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World's Greatest Beatles Artist debuts new work in San Diego

World-renowned artist, Shannon, has agreed to contribute select pieces from her Hard Days Night Hotel collection to benefit the new Beatles "Art and Artifacts" exhibit being held at the Edgeware Gallery in San Diego, benefiting Autism Research.

"The World's Greatest Beatles Artist," a title bestowed upon Shannon from the Liverpool Magistrate Himself, is no stranger to charitable contributions where her art is concerned. She has had the privilege of participating with various non-profit organizations around the globe, and immediately answered the call to assist with the Art and Artifacts project.

"Anthology" by Shannon SHANNON

When questioned about her participation with the project, Shannon replied, "My feelings have always been simple; my art is a gift and I cherish it. What better way to give back, than to pass along the gift that was given to me?"

The exhibit, which is being sponsored by The Autism Research Institute, will run from December 26 through February 14, 2010 and is promising an eclectic collection of artifacts and artwork rarely, if ever seen before, by Beatle fans. Items from the exhibit will include a brick from the original Cavern Club in Liverpool and a piece of the actual stage from the Hamburg Star Club. Rare audio recordings from the Fab Four, including bloopers and studio outtakes, will also be made available to gallery visitors.

"The idea is to create an exciting event, and leverage the huge fan base of the Beatles to support autism research," Steve Edelson, director of the Autism Research Institute and Edgeware Gallery states.

Beatles: Art and Artifacts is now open at The Edgeware Gallery, which is located at 4182 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA 92116, their phone number is 619-534-8120.

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Published December 28, 2009

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