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Sgt. Pepper 50th Anniversary

Wednesday, June 7, 2017
Another original cutout from Sgt. Pepper cover up for auction

Following the news on Monday about the auction of the cutout of Tony Curtis, it was announced today that the original cutout of Canadian child star Bobby Breen used on the cover of the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is now up for auction online. It is expected to sell between $50,000 and $70,000.

Source: Rolling Stone
Critic who slammed Pepper admits he was wrong, and blames his speakers

Fifty years on from his damning appraisal for the New York Times, in which he infamously labelled the album "an undistinguished collection of work," music critic Richard Goldstein has apologised for his remarks, blaming faulty speakers. He says, "My speakers weren't working properly, so I missed a lot of the stereo effects."

Source: The Daily Mail, UK
Film version of Sgt. Pepper coming to Blu-ray

The film version of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band starring Peter Frampton, the Bee Gees and Aerosmith returns on Blu-ray this fall. Due in North America on Sept. 26 via Shout! Factory, original Beatles producer George Martin served as musical director for the film, which also included Alice Cooper, Billy Preston and Heart.

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock
Liverpool to sing When I'm Sixty-Four in Beatles tribute

Sixty-four choirs will pay tribute to The Beatles across Merseyside tomorrow morning, Thursday June 8, as they sing at the same time. Performances of When I'm Sixty-Four will take place at locations including Alder Hey Children's Hospital, supermarkets, schools and on the streets as the Sgt. Pepper at 50 celebrations continue.

Source: Your Move Magazine
The true story of the Vox UL730: the amp behind Sgt. Pepper

So much has been made of The Beatles' musical gear over the years, even Fab Four lovers who normally couldn't care less about equipment know about the Rickenbacker 12–string guitar, the Hofner violin bass, and the Vox AC30 amplifiers. But there is one piece of Beatles equipment fans should know and revere but don't: the Vox UL730.

Source: Reverb
Monday, June 5, 2017
Pictures: Beatles Sgt. Pepper at 50 extravaganza in Liverpool

Hundreds of Beatles fans dressed in costumes turned out for a huge extravaganza at Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool to celebrate 50 years of their hit Sgt Pepper album. The free event featured 460 performers, 75 Beatles songs and even horses dressed up as the Fab Four, and was inspired by Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite.

Source: Liverpool Echo
Tony Curtis cut-out from Sgt Pepper album cover up for auction

The cardboard cut-out of Tony Curtis used on the Sgt Pepper album cover, signed by Tony Curtis, is expected to sell for about $60,000 in the Heritage Auctions sale on June 17-18 in Beverly Hills. Also up for auction is a sealed copy of the infamous Yesterday and Today butcher cover LP, expected to sell for $30,000.

Source: Antiques Trader Gazette
Friday, June 2, 2017
Video: Stunning firework display in Woolton celebrates Sgt. Pepper Warning: Page opens with sound

Thousands of people attended a spectacular light show held in Liverpool to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of Beatles album Sgt Pepper. Woolton Camp Hill in suburban Liverpool was lit up with stunning fireworks and pyrotechnics that dazzled the huge crowd who had turned out for the special event.

Source: Liverpool Echo
Mystery Indian musician on Sgt Pepper album reveals his memories

Finally identified after 50 years, Buddhadev Kansara, now 79, played the tamboura on George Harrison's Within You Without You on Sgt. Pepper. He says, "It didn't matter to me if people knew I was on that song, for me it was about the experience of working with The Beatles. I am most happy that people still care for Indian music."

Source: Bucks Free Press, UK
Thursday, June 1, 2017
Giant Beatles mural unveiled in Liverpool

Fixing a Hole from the Sgt. Pepper album was commemorated in grand style in Liverpool today with the unveiling of the biggest mural ever created by celebrated US artist Judy Chicago. Part of the exterior wall of the White Tomins and Courage Grain Silo in Stanley Dock has been transformed into a vivid, psychedelic Beatles image.

Source: Liverpool Echo
Audio: All the best covers of Sgt. Pepper

According to online music database WhoSampled, The Beatles are the most covered act of all time, a whopping 2,710 official recordings of songs originally written and performed by the Fab Four, over 2,000 more than second-placed artist Bob Dylan. Sgt. Pepper is responsible for more than its fair share.

Source: Metro, UK
Session drummer recalls working with Beatles on Sgt. Pepper

Tristan Fry, who has worked with the likes of Frank Sinatra and Elton John, was one of the many musicians who contributed to Sgt Pepper. The 75-year-old drummer played the timpani on the album's final track, A Day In The Life. He said, "Looking back now I can appreciate how being involved in the recording...was a complete privilege."

Source: International Business Times
50 geeky facts about Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Warning: Page opens with sound

Despite its release 50 years ago, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band remains one of the world's best-known musical works. 50 geeky facts you might not know about it include where the crowd noises were recorded, why laughing is heard at the end of Within You Without You, and a song that was recorded but didn't make the cut.

