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All You Really Do Need Is LOVE
[Posted by Dave Haber on Sunday, 07/01/07 8:25 am] [Full Blog] [Related Posts] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Being the busy guy that I am, I don't have the free time to get to travel much, so this trip to Vegas for the Fest was my first chance to see Cirque Du Soleil's LOVE show at the Mirage Hotel.

From only knowing the show previously by listening to the soundtrack album, I don't mind telling you, I was blown away by the show. It just put a big smile on my face. The new mixes of the Beatles tracks, taken by themselves are interesting and fun to listen to, but along with the unbelievable imagery that the magical performers of Cirque Du Soleil present on stage, the cool mixes now "make sense" and have purpose.

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The show never stops, I was constantly mesmerized. Most of it strikingly and touchingly dramatizes the accompanying the Beatles songs, like Eleanor Rigby and Lucy in the Sky, some of it is just cool, like the gravity-defying skaters to the tune of Help!

Besides the new Beatles songs mash-ups that you can hear on the LOVE album, in places the show also includes the voices of The Beatles themselves, mixed up and cut together from various sources to form the dialogue that matches the scenes. Listen carefully and you will recognize bits and pieces!

The thing that struck me most about the show is how hard the performers work, and how they make it look so easy. They obviously love what they are doing, and they love the Beatles, and it shows, and rubs off on you as you watch them!

Opinion on this show among die-hard Beatles traditionalists is mixed, but my official opinion is, if you like The Beatles, you will LOVE this show!

The Fest opens in a few hours. Stay tuned!

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