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New condos to go up near Capitol Tower despite complaints
[Posted by Dave Haber on Wednesday, 07/16/08 8:55 pm] [Permalink] [Full Blog] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Despite complaints from recording industry professionals and concerned local citizens, the Los Angeles City Council has approved condo development near the Capitol Records building in Hollywood.

Sound engineers were worried construction would interfere with musicians recording in the nearby studio in the basement of the Capitol Records tower. But according to Billboard, construction will only go ahead under a few conditions. Activities are banned after 10 a.m. within 40 feet of the building, a sound baffle is also being installed, and there will be ongoing noise and vibration monitoring during the project, which also includes an underground parking garage.

EMI released a statement saying the agreement is favorable, adding that it will "protect the acoustic integrity and operations of the Capitol Records Studios and ensure it continues as one of the world's premiere recording facilities, as it has for more than 50 years."

Update: City council meeting to save Capitol moved again!
[Posted by Dave Haber on Wednesday, 06/18/08 2:33 pm] [Permalink] [Full Blog] [Tweet] [Facebook]

According to a new article today in the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles City Planning Council meeting scheduled to discuss the matter of constuction near the Capitol Tower in Hollywood HAS BEEN MOVED AGAIN!

Originally set for June 10, then moved to June 17, the meeting is now scheduled for June 24.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, you can help save the Capitol Studios by attending the meeting on Tuesday, June 24 at 2 p.m., at the Los Angeles City Hall, 200 North Spring Street, Hearing Room 350.

Click here to read more about why Beatles fans are needed to help save the Capitol Recording Studios!

Help save the Capitol Records recording studios!
[Posted by Dave Haber on Monday, 06/09/08 6:35 am] [Permalink] [Full Blog] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Recently, we learned that the historical Capitol Records Tower and Studios, the Hollywood home of the Beatles and the Beach Boys, are threatened by the new construction of a neighboring 16-story building and parking garage. Tests have indicated that the construction would have a detrimental sonic impact on both Capitol's underground echo chambers and on the historic studios themselves and might even force the closure of Capitol Studios.

Now, thanks to the vocal support of many in the recording community, EMI/Capitol and the building's developer have agreed to mitigation efforts on the construction and operation of the parking garage.

However, help is still needed from Beatles fans, Beach Boys fans and members of the music and recording industries. If you are in the Los Angeles area, you can help save the Capitol Studios by attending a Planning Council meeting next Tuesday, June 17.

Capitol needs your help to bring music community presence to the appeal by Capitol Records/EMI against a recent permit grant that will allow construction of a 16-story building and adjacent underground parking lot within feet of the Capitol Tower and Capitol Studios.

According to an EMI spokesperson, "People who are concerned about the development are encouraged by Capitol/EMI to show up at the Planning Committee meeting as the Committee members will have to ratify the restrictions and may impose further requirements on the developer. In addition, compliance with the mitigation agreement will depend on both the commitment of the Planning and Land Use Management Committee (PLUM) to the agreement and the community's demand that its concerns be taken seriously."

Please show your support by attending the LA City Council's Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) Committee meeting, which is being held on Tuesday, June 17 at 2 p.m., at the Los Angeles City Hall, 200 North Spring Street, Hearing Room 350.

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