Source: NME, UK
How the Sgt. Pepper cover might have looked today

When Sgt. Pepper greeted the world on June 1, 1967, its cover featured the Beatles in colorful military-band uniforms before a constellation of 57 (mostly) famous faces. But what if Sgt. Pepper came out now, who might join the Beatles on the cover? CNN tries to answer this question, with help from three Beatles experts.

Source: CNN
5 trends Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band set in motion

When the Beatles released Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in June 1967, it impacted music the way the Big Bang did the universe, altering everything that came in its wake. The album's innovations in production, instrumentation, genre, packaging, and lyricism expanded the expectations for pop albums.

Source: Entertainment Weekly
Feminist writer attacks Sgt. Pepper for taking pop music away from girls

Feminist writer Amanda Marcotte has slammed Sgt. Pepper because it "repelled the female gaze," and transformed the Beatles from being a band teenage girls could enjoy to "respectable art" aimed at "grown men." She claims the change to "goofy-looking uniforms" meant their music was ripped away from their teenage fanbase.

Source: The Daily Mail, UK
Sgt. Pepper's ties to scientific discovery and NASA

When The Beatles released Sgt. Pepper fifty years ago, they inspired an entire generation of artists, musicians and scientists. When it came time to name the new NASA space mission that would explore the fossilized materials that make up Jupiter's Trojan asteroids in 2013, the team decided name the spacecraft Lucy after the famous Beatles song.

Source: U Discover Music
Wednesday, May 31, 2017
How Sgt. Pepper could unite Brexit Britain

Fifty years ago, The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band fired a starting pistol for the Summer of Love. It is now 2017 and, to judge by social media, we are entering a political Summer of Hate. But according to Sgt Pepper, there is a route out of our current divisions, as the album reminds us, With a Little Help from My Friends.

Source: The Guardian, UK
With Sgt. Pepper came a new way to view the world

With Sgt. Pepper, the Beatles were no longer boys. By 1967, the world had become a much harsher place since the beginning of Beatlemania. Instead of wanting to hold your hand, the Beatles in Sgt. Pepper said, "I'd love to turn you on." Fifty years later, the album challenges its listeners to see the world, any world, seriously.

Source: Philadephia Inquirer
Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Beatles expert's new book looks at fans' experiences with Sgt. Pepper

With the 50th anniversary of the release of Sgt. Pepper taking place this Thursday, Beatles historian and author Bruce Spizer has just published "The Beatles and Sgt. Pepper: A Fans' Perspective," how the album was experienced and embraced by the group's fans, offering an in-depth look at the history and cultural impact of the record.

Source: WJBD FM, Salem, IL
How a Corn Flakes ad inspired Sgt. Pepper song

"I often sit at the piano, working at songs, with the telly on low in the background," John Lennon explained to Beatles biographer Hunter Davies. "If I'm a bit low and not getting much done, then the words on the telly come through. That's when I heard 'Good morning, good morning.' It was a Corn Flakes advertisement."

Source: Rolling Stone
Monday, May 29, 2017
Capitol Records plots celebration of 50th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper in L.A.

"Pepper Day" in Los Angeles will begin at 9:09 a.m. on Thursday, June 1, with the raising of a specially designed Sgt. Pepper flag on top of the Capitol Records tower. Then at sunset, the roof of the building will be illuminated with lights corresponding to the four colors of the suits that The Beatles wore on the Sgt. Pepper album cover.

Source: WJBD FM, Salem, IL
New Beatles book goes behind the scenes of Sgt. Pepper

To commemorate Sgt. Pepper's 50th anniversary, rock and roll journalist and music executive Brian Southall has penned a new book, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band: The Album, the Beatles and the World in 1967." The book, like the record, is two-sided, the first half devoted to the band, and the second to the year.

Source: NY Daily News
When Pink Floyd, David Crosby visited Lovely Rita sessions

On the day the Beatles were working on Lovely Rita, David Crosby of the Byrds dropped by the studio. They all valued Crosby's opinion, so they were eager to play him some of their latest work. "I was, as near as I know, the first human being besides them and George Martin and the engineers to hear A Day in the Life," Crosby recalled.

Source: Rolling Stone
Friday, May 26, 2017
The Beatles Empire Strikes Back!

An in-depth appreciation of Sgt. Pepper viewed through a socio-political-cultural prism from Beatles scholar Martin Lewis. His reflections ponder the juxtaposition between the album's relentlessly forward-looking music and the nostalgia-suffused lyrics that display the Beatles' affection for Britain's then fading Empire.

Source: Variety
Spotify ranks Sgt. Pepper

For its golden anniversary, Spotify has compiled some facts about Sgt. Pepper. Just a little over half of all Sgt. Pepper's listeners on Spotify are under the age of 40. There are 1,765,759 active playlists on Spotify which feature Sgt. Pepper songs. The most popular Sgt. Peppe song on Spotify is Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.

