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Wednesday, January 18, 2017
Capitol Records at 75

Nat, Frank and Dino created the myth. John, Paul, George, Ringo and Brian burnished it. Capitol Records, in the heart of Hollywood, looked down on almost every other US label. On its 75th birthday, publisher Taschen has mined the label's archive for a new book. Alastair McKay of the BBC looks back on the company's past glories.

Source: BBC, UK
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Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Joe Walsh concert is like rocking with an old friend

As Joe Walsh hit the homestretch with his signature "Life's Been Good," the giant rear screen showed us snapshots of the singer-guitarist with rock's upper tier of royalty: Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, Keith Richards and Ron Wood and Pete Townshend, but Joe made the two hours seem like hanging out with an old friend.

Source: Las Vegas Review Journal
Monday, January 16, 2017
Photos: The rock 'n' roll past of the Cavern Club

The Cavern Club, the legendary venue famed for hosting the Beatles in their early days, first opened its doors to the public 60 years ago today. Originally a jazz club, it didn't take long before the Cavern Club had established itself as the center of Liverpool's rock and roll scene. Stunning photos reveal how wild nights at the Cavern really were.

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Charity show kicks off Cavern Club anniversary

A special show charity event, at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, is being staged to start a year of celebrations to mark the 60th anniversary of the world-famous Cavern Club. The club marks its milestone birthday exactly 60 years since it first threw its doors open to the music-hungry youngsters of Liverpool back on January 16, 1957.

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Cilla Black statue
Cilla Black statue unveiled at Cavern Club 60th anniversary

A bronze statue of Cilla Black has been unveiled in her home city of Liverpool, marking the 60th anniversary of the Cavern Club, where Black worked as a cloakroom girl in her early years. The life-size statue was commissioned by the late singer's three sons and is situated outside the original entrance to the world famous Cavern.

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Acclaimed recording engineer Bill Price dies aged 72

Respected engineer/producer Bill Price has passed away at the age of 72. After working with many famous groups like Eric Clapton and The Moody Blues at Decca Records in the sixties, he worked for Sir George Martin at AIR Studios in London in 1970, where he recorded the Live And Let Die album soundtrack with Paul McCartney and Wings.

Source: Music Week
Thursday, January 12, 2017
Beatles poster artist Tony Booth dies aged 83

The artist who created posters for The Beatles in Liverpool in the early 1960s has died aged 83. Tony Booth made the iconic signs for the Fab Four and other Merseybeat bands in the 1960s. In recent years, Mr Booth made replicas of the posters for fans and had written a book about them which his son hopes will be "part of his legacy".

Source: BBC News, UK
Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Donny Osmond
Donny Osmond wants to sing Beatles song at the Cavern

Donny Osmond is on his way to Liverpool. And while he's looking forward to his gig at the Echo Arena this month, he admits to another ambition too. "I'd love to be able to pop over to the Cavern while I'm there, and see if they'll let me do a Beatles song," he revealed, adding he's thinking about doing one in his Echo Arena show.

Source: Liverpool Echo
Monday, January 9, 2017

Peter Asher
Take a musical memory tour with Peter Asher

For a time, he shared the top floor of his parents' home with Paul McCartney, and became a friend and trusted business associate of The Beatles. He played a key role in shaping the careers of James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt, as manager and record producer. But many know Peter Asher best as one half of British Invasion-era singing duo Peter and Gordon.

Source: The Morning Call, Pennsylvania
Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson's two duet hits in 1983

Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney teamed up to achieve the rare feat of scoring two hit duets in little more than a year, with the first, The Girl Is Mine, rocketing to No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 dated Jan. 8, 1983. Their next duet, Say Say Say, hit No. 1 on the Hot 100 for six weeks beginning in late 1983.

Source: Billboard
Friday, January 6, 2017
Vinyl records make more money than digital downloads

Technology has taken the world by storm in the digital age, but at the same time, people are also nostalgic about devices popular in the past. Many suggest that the rise in popularity of vinyl records is due to the "truer" sound and better sensory experience which vinyl records provide and which is missing in digital downloads.

