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Record's anniversary stirs up old She Loves You mystery
[Posted by Adam Kane on Wednesday, 05/21/08 12:57 pm] [Full Blog] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Sie Liebt Dich, the Beatles hit She Loves You, sang in German, was released by Swan records in the US on May 21, 1964, 44 years ago today. Released a few weeks earlier in Germany, this was the track's first North American release. It was released in Canada a few weeks later in June.

Released on shaky legal ground, although they didn't explicitly have a contract to release Sie Liebt Dich, Swan Records reasoned they had the rights to release this record, as they owned the rights to release She Loves You in the US. The single just made it into the top 100, not bad for a foreign language record.

Unlike Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand, the Beatles' German recording of I Want To Hold Your Hand, which was obviously the Beatles singing German lyrics to the originally recorded instrumental track of the song, it is generally believed that Sie Liebt Dich is a totally different recording than She Loves You, and that it was necessary to do this because the original She Loves You master tape had been destroyed sometime shortly after its release, also explaining why there exists no true stereo mix of She Loves You.

However, for many years, our own Dave Haber, creator of The Internet Beatles Album, has maintained that if you listen carefully, you can hear that the recordings of She Loves You and Sie Liebt Dich are based on the same original track. This brings into doubt the accepted history of the making of Sie Liebt Dich, and just when, if ever, the master tape for She Loves You really went missing.

Click here to read more about The Mystery of the Lost Beatles Track. More pictures of the 45 releases of Sie Liebt Dich and She Loves You can be found here.

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