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UK to get Rutles 30th Anniversary DVD in November
[Posted by Dave Haber on Monday, 09/22/08 3:53 pm] [Permalink] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Rutles fans rejoice! According to the greatest-ever rock 'n' roll documentary spoof is getting a DVD reissue in November. The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash - 30th Anniversary Edition will be available in the UK on November 17.

The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash is a loving tribute to the Beatles, written by Eric Idle and music by Neil Innes, who wrote tunes like Hold My Hand and Cheese And Onions that are so iconic they have become part of the Beatles musical lexicon for many Beatles fans. The film includes appearances by Mick Jagger, Paul Simon, Ronnie Wood, Michael Palin, John Belushi, Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd and George Harrison.

Click here to see a larger image

This new special edition DVD will include new extras, including Get Up And Go: The Making Of The Rutles, featuring interviews with Neil Innes, John Halsey, Rikki Fataar, Gary Weis and Michael Palin, Inside Shabby Road: The Music Of The Rutles, a look at the composition and recording of the popular Beatlesque soundtrack, audio commentary by Eric Idle and several deleted scenes.

So far, we can only confirm this as a region 2 DVD release for the UK. Stay tuned for further information about a possible updated release in the US.

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Beatles-A-Rama!!! making the internet Fab for seven years
[Posted by Dave Haber on Saturday, 09/20/08 2:15 pm] [Permalink] [Tweet] [Facebook]

The Beatles internet radio station Beatles-A-Rama!!! turned seven years old in September!

Pat Matthews, who runs Beatles-A-Rama!!! started in Radio in 1970. He produced a 12 Hour Beatles Special entitled The Beatles Forever in collaboration with author Nicholas Schaffner, and he also produced an impromptu special on John Lennon the morning after his death in 1980. Having a tremendous record/CD collection of Beatles music, bootlegs, interviews, etc. he decided in 2001, September 11, to launch Beatles-A-Rama!!! on the internet.

Weekday mornings are highlighted by The Early Beatles @8, one hour of pure Beatles from the early days, 1961-1966. Friday afternoons, just for the TGIF of it, there's The Later Years program at 4PM Pacific, featuring the great studio work of The Lads from 1967 and beyond.

Pat Matthews of Beatles-A-Rama!!!

Sunday mornings at 9AM on Beatles-A-Rama you can hear "Just Four Guys" with host Ray Whitaker. Ray is an excellent writer and host. His show has a central theme each week, such as "The Beatles Girl Songs" "Paul on Bass", etc. That's followed by Pat's own two-hour "Beatles-A-Rama!!! The Show!" at 10 AM. Each week an episode is aired from the 80 shows about the Beatles that he's produced.

Beatles-A-Rama!!! streams 24/7 on Windows Media and Shoutcast. Beatles-A-Rama!!! averages 15,000-20,000 listeners per day, Monday-Friday, with around 10,000-12,000 on the weekends. They have roughly 3,000 members on their community boards on the website

Beatles-A-Rama!!! doesn't just playing Beatles and their solo works exclusively. They have hundreds of interviews, unreleased tracks from over the years, British Invasion songs and a whole lot more. Give them a try!

Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Epstein
[Posted by Dave Haber on Friday, 09/19/08 2:03 pm] [Permalink] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Brian Samuel Epstein was born on this day, September 19, in 1934. I think it is impossible to overstate the importance of Brian Epstein in the story of the Beatles.

The incredible success of the Beatles is due to many pieces of a big puzzle, the incredible song writing talent of Lennon and McCartney, the spiritual soul of George Harrison and the unique beat of Ringo Starr. It all came together just at the right time with the talented ear and producing imagination of George Martin.

None of us can predict the future or know what would have happened had another road been taken, but I think it's a safe bet to say that the Beatles might not have happened without Brian. He believed in them when no one else did.

Dick Rowe of Decca records told Brian that guitar groups were on their way out. Brian told Dick Rowe that the Beatles were going to be bigger than Elvis.

Brian tamed the Beatles without changing their sound or who they were. He traded in their leather jackets for suits and ties, and taught them to bow politely to the audience at the end of every song. Imagine that day, telling John Lennon he'd have to clean up his act and bow to the audience, instead of cursing at them. No one could get John Lennon to do anything he didn't want to.

Except Brian.

And that's how we know he was special. It's a crime an accident took him from us at such a young age. He was only 33, but he lives on in the hearts of every Beatles fan forever.

