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Many Beatles fans will not be happy on Beatles Day
[Posted by Dave Haber on Friday, 09/04/09 12:18 pm] [Full Blog] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Next Wednesday, 09/09/09, is Beatles Day, as The Beatles: Rock Band and the Beatles Remastered CDs are released all over the world. However, it seems many Beatles fans who were looking forward to hearing those Beatles remasters will be disappointed on Beatles Day.

We can now report that as of last night, the official US Beatles store at now shows, next to its listings for the box sets, that pre-ordered box sets will be shipped late, not on the originally promised date of 09/09/09.

The site now says that pre-orders for the Beatles Stereo Box set will ship at "the end of September," and the listing for the Beatles Mono Box even later, listed as shipping the "first week of October."

A Beatles News reader tells us that they checked the status of their order on the store for the Mono Box last night, and the site shows no info on the order, and further, he says that his bank account, which had been previously charged for the order, now shows the charge for the order, $315 with shipping, as being credited back to his account. He is now concerned that the status of his order has changed, but can't get any further info about it from the site.

Our Beatles News tipster also reports that he was told by a local record store owner in the Dallas, Texas area, that their allotment of stereo box sets has been reduced to just 3 copies by EMI. He says the store owner was told by the label that there may indeed be a shortage of Stereo Box sets on 09/09/09, and that many major retailers will have neither the Stereo or the Mono Box sets in their stores on Beatles Day.

It is not known whether this later shipping date being stated on the US store site applies to all pre-orders made from the site, or only those pre-orders made after the stated date change. We are trying to follow up with the company that runs the store on, but we haven't gotten any feedback on this from them yet.

Stay tuned to Beatles News for updates on the status of this fast-changing situation.

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