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Postal strike could darken Beatles Day in the UK
[Posted by Dave Haber on Wednesday, 09/09/09 8:14 am] [Permalink] [Tweet] [Facebook]

According to press reports in the UK, British Beatles fans eagerly awaiting pre-ordered copies of the remastered Beatles CDs, set to be delivered today, could possibly be disappointed because of a nationwide postal strike.

According to the BBC, thousands of postal workers across London have walked out for 24 hours in a disagreement over jobs and pay cuts, and that London-wide walkouts could continue through Saturday.

This means deliveries in the UK could be at least up to four days late, and British Beatles fans may not get their pre-ordered Beatles CDs until next week.

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Beatles Day comes one day early for some lucky fans
[Posted by Dave Haber on Tuesday, 09/08/09 6:51 pm] [Permalink] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Beatles News reader Craig in Idaho wrote in to tell us:

I was surprised this afternoon to get a call from Hastings in Moscow Idaho, my local CD/DVD store. They called to say that they have my mono box ready and that the release date was moved forward to today.

Driving there ASAP seemed like the best idea before they changed their minds. I found my copy of the mono box from a lady in the store, it was hiding in a cubby hole with my name on it. To my horror the register pulled up a release date warning when the young lady tried to scan it. Another salesman insisted that they call the manager over, instead of letting me take the box (that ALWAYS happens when I trick someone into getting me something from the back of the store, but this time I was called and drove 15 minutes to get there).

The manager came over and approved the sale, saying that the release date was moved forward one day due to other vendors "breaking the street date." When asked when this happened, she said it was "about an hour ago." This all happened just before 3:00 Pacific time this afternoon, and I'm home now with my mono box, happy, safe and sound (not sure why the track titles aren't on the mono masters discs themselves instead of only on the packaging though, but other than that I have no complaints about it).

They didn't have any stereo stuff at the store unfortunately, just two mono boxes. Someone had reserved the store's second copy, so they had nothing for anyone who hadn't reserved the two mono copies that they had ordered before we reserved them.

I don't know where to verify that the street date was changed, but this is what happened to me this afternoon. It was a better phone call than I expected to get today!

Yoko Ono says Beatles coming to iTunes
[Posted by Dave Haber on Tuesday, 09/08/09 2:59 pm] [Permalink] [Tweet] [Facebook]

At aproximately 12:00 Pacific time, Sky News posted a headline with this description:

"The whole of the Beatles back catalogue will be made available to buy on iTunes, Yoko Ono has told Sky News."

Unfortunately, this news article cannot be found online at the Sky News web site. Only the article's description lingers in the Google News listings.

Apparently, it looks as if Sky News in the UK let slip some news they weren't supposed to release, and took it back, but not before the Google News bots picked it up.

What does Yoko know that we don't know? Does this mean Apple Computers and EMI will be announcing The Beatles on iTunes at their company announcement tomorrow? We've heard nothing but rumors and denial of rumors on this subject in the last few days, but now this little slip from Sky News puts those rumors and their denials in a whole new light.

Stay tuned, tomorrow is going to be an exciting day for Beatles fans!

Update: [Posted 9/8/09 7:20 PM]

Many news sources reported on this slip from Sky News this afternoon, and have quoted an EMI spokesman as denying the Sky News report. They quote an article in the Financial Times today, which said:

"Conversations between Apple and EMI are ongoing and we look forward to the day when we can make the music available digitally. But it's not tomorrow," Ernesto Schmitt, EMI's global catalog president, told the FT's Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson.

We believe it is important to note that this statement was not directly in denial to the Sky News/Yoko story leak, this was a general denial of the Beatles/iTunes rumors. The Financial Times article was posted today at 4:45 PM London Time, which is 8:45 AM Pacific time. The Sky News/Yoko posting happened more than 3 hours later.

Update: [Posted 9/9/09 12:00 PM]

No Beatles on iTunes yet

The Apple Computers official media event in San Francisco has concluded. There were announcements of upgrades to iPods and iTunes, but despite rumors to the contrary, there was no mention at all of the Beatles being available for download on iTunes.

Two more ways to party on Beatles Day!
[Posted by Dave Haber on Tuesday, 09/08/09 2:22 pm] [Permalink] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Beatles tribute band Creme Tangerine teams up with Blockbuster for a live performance tonight, the eve of release date to celebrate the Seattle arrival of The Beatles: Rockband.

