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David Peel, they say it's your birthday!
[Posted by Dave Haber on Monday, 08/04/08 9:06 pm] [Permalink] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Yesterday, August 3, was David Peel's birthday.

David was good friends with John Lennon and Yoko Ono. His first album on Apple Records, as David Peel and the Lower East Side Band, produced by John, was entitled "The Pope Smokes." It immediately set off an international furor, and was banned in nearly every country of the world, except for the United States, Canada and Japan.

Peel appeared and performed with John and Yoko on the David Frost Show in 1972, and he was also instrumental in getting John and Yoko to perform at the famous One to One concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City, joining with them and others at the end of the show singing Give Peace A Chance.

John Lennon once compared Peel to Pablo Picasso. In Andy Warhol's Interview magazine, John said that "producing David Peel was the highest point in his life".

Happy birthday, David, from all your Beatles friends and everyone here at WGO.

More info on David Peel can be found here.

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Updated Again: Molly Hatchet back on the Abbey Road
[Posted by Dave Haber on Monday, 08/04/08 7:13 pm] [Permalink] [Related Posts] [Tweet] [Facebook]

First they were going, then they weren't.

As we told a little more than a week ago, Molly Hatchet was packed and ready to go to the UK, but the local police in Derbyshire cancelled the festival they were to perform at.

Now we hear from an inside source that undaunted, Bobby Ingram and the guys decided they are still going into Abbey Road to record, but now it will be November or December instead.

Bobby Ingram

The two Beatle songs they are recording, "Helter Skelter" and "Back In The USSR," will be available when their #17 LP, on SPV Records, is released in the Spring of '09.

Me Do
[Posted by Adam Kane on Friday, 08/01/08 8:30 pm] [Permalink] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Just a bit of a fun diversion to start off the weekend. I've been surfing around and found that there are several Beatles animations on YouTube, but I think this one is the most creative, and it made me laugh.

I guess it truly is as the Beatles said all those years ago, "All you need is!"

Sir Benmania?
[Posted by Dave Haber on Thursday, 07/31/08 4:13 pm] [Permalink] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Now recognised as one of Britain's most talented and distinguished actors, it was revealed today in an interview in the Telegraph that Sir Ben Kingsley began his stage career in February, 1966, in A Smashing Day, a musical produced by Brian Epstein, the manager of the Beatles.

According to Sir Ben, he was faced with the choice of pursing an acting career or following the Beatles to worldwide fame as a singer-guitarist.

"I was offered a contract by Dick James, who was the manager of Northern Songs, who in turn recorded all the Beatles' early discs," he recalls. "It was an extraordinary meeting and he was quite insistent because he'd heard me play the guitar and sing on stage, as did John and Ringo. It was quite difficult for me to decide which way to go, and then in the same week I was offered a line of small roles in classical theatre and I decided to follow that route."

Within a year, he was invited to join the Royal Shakespeare Company, and the rest is show business history.

Update: Chuck Berry not ill, just sulking
[Posted by Dave Haber on Wednesday, 07/30/08 11:25 am] [Permalink] [Related Posts] [Tweet] [Facebook]

We reported on Monday that rock legend Chuck Berry was feared ill after cancelling two concerts in Spain over the weekend with no notice.

Concert organizers, who were enraged because they had to call Berry's representatives themselves to find out what happened when he simply didn't show up, now say they've been told that Berry had just flown home and decided not to continue his European tour because he was sulking after an argument with his daughter.

"They apparently rowed because she did not allow him to drive as fast as he would have liked on the British roads," reported El Pais newspaper.

Concert promoters are now considering legal action against Berry, who was paid 72,000 euros in advance.

"We had no time to react. We found out he wasn't coming one hour before the concert, and just because we called them up. Otherwise, we'd still be waiting," said a spokesman for Br Music.

New Dhani Harrison track to debut in Rock Band
[Posted by Dave Haber on Tuesday, 07/29/08 7:45 pm] [Permalink] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Harmonix and MTV Games announced today that a new single from Dhani Harrison's band, The New No2, will make its debut in the Rock Band Music Store.