Source: The Asian Age
Tuesday, January 3, 2017
Ferry Across The Mersey director Jeremy Summers dies at 85

Director and screenplay writer Jeremy Summers died on December 14 at age 85. Summers began working as a runner at Elstree Studios in London when he was 16. He made the 1964 musical Ferry Cross the Mersey with Gerry and the Pacemakers, the first film to be shot on location in Liverpool after the Beatles' global success.

Source: St Albans & Harpenden Review, UK
Monday, January 2, 2017
Lancaster University professors share their love of the Beatles

Lancaster University Professors of Poetry Paul Farley and Paul Muldoon will share their readings and thoughts on the hit poetry anthology, "The Mersey Sound" this month at Lancaster Town Hall. First published 50 years ago at the height of Beatlemania, "The Mersey Sound" is one of the best-selling poetry anthologies of all time.

Source: The Visitor, UK
Imagine an alternate universe where The Beatles never existed

Can you imagine music, culture or life in general without the past century's defining moment in music history? No Beatles: no British Invasion. No British Invasion: no Stevie. No Brucie. No Byrds. Bob Dylan doesn't plug in. A roundtable with several music history experts tries to picture our world without the Beatles.

Source: Crixeo
Tuesday, December 27, 2016
Global Music Rights and top radio groups reach temporary agreement

Global Music Rights will offer temporary licenses that will allow radio stations to play hundreds of artists, as they go to court over radio rates for songwriters. The performance rights group boasts a roster of hundreds of top artists including the Beatles, Adele, Beyoncé, Jay Z, Daft Punk, Bruno Mars and Katy Perry.

Source: Rolling Stone
Monday, December 26, 2016
George Michael saved John Lennon piano so it would stay in Liverpool Warning: Page opens with sound

Fans of George Michael have paid tribute by publicizing his secret acts of extraordinary kindness on Twitter. One generous act being discussed is the time he bought John Lennon's piano from a private collector for a whopping £1.45m, so that it would stay in the UK. He then donated it to the Beatles Story museum in Liverpool.

Source: Liverpool Echo
Thursday, December 22, 2016
The Dead Daisies stream cover of John Lennon Christmas classic

Hard rock supergroup The Dead Daisies have given their fans a Christmas gift in the form of a stream of their rendition of the John Lennon classic "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)". On their YouTube post, they wrote, "This is a gift for you, the best fans in the world. Happy XMas & Happy Holidays from The Dead Daisies!"

Source: Anti-Music
Video: Chris Martin sings Beatles' Yesterday

On Wednesday night, Coldplay singer Chris Martin played a surprise set in New York City to benefit the Bowery Mission, an organization that helps the homeless and hungry. He did a few Coldplay hits, but most of the show was devoted to classic rock covers, including the Beatles' Yesterday, aided by pair of singers from the Mission.

Source: Rolling Stone
Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Why Elvis Presley dissed The Beatles to President Nixon

Don't believe what you hear in the recent Elvis & Nixon film regarding The Beatles. This "comedy" about the infamous meeting between Elvis and the President at the White House unfortunately enforces false stereotypes about how Elvis felt about The Fab Four. Beatles historians say Elvis was just trying to look more patriotic to Nixon.

Source: Daytrippin' Magazine
Tuesday, December 20, 2016
Springsteen includes Beatles on his Desert Island Discs list

Bruce Springsteen recently shared his list of eight "Desert Island Discs" during an interview on BBC Radio 4 in the UK, and among the recordings he picked is The Beatles' I Want To Hold Your Hand, which Bruce says, "changed the course of my life," and "was the song that inspired me to play rock and roll music."

Source: Rock 107
ELO to be inducted into Rock Hall of Fame

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame announced today its Class of 2017 inductees, including the Beatles-inspired Jeff Lynne's Electric Light Orchestra. Other inductees include Journey, Yes and Joan Baez. The 32nd Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will take place April 7, and televised on HBO.

More: ELO's Albums Ranked  Source: Best Classic Bands
Friday, December 16, 2016
Capitol Records challenges DMCA Safe Harbors law

Capitol Records is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to consider a case that could send shockwaves through the music biz. It involves the fad of posting "lip dub" videos on Vimeo and similar sites, lip-syncing popular tunes by artists including The Beatles and The Beach Boys, and whether the current law applies to pre-1972 recordings.

