente Calderon stadium after he saw them waving banners. After telling him they weren't married, Paul asked, "Do you want to be? Do you want to do it now live on stage? Here before all of Madrid?" Ruben got down on one knee and proposed.

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McCartney bio may have located Paul's long-stolen violin bass

The massive new Paul McCartney biography by Philip Norman reveals that Paul's stolen violin bass may be in Ottawa, hidden by a mysterious Macca fanatic known as "The Keeper." The instrument was played by McCartney throughout the Cavern Club era in Liverpool, and was stolen from the band's Let It Be sessions in 1969.

Source: Ottawa Citizen
Thursday, June 2, 2016
Paul McCartney pays tribute to Carla Lane

Carla Lane, friend of Linda McCartney, passed away on Tuesday. On his official website, Paul McCartney posted, "The world has lost a great advocate for the rights of animals but more importantly someone who saw the value of her fellow creatures' lives and did everything in her power to show them the love and respect they deserved."

Source: PaulMcCartney.com
Stella McCartney worries about her kids growing up around famous people

Fashion designer Stella McCartney says that she worries about her children being brought up surrounded by "crazy famous people," but concluded that as she turned out "okay-ish" despite the people she mixed with while on tour with her Beatle father, she hopes her children will too, who she says call him their "grand-dude."

Source: The Daily Mail, UK
Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Paul McCartney says Oasis bigger than Beatles comparison was mistake

Paul McCartney says Oasis' claim that they were bigger than The Beatles was the biggest mistake of Oasis' career. McCartney said, "So many people have said that, and it's the kiss of death. Be bigger than The Beatles, but don't say it...everything you do from then on is going to be looked at in the light of that statement."

Source: NME, UK
Paul McCartney still undecided over Britain's split from the EU

Paul McCartney can't decide whether he wants England to say "hello" or "goodbye" to the European Union. With the former Beatles member's home country bracing for the big referendum vote on June 23, McCartney, like many British citizens, still hasn't made up his mind. "It's crazy in England at the moment," McCartney said.

Source: International Business Times
'70s Paul McCartney track becomes breakout club hit

A Paul McCartney and Wings track is now a club hit thanks to a newly-released remix from German producer Timo Maas. An anonymous white-label bootleg of Nineteen Hundred And Eighty-Five blew up last year, copies have been selling on eBay for £280 (about $400). It has now been revealed that the remix was sanctioned by McCartney.

Source: The Music, Australia
Friday, May 27, 2016
The McCartney Years brings back the Wings-era '70s

Yuri Pool, founder of The McCartney Years, became absorbed in rock music early in life and before he was 10, had become a Fab Four fanatic. The McCartney Years is an authentic recreation of a standard live set during McCartney's early post-Beatles period in the 1970s. They will be appearing in Sturgis, Michigan, on June 2.

Source: Sturgis Journal
Paul McCartney's 10 best bass lines

Paul McCartney's bass playing was probably his tertiary contribution to The Beatles, after his songwriting and his singing, but that doesn't mean it wasn't just as revolutionary. Previously viewed mostly as a rhythm instrument, McCartney, one of the world's most innovative musical minds, wasn't content to let the bass take a backseat.

Source: Consequence of Sound
Thursday, May 26, 2016
Paul McCartney rejects offer to be a coach on The Voice

A report from The Sun recently stated that ITV in the UK was "desperate" for McCartney to be one of the four coaches on their new version of the reality singing contest The Voice in 2017. But a source close to McCartney has told NME unofficially, "An approach was made, but Paul won't be doing it."

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Why Paul McCartney nixed Weird Al's Wings parody

Although he's never tested it in court, "Weird Al" Yankovic doesn't technically have to get permission from the artists he parodies. Still, he always makes sure artists are cool with it before he goes ahead with a new song. Paul McCartney drew the line about 25 years ago when he was approached about a "Live and Let Die" take-off.

Source: Rolling Stone
Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Mayor of Sioux Falls, South Dakota was awestruck by Paul McCartney

Thousands of excited fans packed the Sanford Premiere Center recently for Paul McCartney's first ever performance in South Dakota. Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether and his wife had a chance to meet McCartney personally prior to the concert. He said, "All of the sudden I just went, uhhhh, uhhhhh. I was just in shock."