To learn more about Brian Epstein, vist

Let It Be... on your t-shirt
[Posted by Dave Haber on Thursday, 09/18/08 8:04 pm] [Permalink] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Music driven premium apparel company Lyric Culture has created some very special rock and roll threads, including some with Beatles lyrics creatively integrated into them.

The clothing line is inspired by Lyric Culture founder Hanna Rochelle Schmieder's love of music. She has an innate love and respect for the bands and their legacies for she herself is a musician and songwriter.

Click here to see a larger image

For example, for the song "Let it Be", Hanna took the story behind the song into consideration and integrated it into the symbols used within the shirt's design.

Lyric provides royalties to the artists in a way not too different from record royalties. They also offer shirts and other garments with lyrics from songs including Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds and Revolution. When you see the shirts, I think you'll agree that the love of the Beatles is alive and well in the house of Lyric Culture.

For more information, check out Lyric Culture's site.

Vermont gets very British this weekend
[Posted by Dave Haber on Wednesday, 09/17/08 7:10 pm] [Permalink] [Tweet] [Facebook]

The 18th Annual British Invasion in Stowe, Vermont, starts tomorrow, September 18, and runs through Sunday. The 18th Annual British Invasion is a 4-day celebration and salutation to the British motorcar and all manner of other things British.

For the celebration, Main Street in Stowe goes full-Brit, and parking is restricted to British motorcars such as Jaguars and Morgans.

The celebration has its big kickoff on Friday, Sept. 19 with a British Block Party from 6:30-9:30 p.m. with performances by Britishmania, a Beatles tribute Band.

Beatles tribute band Britishmania

The 18th Annual British Invasion runs from Sept. 18-21, is free for all and features events including the Beatles tribute band, a British market, and much more.

(Info thanks to The Boston Globe.)

Beatles Mach Schau once again in Hamburg
[Posted by Dave Haber on Tuesday, 09/16/08 8:06 pm] [Permalink] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Last Thursday here on WGO we told you about the new Beatles Plaza that was dedicated in Hamburg, at the crossroads of Reeperbahn and Gro? Freiheit, in the middle of Hamburg's red light district, very close to where the Beatles performed in 1960.

We can now share with you some nice pictures of Beatles Platz in Hamburg, thanks to the AP and the Liverpool Echo.

29 meters wide (about 59 feet), the plaza is designed to look like a giant vinyl record, and when the plaza is illuminated, it looks like a spinning turntable. The drummer figure in the plaza is meant to represent both Ringo and Pete Best.

Not visible in the pictures, the Beatle they left in Hamburg, a figure of Stu looks on from the side of the plaza.

George Harrison on Harrison Street this Friday
[Posted by Dave Haber on Monday, 09/15/08 7:00 pm] [Permalink] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Wonderwall Music Shoppe & Emporium in Oak Park, IL, is celebrating the legacy of George Harrison with its 1st annual "Harrison On Harrison" event.

This event will consist of musical entertainment, art exhibits and vendors offering George Harrison/Beatle-related arts & crafts, musical instruments, t-shirts and other wares.

The event is FREE! No cover or admission fee. The event will take place Rain or Shine! The musical entertainment stage will be housed in a tent for protection against inclement weather.

Musical Performers include Phil Angotti and members of the Beatle Brothers, the Sandalwood Sitar Music Ensemble, Rex Van Zant's Dark Horse Tribute, Danny Donuts and & Jim Marlowe, The Apple Scruffs, Rita & The Meter Maids, Hanan & Smoke Belly Dance Troupe, Doe Dex and Jeff Ebel.

Click here to see a larger image
Rex Van Zant

Headliner Rex Van Zant has been a hit at festivals such as Abbey Road On The River, Benton Illinois' George Harrison Music Festival. His mannerism, clothing and guitars recreated the likeness of the "quiet Beatle" himself.

Sandalwood Sitar Music Ensemble will present renditions of the ragas performed by Ravi Shankar at Monterrey Pop Festival and Concert For Bangladesh, as well as Beatle favorites.

The Wonderwall Music Shoppe & Emporium is located at 329 B Harrison Street, Oak Park, IL, 60304. The event takes place Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 19, 20 and 21.

