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Julian Lennon forms his own record label

by David Haber, What Goes On Editor

According to Contact Music, Julian Lennon, son of ex-Beatle John Lennon, has set up his own record label so he can release his past music catalogue, so that he can release his previous work on CD that have been were shelved by the labels and distributors he's previously worked with.

Julian's furious his previous albums are no longer available on CD, so he has formed the record label Music From Another Room, so he can release a greatest hits disc, insisting his belief in his songwriting abilities was confirmed when he claimed sixth place in the UK singles chart with Too Late For Goodbyes and his 1991 track Saltwater came eighth in the chart.

He says, "I've been thinking about how much of my past work is unavailable because the labels and distributors I worked with in the past have shelved my CDs.

"One goal this year is to make my past catalogue available again. I'd like to release them, or what's the point of having made them in the first place?"

Today, April 8, is Julian's 42nd birthday.

Published April 8, 2005

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