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Mark Hudson meets the Beatles
[Posted by Katie Hickox on Tuesday, 07/03/07 4:09 pm] [Full Blog] [Related Posts] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Mark Hudson, Ringo Starr's former record producer for 7 albums, talked about how he was an early Beatle fan and his time with Ringo over the past 20 years. He touched the audience with the wonderful story about how his hardworking single mother who worked several jobs scraped together enough money so he and his two other brothers could go see their first Beatles concert back in the sixties. After that first Beatles concert, he was completely hooked.

He revealed how it came that his beard ended up being multicolored because of his kids and then a kids TV show he hosted in which he had to show up with his colored beard because the kids found it amusing.

Mark Hudson and Martin Lewis

Mark shared some hilarious tales of how he also managed to accidentally enrage three of the four Beatles when he met them. He even said that he somehow had some kind of knack for making them angry without even trying to.

The first Beatle he accidentally crossed was John Lennon. He met John for the first time at a packed Los Angeles nightclub back in 1973 sitting in a chair that originally had an empty chair on either side. Out of nowhere, John and Elton John walk in and sit down on either side of him to be photographed and interviewed by some reporters. Here he was sitting in between two rock giants Beatle John who Mark was in awe of and Elton John and he was not famous and still unknown So John told him to "go piss off " but Mark thought quickly and said he would leave if John answered his one question about the significance of a particular lyric from the song "Glass Onion" he had written. John said it didn't mean anything, and then he said "go piss off now."

The second Beatle he crossed was Ringo, with Ringo calling him "you bastard" and the third was George. So far Mark hasn't met Paul and hasn't had the chance to cross him.

Mark told the long story of how despite that rocky first meeting with Ringo, Ringo warmed up to Mark and eventually made Mark the producer and helped formed Ringo's backup/studio band called "The Roundheads". He wonderfully demonstrated each of 4 different versions what it means when Ringo says "you bastard" to you. He revealed that the first version of "you bastard" means Ringo is only joking but that Ring's fourth and loudest version has terrible consequences.

All in all, Mark gave an entertaining and heartwarming talk. Currently he's still working as a producer for folks like Ozzy Osbourne and others.

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