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And the hits just keep on comin' at Chicago Fest 09!
[Posted by Jude Kessler on Saturday, 08/15/09 5:24 pm] [Full Blog] [Related Posts] [Tweet] [Facebook]

The second day at the Chicago Fest for Beatle Fans is overflowing wall-to-wall fans and a host of innovative Beatle artists. Just when you think you've seen every Beatle book that's out there and every painting or photo from every possible pose, something completely new and unique emerges.

Take the work of Stuart Shea, who penned Fab Four FAQ (with co-writer, Robert Rodriquez) several years ago. The energetic writer (and devoted Beatles fan) has been busy with a new projects he is premiering at the Fest. Shea has just completed an interesting new work, Pink Floyd FAQ, which looks at the legendary band via fact/trivia listings. Instead of yet another biographical account of the book, Pink Floyd FAQ provides an examination of the band through thoughtful consideration of their accomplishments.

Stuart Shea

"In the listing of Pink Floyd's most uncomfortable moments," Shea smiles, "was the night that Pink Floyd was booked at Abbey Road Studios in the same room where The Beatles were performing. As young pups with no clout, waiting in the wings while The Beatles finished their session, Pink Floyd experienced the angst of being the 'new guys on the block.' It was one awkward moment."

Eric Cash

Artist, Eric Cash, captures moments in time as well. His soulful, insightful oil paintings of The Beatles capture them in candid action, "working the mines" over their instruments, intent on their latest creations. His newest portrait of George Harrison "is no glamour shot," Cash comments. "It's the face of an artist completely locked on his work...and that is the most beautiful picture of all." Cash's art, amazing affordable, can be viewed at

As Beatle music floods the Marketplace and Ronnie Spector graces the main stage, the fans listen, shop, sing, and compete in the "Sound Alike Contest." The Fest is a beehive of action and opportunity.

More reports coming up! Stay tuned!

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