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Paul McCartney admits fans demands are frustrating

Paul McCartney has admitted to feeling annoyed when all people want to hear in concert is the Beatles' classic tunes, such as Love Me Do, and Yellow Submarine. But he also said he can empathize with Beatles fans, revealing that during his younger years, he spent a lot of money to hear his idol Bill Haley perform his favorite song.

Source: Otago Daily Times

James McCartney
James McCartney comes home to Tucson

James McCartney has some fond memories of Tucson. His mom and dad, Linda and Paul McCartney, lived there in the late 1970s and although he was born and raised in England, he says Tucson and the Southwestern United States are among his favorite spots in the U.S. His current US tour brings him to Club Congress at the Hotel Congress in Tucson this Friday.

Source: Arizona Daily Star, Tucson
Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Paul McCartney invites virtual reality users into his studio

In 1967, Paul McCartney used revolutionary studio technology on the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album. Now Paul is pushing the high-tech envelope again by peddling his latest album with the help of virtual reality. A series of six VR mini-documentaries will promote his new album, Pure McCartney, due out on June 10.

Source: USA Today
Paul McCartney defends Kanye West's use of the n-word

Speaking during a recording of Mastertapes for BBC Radio 4, Paul McCartney referred to Kanye West as a "monster" and "a crazy guy who comes up with great stuff so he inspires me". He also revealed that Oprah Winfrey had warned him against working with the rapper, she told him she thought even black people shouldn't use that word.

Source: NME, UK
Monday, May 23, 2016
Paul McCartney thanks his Argentine fans for a great week

At the end of his latest tour stops in Argentina, Paul McCartney thanked all his fans for a great week and for being so loyal. Paul said, "Argentina has been great...I was surprised that the audiences were predominately young which is great because they come to the shows to party. I expected to see a few more people of my age."

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Paul McCartney reveals he almost quit music after Beatles split

Paul McCartney has revealed he started drinking heavily and came close to quitting music after The Beatles broke up. Macca said he ended up forming Wings when he stopped enjoying the party lifestyle. Paul also acknowledged that some of the criticism leveled at Wings was fair but he doesn't regret collaborating with his wife Linda.

Source: The Irish News, Belfast

Mary McCartney
Mary McCartney reveals what she learned from her mother

Linda McCartney launched a career as a rock photographer after photographing The Rolling Stones in New York during the 1960s. Her daughter Mary, who is now a professional photographer, was a guest speaker at Photo London, where she talked about advice her mother had given her that she has taken forward in her own career as a photographer.

Source: Amateur Photographer, UK
Friday, May 20, 2016
Paul McCartney wanted as judge on The Voice TV show in the UK

The Voice TV show in the UK is reportedly desperate to land Paul McCartney as one of the coaches for the next series, but Macca isn't convinced. An insider said, "His One on One world tour does not end until October, when filming for the show is likely to begin. Paul really doesn't need the money and wants to focus on his own music."

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25 Years Ago: Paul McCartney pares down on Unplugged album

"This is how we started out you know," says Paul McCartney during the 1991 all-acoustic performance captured on Unplugged: The Official Bootleg, referencing the Beatle's humble beginnings. When McCartney made his MTV Unplugged appearance, the show had been around a couple of years, but hadn't gained much attention.

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock
Thursday, May 19, 2016
Paul McCartney shares memories of late wife Linda in touching new video

Paul McCartney has released a series of videos celebrating his late wife Linda and her vegetarian food empire. Paul reflects on his life with Linda and their decision to go veggie, saying, "We decided to go vegetarian, then Linda said, Ok well I'm going to try and make this food." Paul is joined in the video by daughters Stella and Mary.

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Friends reveal the secret side of Paul McCartney

In its new issue, Closer Weekly magazine provides an in-depth look inside the secret side of Paul McCartney that only his closest associates know, including the his heartbreak over the years and his journey to find true happiness. "We always think of him as happy-go-lucky, but Paul...was a tough kid," says biographer Bob Spitz.

Source: Closer Weekly
Denny Laine exhibit includes Paul and Linda McCartney and Ringo art

For the first time, Denny Laine, guitarist and singer for Wings, exhibited his own work at an art show last Friday in Tinley Park, in the suburbs south of Chicago. Aside from his works, the show featured 12 paintings by Paul McCartney, eight signed photographs from Linda McCartney and a handful of paintings from Ringo Starr.