The New No2's single, "Yomp," the first single from their forthcoming debut You Are Here will be available on July 29. Formed in 2006, The New No2 features Dhania Harrison on lead, synths and vocals and Oli Hecks on drums and synths. "Yomp" will be available for $.99 (80 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360).

The new single will be available on July 29 from the Xbox Live Marketplace and July 31 at the Playstation Store.

Chuck Berry feared to be in ill health
[Posted by Dave Haber on Monday, 07/28/08 4:36 pm] [Permalink] [Related Posts] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Rock 'n' roll legend Chuck Berry has raised concerns for his health after he pulled out of two sold-out concerts in Spain over the weekend, without explanation.

Berry was scheduled to perform in Estepona on Spain's Mediterranean coast on Saturday and in the northern city of Leon on Sunday, but his agent called to say he couldn't perform, just one hour before the Estepona show, and that Berry had already left Spain.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, an unnamed source close to the entertainer in Paris says ill health may have been the cause.

"There were rumours that he's not been feeling well during his current tour, and suffered pain on stage at a concert. We are not sure of Chuck's exact whereabouts at the moment," the source said.

Chuck Berry, the inspiration for countless rock 'n' roll artists including the Beatles, will be 82 in October.

This story has been updated.

May Pang returns to Beatles radio show on XM
[Posted by Ken Michaels on Monday, 07/28/08 12:09 pm] [Permalink] [Related Posts] [Tweet] [Facebook]

This Saturday night's broadcast of my Beatles radio show "Every Little Thing" marks the return of May Pang as a special guest on the show. Since beginning my radio programs on the Beatles in 1982, May was a frequent guest in the 80's and 90's when she appeared on "The All-Request Beatles Show," which I hosted for 10 years on New Jersey's WDHA-FM.

May will be discussing her new photo book "Instamatic Karma," her Lost Weekend period with John, the many locations she stayed/lived with John, and when John signed the contract to dissolve the Beatles.

Also included in the show will be songs from the new CD/DVD Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band "Live 2006," and a thematic set of 60's hits that the Beatles covered as a group and in their solo-careers.

Every Little Thing can be heard on Saturday night, August 2 at 9pm (EST) on XM Radio's Fine Tuning channel (#76.) Listeners can write in with comments and suggestions to

Update: Molly Hatchet detoured from Abbey Road
[Posted by Dave Haber on Friday, 07/25/08 2:25 pm] [Permalink] [Related Posts] [Tweet] [Facebook]

About a month ago, we told you here on the What Goes On Beatles News Blog about how Molly Hatchet was about to visit Abbey Road in London to record two Beatles songs.

Unfortunately, according to The Florida Times-Union, those plans have been cancelled.

Seems the group was scheduled to play at the Rock & Blues Custom show in England, but the show was cancelled because local authorities refused to give the festival permits, fearing motorcycle gang violence.

Since the rock festival was cancelled, so was Molly Hatchet's trip to England, dashing their hopes, at least for the time being, of recording at Abbey Road.

Three Cool Cat Scans
[Posted by Dave Haber on Wednesday, 07/23/08 8:20 pm] [Permalink] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Did you know that money from Beatles record sales helped to fund the development of the CT scan machine (also known as CAT scan)?

A researcher named Godfrey Hounsfield in England, who worked for EMI, which stands for Electrical and Musical Industries, was tinkering around with the idea of the CT scan just around the same time another EMI company, Parlophone Records, signed The Beatles. Some of the profits of the Beatles' string of massive hits in the 1960's allowed Hounsfield to develop the CAT scan machine, which EMI released in 1972, garnering Hounsfield the 1979 Nobel Prize for medicine.

Godfrey Hounsfield

By the way, the CAT scan machine isn't the only invention that came out of the industrial side of EMI that might interest Beatles fans. EMI pioneered the manufacture and use of tape recording, and EMI scientist Alan Blumein invented a microphone technique for stereo recording that's still used in recording studios today.

EMI one-track studio tape recorder

(Some info thanks to CNET News.)

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