Source: Hollywood Reporter
Thursday, December 8, 2016
Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake and Palmer dies

Guitarist Greg Lake of the band Emerson, Lake and Palmer has died. Lake was a founding member of King Crimson before he met Keith Emerson and eventually drummer Carl Palmer to form Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Gregg also toured with Ringo Starr and his All-Star Band. His death was announced on his website.

Source: WSB TV
Wednesday, December 7, 2016
YouTube's $1bn royalties are not enough, says music industry

YouTube has said it has paid the music industry $1 billion in royalties this year, but record companies claim it is not enough. They say YouTube does not pay a fair rate to musicians and record labels. Artists like Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, and Ed Sheeran have all written to the US Congress asking for Copyright laws to be changed.

Source: BBC News, UK
Wednesday, November 30, 2016
UK pirate radio DJ legend pens autobiography

The autobiography of DJ Tony Prince will be released tomorrow. It tells Prince's story from both sides of the Iron Curtain, as a DJ on Radio Caroline followed by his involvement at Radio Luxembourg after the Russian invasion. In the book he tells of his meeting Elvis Presley and singing with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.

Source: Oldham Chronicle, UK
Monday, November 28, 2016
John Lennon's Sgt. Pepper's piano heads to auction

John Lennon's Sgt. Pepper's-era home piano, used by Lennon to compose Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds and A Day in the Life, among others, is set to hit the auction block on December 10, estimated to sell for between $1.2 and $1.8 million. The handwritten lyrics for Bob Dylan's Blowin' In The Wind will also be auctioned.

Source: Yahoo! Music
Friday, November 25, 2016
European Union's 'Use it or Lose it' copyright law benefits fans

A law in the E.U. says if recordings aren't officially released within 50 years of being made, the songs become public domain. As a result of this law, passed just a few years ago, massive acts from the '60s and '70s including Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles are opening up their vaults of unreleased recordings.

Source: A Journal of Musical Things
Wednesday, November 16, 2016
Bay City Rollers on their encounters with The Beatles Warning: Page opens with sound

In a new interview, Woody of The Bay City Rollers said, "One time in Los Angeles we were driving into the Beverly Hills Hotel the wrong way. "He [Ringo Starr] just looked and shook his head and said, 'Those Roller boys' before making a face. He knew what we were going through. He was a bit older and had been through all that."

Source: The Express, UK

Jeff Lynne
Five reasons ELO should be in the Hall of Fame

Jeff Lynne's Electric Light Orchestra was responsible for some of the most catchy music to come out of the '70s. Jeff Lynne is a die-hard fan of the Beatles, he produced George Harrison's acclaimed 1987 comeback solo album, Cloud Nine, several songs on Ringo Starr's Time Takes Time in 1992, and Free as a Bird and Real Love for the Beatles in 1994.

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock
Monday, November 14, 2016
Beatles-inspired tribute to 2016's late celebs goes viral

The celebrities who passed in 2016 have been remembered in a touching tribute to British talent, inspired by The Beatles' legendary Sgt. Pepper album. Uploaded to Twitter on Saturday by a user called Christthebarker, the montage has quickly gone viral and attracted international attention for its poignancy.

Source: The Mirror, UK
Wednesday, November 9, 2016
Exploring Eric Clapton's Beatles and George Harrison collaborations

In the late Sixties, the Beatles and Eric Clapton kicked off a nearly five-decade-long tradition of recorded collaborations. While My Guitar Gently Weeps, the only official EMI Beatles recording Clapton ever played on, is an undisputed highlight, but Slowhand's fretwork also graces recordings by all four solo Beatles.

Source: Guitar World
Tuesday, November 8, 2016
Video: Peter Asher performs A World Without Love

The multi-Grammy Award-winning Peter Asher and Albert Lee, who was voted Guitar Player Magazine's Best Country Guitar Picker five times, have gone on the road together. As half of Sixties rockers Peter & Gordon, Asher had 10 top 40 hits, including I Got to Pieces and the Paul McCartney-penned World Without Love, and McCartney once dated his sister, Jane Asher.