Source: Chicago Tribune
Schoolboy's exercise book contains unpublished Beatles song

Believed to be a cast-off song from The Beatles' White Album, doomed to be forgotten without ever being heard in concert or recorded, the lyrics and chords for Pensioner's Waltz were curiously left hidden by Paul McCartney in an exercise book owned by a Hampstead schoolboy. It goes up for auction in New York on Saturday.

Source: Camden New Journal, UK
Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Video: 10-year-old girl jams with Paul McCartney in Argentina

When Paul McCartney invited 10-year-old Leila to come on stage last night in Argentina, his intentions were to sign her stuffed monkey, but she said, "I want to play the bass with you." After strumming along to the first verse of "Get Back" with McCartney, he lowered his mic so she could join him on vocals for the chorus.

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Monday, May 16, 2016
Video: Behind-the-scenes of Paul McCartney's One On One Tour

Last month Paul unveiled his brand new One On One tour. The tour is already booked up to travel across the United States, Canada, South America and Europe. Today Paul's official website is giving fans the chance to go behind-the-scenes in two new videos from the tour, including a look at the tour rehearsals and opening night in Fresno.

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45 Years Ago: Paul McCartney offers handmade genius on Ram

An overlooked precursor to the current handmade-pop phenomenon, Paul McCartney's Ram was initially criticized for everything that makes it sound unexpectedly bold, fascinatingly unedited and utterly misjudged today. But the loss of longtime writing partner John Lennon, not to mention Beatles producer George Martin, can be keenly felt at times.

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock
Paul McCartney pays tribute following death of Tony Barrow

Following the news of his passing, Paul McCartney took to Twitter to pay tribute to former Beatles press officer Tony Barrow. "Tony Barrow was a lovely guy who helped us in the early years of The Beatles. He was super professional but always ready for a laugh," McCartney wrote, adding, "He will be missed but remembered by many of us."

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Friday, May 13, 2016
Video: Paul McCartney pays tribute to Philadelphia rocker Charlie Gracie

Philadelphia rock Charlie Gracie turns 80 on Saturday, his 1956 hit "Fabulous" was influential to early rock and roll, particularly in the UK, where it had a major impact on the four Liverpool lads who would later become The Beatles. Paul McCartney in particular is a big fan, this week he sent birthday wishes to his old friend via YouTube.

Source: The Philadelphia Enquirer
James McCartney brings angst rock style to Fresno

The small crowd at Fulton 55 in Fresno last night saw how James McCartney, son of Paul McCartney, has the musical skills of his dad when it comes to playing guitar, but that's where the similarities end. All of his songs were presented with the kind of angst rock feel one would expect from a musician who has had to live under an imposing shadow.

Source: The Fresno Bee
Thursday, May 12, 2016
Desert Trip tickets sell out in three hours

Tickets for Desert Trip, the mega-festival featuring performances from Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, the Who, Neil Young and Roger Waters, reportedly sold out just three hours after being made available to the public on May 9, and the resulting box office windfall is expected to set an all-time record.

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Paul McCartney and Elton John attend George Martin's memorial service

His celebrity friends, including Paul McCartney and Elton John, got the opportunity to pay their respects, say farewell and celebrate the life and work of producer George Martin at a memorial service at St. Martin-in-the-Fields church in London on Wednesday. Paul's daughter Stella and Yoko Ono were also in attendance.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016
Everything you need to know about the biggest festival of all time

Later this year, one of the biggest festivals of all time will be taking place in California, its lineup including Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan. NME has compiled info on the full lineup, how to get there and how much you'll have to pay to afford tickets, travel and more. But it'll be worth it because it is gigantic.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Desert Trip tickets sold out in hours, crushing dreams

Tickets for Desert Trip, ranging from $400 to $1,600, went on sale Monday at 10 a.m. and within four hours sold out for both weekends. If you were among the many who went online Monday in hopes of getting into the rock music festival of your life, you belonged to a club of people sitting in front of a computer, patiently waiting...

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Monday, May 9, 2016
Second weekend added to Desert Trip super-concert

Thanks to overwhelming demand, Desert Trip has added a full second weekend. The festival boasts some serious name power, including Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Neil Young, Roger Waters and The Who and takes place at the same location in Southern California where Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival is held.

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