The celebration will be held at the University Village location of Blockbuster Video at 4715 25 Ave NE, Seattle, tonight, September 8th, at 8:00pm. Creme Tangerine will perform a free one hour concert of Fab Four faves for excited Beatles and Rockband video game fans lining up hours early for their own copy of the hottest video game release of 2009.

Creme Tangerine is a dynamic five piece band from Seattle that performs the music of The Beatles for thousands each year. For more information, check out

And tomorrow, AbbeyRoad...The Ultimate Beatles Party Band will give a free concert in Charlottesville, Va., to celebrate Beatles releases.

They will be performing from 7-9 pm at the Best Buy in Charlottesville, Va, which is located at 1615 Emmet St N. Fans will compete in trivia games, enter sweepstakes and more! Call 434-977-1578 or visit

Beatles Radio, they say it's your birthday!
[Posted by Dave Haber on Monday, 09/07/09 3:21 pm] [Permalink] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Beatles Day, this Wednesday, 09-09-09, is special because of the release of Beatles: Rock Band and the Beatles remastered CDs. But, it's also a very special day over at, because it will be the 10th anniversary of the day that Dr. Robert and the crew registered the domain name

They started as on 9/9/99, although they were not aware of that date until later. Along the years they became Beatles and have overcome major hurdles such huge costs and Internet Radio rules. They now have 22,000 registered members and some 20-25,000 listeners tune in everyday from all over the world.

As a special birthday present, Beatles is asking you to follow them on Twitter, they hope to get 999 followers by 09/09/09! Visit to follow them.

Beatles has a daily trivia contest and birthdays, Beatles news every hour 24/7, and 909 featuring 9 Beatles songs in a row certain hours.

Tune into Beatles by visiting or in iTunes by going to "Radio" and then looking in "Classic Rock", or on many iphone Apps and mobile phones.

They sound great! Perhaps even sounding better lately than before. Have they been "remastered"? Tune in and check it out for yourself.

A Hard Day's Night to be released on Blu-ray DVD
[Posted by Dave Haber on Monday, 09/07/09 9:38 am] [Permalink] [Tweet] [Facebook]

With the focus on all the media mania about the Beatles Remastered CDs and Beatles: Rock Band being released on the same day, this Wednesday, 09/09/09, some events that were unfortunate enough to be scheduled on the same day were bound to fall through the cracks. One did.

Beatles News has learned that without any media fanfare, Alliance Video in Canada will be releasing A Hard Day's Night on Blu-Ray in Canada on 09/09/09.

According to early reports, the video transfer seems to be the same video transfer as on the 2002 Miramax DVD, except that it is "bumped up" to high-def, and looks only slightly better, as it is unfortunately only 1080i, which is sub-standard when compared to most 1080p film-to-HD transfers. Also, the DVD extra features listed seem to be the same.

However, the big news in early reviews for the A Hard Day's Night Blu-ray DVD seems to be that the sound track on this new DVD release is exceptional. This is significant in that the poor mono "swishy" soundtrack was one of the drawbacks of the 2002 Miramax DVD release. A reviewer said that next to their current Beatles CDs there was no comparison, and they said, "This is the best I have EVER heard these classic Beatle songs."

So far, A Hard Day's Night appears to be available on Blu-ray in Canada only. It is now available for pre-order from Amazon in Canada.

Many Beatles fans will not be happy on Beatles Day
[Posted by Dave Haber on Friday, 09/04/09 12:18 pm] [Permalink] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Next Wednesday, 09/09/09, is Beatles Day, as The Beatles: Rock Band and the Beatles Remastered CDs are released all over the world. However, it seems many Beatles fans who were looking forward to hearing those Beatles remasters will be disappointed on Beatles Day.

We can now report that as of last night, the official US Beatles store at now shows, next to its listings for the box sets, that pre-ordered box sets will be shipped late, not on the originally promised date of 09/09/09.

The site now says that pre-orders for the Beatles Stereo Box set will ship at "the end of September," and the listing for the Beatles Mono Box even later, listed as shipping the "first week of October."

