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Fan hopes We Can Work It Out with Ringo
[Posted by Dave Haber on Wednesday, 10/29/08 12:49 pm] [Full Blog] [Related Posts] [Tweet] [Facebook]

I'd like to share with you, with her permission, a comment I received from Robin Roberts from Pennsylvania, who is co-editor of Octopus' Garden, a Beatles fan magazine.

I've been very upset over the disrespect being shown to Ringo over his "no more signing" comment posted on his website. Ringo deserves nothing but our respect. We're going to turn our back on a man who brought us years of joy? Not this fan. There are some who are boycotting our Ringo, urging fans not to support his concerts or buy his CD's. He's being said to have "no class".

Add the fans to that list of "no class" who sent him things to sign and then turned around and sold them on ebay. Also add to that list the list of fans who never said one thank you to him for signing anything and everything sent to him.

Yes, Ringo could have worded his "displeasure" in a more "polite" way, but be honest, would it have mattered HOW he said it? I don't think so. And haven't any of these naysayers ever been so angry that they've said things at the height of that anger and then wished they had counted to 10 first?

I think Ringo has every right to be upset over this and I applaud him for his honesty. After all, he could have just "tossed" everything without saying a word, right?

There's a video on youtube right now from an irate fan wanting everyone to sign a petition, boycotting Ringo's CD's and concerts. That petition will never see my signature. After all of the years of happiness that Ringo has given me, I'm not about to throw him aside for one remark said in justified anger.

Everyone has their own opinion on this and I'll admit that when I first heard Ringo's video with him saying what he did, I was shocked because he just sounded so...rude and, yes, like a grumpy old man. But after I thought about it, I had a change of heart.

And I respect your feelings on the subject but you're not going around telling other fans to boycott his albums and concerts. That's just wrong.

John had a similar reaction way back when he made his "Jesus" remark. The fans turned on him too. So hopefully everything will "come together" just fine in the end.

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