For complete details, visit their official website at

One dee-jay's long and winding road
[Posted by Ken Michaels on Thursday, 09/11/08 11:29 am] [Permalink] [Related Posts] [Tweet] [Facebook]

This month marks the 25th Anniversary since I started hosting a Beatles program on terrestrial radio!

My show was originally called the "All-Request Beatles Show," and it actually started on college radio first, on WNYT, the radio station of the New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury, Long Island, for 1 1/2 years, before it moved to New Jersey rock station WDHA-FM, where it ran for 10 consecutive years. In 1995-96, during the Beatles' Anthology craze, the show aired on Long Island's oldies station B-103, WBZO-FM.

"Every Little Thing" and the "All-Request Beatles Show" featured the most interesting thematic sets, along with the complete catalogue of Beatles and solo-music, plus cover versions, tribute songs, side projects, novelty records, music from family members, and original interviews. My shows have also featured the latest Beatle News, and, during its years on WDHA-FM, over 20 different types of Beatle games and trivia, with great prizes to go along with them.

Since 2003, I've been featured on two of XM's channels, on their 60's channel as host of the "Beatle News" and "Beatle Breaks" segments, and on their Fine Tuning channel 76 with the one-hour show "Every Little Thing," which carries on the same tradition as my shows on WDHA-FM and WBZO-FM. In total, I've now hosted over 600 shows on the Beatles!

Among the many people I've interviewed over the years for "Every Little Thing" and the "All-Request Beatles Show" include Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono, Olivia Harrison, Pattie Boyd, Carl Perkins, Mark Lewisohn, Nancy Lee Andrews, Ken Mansfield, and Denny Laine.

It's really hard for me to believe it all started 25 years ago this month (really 26, if you count college radio!) I want to send a big thank you out to all my listeners from my days at WDHA-FM, B-103 and now at Sirius-XM for their support. It's the greatest honor for me to be playing music from the Beatles' entire careers right up to today. And thanks to you Dave, for letting the fans know about the newest "Every Little Thing" shows, and posting audio from interviews heard in my programs here on the Beatles News Blog.

As always, you can write to me with comments about the shows to

We all live in a Yellow Submarine
[Posted by Dave Haber on Wednesday, 09/10/08 12:24 pm] [Permalink] [Tweet] [Facebook]

This yellow submarine is looking for a Beatles fan to give it a good home. It is approximately 10ft long, 6ft high and 5ft wide. WGO reader Steve Andrews made it for the recent local Skegness Carnival, where the theme was Music Mania. It is hand built and carved out of polystyrene foam, covered in cement to give it a hard coat then painted in the classic bright colours. Steve says it took about 40 hours to make.

Click here to see a larger image

Steve is a shopping centre manager, but spends most of his time building these displays for the public to enjoy as well as for charities. He recently built a 16ft replica of the Lincolnshire Poacher lifeboat, which is their local boat, and it is used to visit towns, carnivals and fairs throughout the UK. So far it has helped to raise in excess of ?600,000 for the RNLI.

Steve's other sculptures have included life-sized horses, 72ft long fairytale castles, 8ft tall cuddly polarbears, and characters from the Wizard of Oz. He has won several awards for the models, including a Purple Apple which is the highest marketing award in the UK.

The yellow submarine could live outdoors, but would probably need repainting after a few years. If you're in the Skegness, Lincolnshire area and can give the sub a good home, send Steve a message.

iTunes is no Beatles genius
[Posted by Dave Haber on Tuesday, 09/09/08 2:53 pm] [Permalink] [Related Posts] [Tweet] [Facebook]

As I mentioned last Wednesday here on the Paperblog Writer, Apple made some big announcements today.

They announced a bunch of new iPods, but contrary to persistant rumors, still no Beatles on iTunes.

They also announced iTunes 8, who's big feature is "iTunes Genius", which is a playlist- and recommendation-generating sidebar/button combo that uses the combined power of the iTunes user base to make cohesive, nicely flowing mixes. But, unfortunately, like the lack of announcement of The Beatles on iTunes, this announcement is disappointing to Beatles fans as well.

According to an article in PC World, the new iTunes Genius function doesn't seem to work with Beatles tunes.

Putting in any Beatles song results in an error from iTunes, saying Genius is unavailable for that song. The guy from PC World tried three different Beatles songs, Dear Prudence, Eleanor Rigby and Come Together.

Apparently, it still may be some time before Apple Computers and Apple Records "Come Together."

(Information and image thanks to PC World.)

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