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Beatles Remastered Mono Box sold out at Amazon US
[Posted by Dave Haber on Monday, 08/17/09 1:01 pm] [Full Blog] [Related Posts] [Tweet] [Facebook]

The last we had heard about the Beatles Remastered Mono Box set last Saturday, August 15, was that the Mono Box Set would be a limited pressing, and contrary to rumors that the Mono Box Set would be limited to 10,000 units worldwide, we were told that the Mono Box Set is only limited in that there are no future production runs planned, and that there should be sufficient copies available initially for those who want to buy it.

However, also as of last Saturday, with 25 days still left before the remasters release date on 09/09/09, Amazon in the US is no longer showing the Mono Box Set as available for pre-order, the pre-order links having been replaced with "Sign up to be notified when this item becomes available". If you click onto the Mono Box product page, in an "Important Beatles Mono Box Set Message", Amazon US says, "The Beatles Mono Box Set is a limited production item, and we are sold out."

While it is possible to assume from this (and remember, this is just us here at BeatlesNews assuming) that EMI mis-judged the potential demand by collectors for these recordings, we believe it's more likely (and remember, again, this is just us guessing) that while they may have judged the potential demand properly, nobody knew that so many fans would go to Amazon to get them, and so collectors have used up Amazon's allotment of the limited pressing faster than expected.

However, the good news is, that even though it seems to no longer be available at Amazon in the US, it is still available for pre-order at Amazon in these countries:

You don't have to live in these countries to buy the mono box there, anyone in the world may order items from these sites.

The prices for the mono box set vary widely. Here are the prices of the mono box set in each of the countries at the time of this writing (prices subject to change, of course) with a listing of what the price would be currently in US Dollars (which also changes frequently, click on the "latest" link to see the most current exchange rate).

CanadaCAD $289.99  USD $262.19 (latest)
UKGBP ?199.98USD $326.81 (latest)
Last US priceUSD $229.49

We're trying to get some official word as to the current status of the Mono Box. Stay tuned to Beatles News for the latest updates!

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