A Beatles News reader tells us that they checked the status of their order on the store for the Mono Box last night, and the site shows no info on the order, and further, he says that his bank account, which had been previously charged for the order, now shows the charge for the order, $315 with shipping, as being credited back to his account. He is now concerned that the status of his order has changed, but can't get any further info about it from the site.

Our Beatles News tipster also reports that he was told by a local record store owner in the Dallas, Texas area, that their allotment of stereo box sets has been reduced to just 3 copies by EMI. He says the store owner was told by the label that there may indeed be a shortage of Stereo Box sets on 09/09/09, and that many major retailers will have neither the Stereo or the Mono Box sets in their stores on Beatles Day.

It is not known whether this later shipping date being stated on the US store site applies to all pre-orders made from the site, or only those pre-orders made after the stated date change. We are trying to follow up with the company that runs the store on, but we haven't gotten any feedback on this from them yet.

Stay tuned to Beatles News for updates on the status of this fast-changing situation.

Be on the lookout: Stolen George Harrison photo
[Posted by Dave Haber on Thursday, 09/03/09 2:34 pm] [Permalink] [Tweet] [Facebook]

On Wednesday morning we sadly posted an article from the Liverpool Echo which reported that an exhibition of George Harrison memorabilia had been closed early after a rare signed picture of the Beatle was stolen.

The Liverpool Echo article did not include an image of the stolen photo. However, a fan who took a picture of the item at the exhibition has sent us this image:

Click here to see a larger image

Exhibition organizer Denise Theophilus was alerted on Monday by a visitor that one of the display cases was slightly ajar. She discovered a picture of George on set of Shanghai Surprise, valued at ?800, was gone.

We've been told that Denise now says that four Americans were responsible, two women and two men. One of the women was the daughter of one of the men, and Denise says she was distracted by one of the women who wanted to chat about how George died. The theft occurred while her view of the back cabinet was blocked by one of the men standing in front of her while chatting with the woman.

We reproduce the photo here on the Beatles News Blog in hopes that the more fans are familiar with the piece, the more difficult it will be for whoever stole it to resell it.

Top billed Searchers close out Liverpool Beatles festival
[Posted by Katie Hickox on Tuesday, 09/01/09 4:38 pm] [Permalink] [Related Posts] [Tweet] [Facebook]

The Searchers returned to Liverpool to perform Tuesday afternoon and evening performances at the Cavern Club back stage before packed standing room only audiences.

Hal Bruce from Canada opened the concert followed by The Repeatles from Sweden playing second before The Searchers came on. They were enthusiastically received by a mixed crowd of people of all ages and countries. They have been playing for 47 years and the lead singer says, "it doesn't get any easier after 47 years" touring and they are still in demand around the world and in the UK and have a hectic schedule touring and performing.

The Searchers have had record sales in excess of 40 million over 47 years and have influenced many bands such as Tom Petty, The Byrds, Bruce Springsteen and The Ramones all of whom happily credit them. One only wonders what the Beatles' record sales could have been if they had stayed together and continued recording and touring.

Visit their website to find out where The Searchers are performing near you.

Blockbuster stores getting Fab next Tuesday
[Posted by Dave Haber on Tuesday, 09/01/09 2:54 pm] [Permalink] [Tweet] [Facebook]

On Tuesday night, Sept. 8 from 8 pm - midnight, several Blockbuster stores in Florida will be holding special Beatles: Rock band release celebration events.

The Tampa-area Blockbuster store in Temple Terrace will host a live performance by a Beatles cover band, The Beatles Experience by Live and Let Die, who will play from 9 pm to 11 pm. Radio stations WMTX Mix 100.7 and WFLZ 93.3 will be on site from 8 pm - midnight with games and prizes.

The Orlando-area Blockbuster store in Altamonte Springs will have live performance by Beatles tribute band BeatleBeat from 9 pm to 11 pm. Radio stations WOCL Sunny 105.9 and WOMX Mix 105.5 will be on hand.

At 10 pm, a pre-release game demo will give customers a chance to try the game before its official midnight release at both stores.

And the Blockbuster store on Alton Road in Miami Beach presents the live Beatles cover band, The Beatles Remembered, play from 9 pm to 11 pm. WFLC and WHDR radio stations wil be on hand with giveaways of Rock Band software, game bundles and guitars.

Many more Blockbusters will be holding special Beatles events. Check with the local Blockbuster store in your area for more info.

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