Source: The Telegraph, UK
Monday, November 7, 2016
Justin Bieber plays Beatles during impromptu performance at Toronto bar

Justin Bieber made a surprise appearance at a Toronto pub on Friday night. Bieber dropped by Fifth Pubhouse alone, ordered a drink and stopped to watch the Toronto Raptors game. When he spotted a piano, he asked if he could play it and soon began serenading the room with a wide variety of music including The Beatles' Let it Be.

Source: National Post, Toronto
Friday, November 4, 2016
The Beatles used to open shows for me

Joe Brown had The Beatles as his support act when they were still unknown, and he was also the man who played guitar behind his head, something Jimi Hendrix soon copied. He became good friends with George Harrison, who was best man at his wedding. At 75, Brown is still touring around the UK.

Source: The Sunday Post, UK
Beatles recording engineer-turned musician to take the stage

In 1967, Alan Parsons was an assistant engineer at the Abbey Road studios, working on the Beatles' Abbey Road and Let It Be albums. He was one of the lucky few allowed on the roof of Apple Records when the Beatles played their final live performance. The Alan Parsons Project performs in Thousand Oaks, CA, tonight.

Beatles Calendar  Source: The Camarillo Acorn, CA
Thursday, November 3, 2016
PBS series Soundbreaking lovingly details the art of record making

Sir George Martin had a last project: a documentary series on the impact of recorded music. Unfortunately, the legendary Beatles producer died before the final work was completed, but his spirit imbues every frame of Soundbreaking: Stories From The Cutting Edge of Recorded Music, an 8-part series that airs on PBS beginning Nov. 14.

Source: Billboard
Wednesday, November 2, 2016
Five Beatles albums to be included in Capitol 75th Anniversary vinyl set

Capitol Records is kicking off its 75th anniversary this month with The Capitol Records 75th Anniversary Collection, 75 albums that will be reissued on vinyl as chosen by a panel of journalists, authors and creative figures. Among the albums chosen are five from the Beatles, four from Frank Sinatra, and two from the Beach Boys.

Source: Vintage Vinyl News
Monday, October 31, 2016
5 Years Ago: The Beach Boys finally release the troubled Smile Sessions

Until Oct. 31, 2011, the Beach Boys' Smile was one of music's most famous unreleased albums. Bootlegged, pored over and reconstructed for more than 40 years, it was said to be Brian Wilson's masterpiece, a reaction to the Beatles' culture-shifting period that yielded both Revolver and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock
Tuesday, October 25, 2016
Zayn Malik talks Beatles influence in new autobiography

A new extract from Zayn Malik's forthcoming autobiography has revealed how he considers The Beatles to be an important influence on his own music. In the new extract, Malik revealed how he'd been regularly listening to The Beatles while making his debut album. The autobiography, titled Zayn, is set for release on November 1.

Source: NME, UK
37th Annual Winter Solstice Celebration To Honor Sir George Martin

The late Sir George Martin will be honored at 37th Annual Winter Solstice Celebration at New York's Cathedral of St. John the Divine on December 15, 16, & 17. This year marks the first time the multi-media event will honor and feature artists from the classic rock realm. Gary Brooker, the "voice of Procol Harum," will be a special guest.

Source: New Jersey Stage
Monday, October 24, 2016
Johnny Marr says he felt like Yoko Ono

Johnny Marr thinks the only person to have had as much a "hard time" over a band splitting as he did is John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono. He says he thinks Ono, who was widely blamed for splitting up The Beatles, is the only person to have reached the level of hatred over the end of a band as he did when he left The Smiths in 1987.

Source: The List, UK
Nobel authorities say Bob Dylan is rude and arrogant Warning: Page opens with sound

Bob Dylan is known for being uncomfortable in the spotlight. But, following his elusiveness after being awarded the Nobel Prize for literature, they be having second thoughts on their decision. Per Wastberg, who chairs the Nobel Committee for Literature 2016, described Dylan's lack of response to the accolade as "rude and arrogant."

Source: CNBC

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