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United Nations cover worse than Butcher cover?
[Posted by Dave Haber on Saturday, 09/06/08 12:09 pm] [Permalink] [Full Blog] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Letters, we get letters. We've heard from readers regarding the opinion I stated yesterday, that the banned United Nations Side Project CD cover was offensive to Beatles fans.

One reader says he was surprised by my reaction to the United Nations cover. He said, "This is precisely the kind of art that John Lennon would have heartily endorsed and most likely participated in. These are the guys that did an album cover with themselves covered in bloody meat. I hardly think it offensive enough to be banned."

I hear what you're saying, and I think it's a good point. Of course, the Butcher cover was also considered offensive, and the record company was so afraid of reaction that they retracted it.

But, I also think we live in different times than when the Butcher cover was released in 1966. For better or worse, we're more sensitive now to the feelings of people. All I can say is, I was offended by an image of the Beatles, my heroes, being burned in effigy, and I suspect others around the world might be too.

Another reader said, "You were absolutely right in that it should be banned, but doesn't it defeat the purpose when you post a picture of it on the internet, where thousands will see it? This makes no sense to me!"

Again, an excellent point. I was actually aware of that as I posted the picture. However, I felt it was important to include it here on the blog so that readers could see what I was talking about, and make up their own mind about the picture. Also, I think it's slightly different to include the picture here as news, than it would be for distributers and stores who would be profiting from the sale of it.

I hope that helps everyone better understand where I was coming from yesterday. Please keep that feedback coming, we love hearing from you!

Distributers and stores ban offensive Beatles parody cover
[Posted by Dave Haber on Friday, 09/05/08 11:29 am] [Permalink] [Full Blog] [Tweet] [Facebook]

According to, the new United Nations Side Project CD might not make it to stores. The cover of the CD uses the image of the Beatles' 1969 album Abbey Road, except in the United Nations version, all the Beatles are engulfed in flames.

Click here to see a larger image

Geoff Rickly, frontman of Punk group Thursday, said, "We've gotten some cease-and-desists. We worked with this British anarchist artist named James Cauty, and he did all this great stuff. But it had some copyright issues, and that's why all the distributors and stores refuse to carry it. We have 1,000 copies of this album sitting around with artwork that has been banned and we're trying to figure out what to do with those."

How about just destroying them? We're glad that responsible businesses have banned this CD, and sites like Amazon are not showing the cover image. In our opinion, this cover is offensive to the millions of Beatles fans all over the world, and it mocks what the Beatles stood for most, which was World Peace, and all you need is Love.

(info thanks to MTV, album cover thanks to Exclaim.)

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