Source: Mass Live
How Paul McCartney's dad inspired When I'm Sixty-Four

Alongside Elvis Presley, Little Richard and Buddy Holly, it's important to cite Jim Mac's Jazz Band among Paul McCartney's formative influences. The obscure ragtime combo never cut a record, but it happened to be fronted by the future Beatle's father, Jim. A picture of Jim standing in front of a big bass drum inspired the Sgt. Pepper cover.

Source: Rolling Stone
Iconic Beatles album cover brought to life at Chiswick House and Gardens

Chiswick House and Gardens in London has add an installation celebrating 50 years since the release of Sgt. Pepper. The display brings the cover of Sgt. Pepper's to life, including a range of hyacinths and peperomia plants, and figures of the four Beatles made from wire framed structures and covered in New Zealand Moss.

Source: Horticulture Week
Cuban artists to pay tribute to the Beatles

Cuban artists will pay tribute to The Beatles on the 50th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper''s Lonely Hearts Club Band with a concert next Thursday at Havana's John Lennon Park, with the participation of 7 national bands. The concert was organized by Cuban musician and composer X Alfonso and musicologist Guille Vilar.

Source: Prensa Latina, Cuba
Thursday, May 25, 2017
Paul McCartney answers questions about Sgt. Pepper

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Paul McCartney's official website has posted a Q&A with him about Sgt. Pepper. He reveals where the Sgt. Pepper name came from, who was picked for the album cover collage and why, the meaning in the Sgt. Pepper repeating inner groove, and how Ringo became Billy Shears.

Brian Epstein billboards appearing around Liverpool

Posters and signs dedicated to the late Beatles manager Brian Epstein are being spotted across Liverpool. Part of Liverpool's Sgt. Pepper at 50 festival, With A Little Help From My Friends is the name of the new artwork by award winning artist Jeremy Deller who was inspired by the Beatles' song about friendship, loneliness and love.

Source: Liverpool Echo
Sgt Pepper at 50: Ultimate guide to the Liverpool Beatles festival Warning: Page opens with sound

This summer Liverpool is celebrating Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, with thousands of people expected to events taking place. The festival festival features 13 events, one to celebrate each track on the Beatles iconic album. These include street theatre, dance shows, musical performances by some of the world's leading artists.

Source: Liverpool Echo
The unsung female artist behind the famous Sgt. Pepper album cover

The cover of Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band has etched itself into British pop culture. But its creator, Peter Blake, didn't work alone. His then wife, American artist Jann Haworth, says she was jointly commissioned by art dealer Robert "Groovy Bob" Fraser. But she's been largely left out of the history of the cover's creation.

Source: The Telegraph, UK
Monday, May 22, 2017
Three endless debates about the Beatles Sgt. Pepper album

Sgt. Pepper is considered the most influential album ever. Many music historians buy the idea that Sgt. Pepper inspired pop music to new heights of ambition. Many also accept the view that it elevated the importance of the album over the single. But after 50 years, there is huge dissonance over Sgt. Pepper's value and legacy.

Source: The San Diego Tribune
Friday, May 19, 2017
Beatles expert's new book celebrates 50th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper

Beatles expert Bruce Spizer served as a consultant for the 50th anniversary reissue of Sgt. Pepper, which will be available May 26 in with a new, stereo remix by Giles Martin. Spizer's new book, "The Beatles and Sgt. Pepper: A Fans' Perspective," is a collection of testimonials and essays about the landmark album's impact.

Source: The New Orleans Advocate
John Lennon's accidental 'Getting Better' acid trip

As the story goes, John Lennon swallowed the wrong pill the night he was supposed to record backing harmonies for Getting Better on Sgt. Pepper. Obviously impaired, George Martin took him on the roof of Abbey Road to recover, then Paul and George Harrison sprinted up the steps, afraid Lennon might fall off the edge.

Source: Rolling Stone
Thursday, May 18, 2017
Sgt. Pepper pop up shop coming to Liverpool during Beatles festival Warning: Page opens with sound

As part of the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' Sergeant Pepper 's Lonely Hearts Club Band, a special shop selling goods related to the seminal recording will appear on Mathew Street for the duration of the party. It will open on next Thursday, the day the anniversary edition of the Sgt Pepper album will be available to buy at midnight.

Source: Liverpool Echo
Remembering the real Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

"I swear to God, or swear to Mao, or to anybody you like, I had no idea it spelt LSD," John Lennon insisted to Rolling Stone in 1970. Until the end of his life, Lennon maintained that Lucy in the Sky WIth Diamonds was actually inspired by a painting that his three-year-old son Julian had made of Lucy O'Donnell, his classmate at nursery school.

Source: Rolling Stone
How the Beatles wrote A Day in the Life

Fifty years after its release, Sgt. Pepper's A Day in the Life remains a testament to the group's ambitious songwriting. It's an elaborate production, filled with sophisticated George Martin and Geoff Emerick musical trickery. The track speaks to the way the daily unfolding of worldly events touches the private fragilities of ordinary people.

Source: The Atlantic

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