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Splendid time is guaranteed for all
[Posted by Dave Haber on Wednesday, 07/02/08 7:43 am] [Permalink] [Full Blog] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Well, it was a great three days in Vegas!

This year was the 40th anniversary of the Beatles' visit to India, and this week the Fest brought together three people who were all there with the Beatles, Pattie Boyd, Donovan and photographer Paul Saltzman. It was a unique and special time in the history of the Beatles, and now we, who have heard Pattie, Donovan and Paul talk about it this week feel a little bit closer to knowing what it was really like!

The Fest began in 1974, when Mark Lapidos met John Lennon, and after telling him his idea about the Beatles fan get together, John said, "I'm all for it! I'm a Beatles fan too!"

A big thank you to Mark and Carol Lapidos for another wonderful Fest in Vegas! We all had a splendid time!

Beatles Radio on the air at the Fest
[Posted by Dave Haber on Tuesday, 07/01/08 7:47 pm] [Permalink] [Full Blog] [Tweet] [Facebook]

This week at the Fest I finally got to speak to the man attached to a voice I've been hearing a lot lately, Dr. Robert of BeatlesRadio.com. Dr. Robert and the Beatles Radio crew brought out the Beatles Radio mobile studio to the Fest, to meet the fans and spread the word about Beatles Radio.

Beatle Radio's Dr. Robert

If they wrote it or played it, you'll hear it on Beatles Radio, streaming live on the internet, 24 hours a day. They've been on the air since 1999. I listen to them all the time while I'm working!

Besides the Beatles, on Beatles Radio you'll also hear Beatles solos and cover songs, and related artists like Cilla Black. They have 4 DJs all in four different locations around the world. Beatles Radio stays on the air by what they make from selling fun Beatles stuff, check out their Fab Four Store,

You can find Beatles Radio on ShoutCast and iTunes, or at BeatlesRadio.com.

Liverpool is Beatlier and better than ever!
[Posted by Dave Haber on Tuesday, 07/01/08 6:00 pm] [Permalink] [Full Blog] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Another friend of ours at this year's fest is Charles Rosenay of Liverpool Tours.

Charles Rosenay of Liverpool Tours

Liverpool Tours normally does tours each year to Liverpool, Hamburg and Amsterdam, but this year, during Liverpool's Capitol of Culture celebrations, they're concentrating just on Liverpool.

Charles says visiting Liverpool is better than ever! The city has been transformed, and is really Beatles 28 hours a day/eight days a week!

Their last tour to Liverpool which coincided with Paul's big Liverpool Sound concert was a big sold-out success, and their upcoming trip to Liverpool, Magical Mystery Tour 2008, August 18-28, which will coincide with the Matthew Street Music Festival, only has three spots left! Contact them at www.liverpooltours.com!

Beatles bringing people together
[Posted by Dave Haber on Monday, 06/30/08 6:55 pm] [Permalink] [Full Blog] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Through the course of doing this blog and following the latest in Beatles news, I've met some of the nicest people.

One of the very nicest of those is Jude Southerland Kessler. She's written a book called Shoulda Been There. It's a really wonderful about about the childhood and life of John Lennon.

Jude agrees with me, she told me today the best thing about being at the Fest is meeting all the people, making many new friends, and finding a few long-lost ones! She said, she's having so much fun talking to the people and becoming friends, sometimes she even forgets to talk about the book!

And I think that's why we all love getting together so much at the fest! It's the Beatles continuing to bring people together!

I'm glad I got a chance to spend time with Jude this week. She's a very special lady, and I think you can tell that from her book. Please check it out!.

Do you want to know a secret? Part 2
[Posted by Dave Haber on Monday, 06/30/08 6:40 pm] [Permalink] [Full Blog] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Yesterday afternoon at the Fest, Pattie Boyd told us the cute story about how George Harrison proposed to her on the first night. She turned down his offer then for dinner, but didn't the next time he asked.

Well, today she told us something about her first date with George that I bet you didn't know. They were accompanied on that first date by a chaperone, Brian Epstein! Pattie mentioned they were only 19 and 20 at the time, and she thought maybe Brian was afraid they wouldn't know what wine to order.

She echoed the earlier comments of Billy J. Kramer, and said the Beatles adored Brian, he was like an older brother to them. She said it was such a shock to them all when Brian died, it was so unexpected, everyone was dumbfounded, but they were with the Maharishi at the time and he comforted them.

She also spoke about how she found out about Transcendental Meditation first while the Beatles were out on tour, and told George about it when they got back. He was very interested in it, and coincidentally, the Maharishi was going to be in London just a few weeks after that, and that's when they all went to see him, girl friends and wives included.

Record seller helps fans learn about fakes
[Posted by Dave Haber on Monday, 06/30/08 11:19 am] [Permalink] [Full Blog] [Tweet] [Facebook]

James Oldham of P.M. Sound and his company is providing sound and video coverage for the Vegas Fest, but he can also be found in the Marketplace room selling interesting and rare Beatles records.

Click here to see a larger image

Fakes and counterfeits is a problem for record sellers and record collectors, and I was really glad to see that James has brought to the show and is displaying a fake Beatles butcher cover, just to show fans what to look out for.

James' fake, that you can see above (click on the image to see a bigger version) is a fake butcher cover shot pasted on a real, later, Yesterday & Today cover. You can see the remnants of the original peeled cover below, and James also points out how the texture of the picture is wrong, it should have a canvas-like texture, but the fake is flat.

Fans looking out for fans, that's what you find at the Fest. Thanks, James!

Finishing songs and reuniting brothers
[Posted by Dave Haber on Sunday, 06/29/08 9:59 pm] [Permalink] [Full Blog] [Tweet] [Facebook]

At 6:00, Donovan was introduced to the crowd of Beatles fans by show emcee Martin Lewis. Donovan told stories about how he met the Beatles and his time with them in India.

He also told the story about how, when Paul and he were living near each other in St. Johns Woods, they would visit each other frequently, and one day, Paul showed up at his door carrying his guitar.

First Paul played Donovan an early version of Eleanor Rigby which didn't yet have words. Then Paul said he was having trouble with another song he was writing, and proceeded to play to Donovan the opening lines to Yellow Submarine. But when he got to the lines, "As we live a life of ease, every one of us is all we need," Paul said he was stuck and couldn't come up with the next two lines. Donovan was struck that the prolific song writer Paul McCartney was asking him for help, but said, "GIve me a few minutes," and went into the next room. A few minutes later he came back with "Sky of blue and sea of green, in our yellow submarine." Donovan said Paul said, "Yeah, that'll do!"

As the next scheduled guest was held up due to a problem with air flights, host Martin Lewis then announced that there would be an unnanounced, suprise reuninon. A few minutes later, Martin introduced Mark and Brett Hudson.

Bret Hudson, Mark Hudson and Martin Lewis

While Mark Hudson remained in music after the Hudson Brothers broke up in the seventies, his brother Brett has gone on to be a very successful movie producer. This was the first time they had appeared together in many decades. They played songs and told funny stories and the Beatles fans loved seeing them together again!

Do you want to know a secret?
[Posted by Dave Haber on Sunday, 06/29/08 5:27 pm] [Permalink] [Full Blog] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Billy J. Kramer and Pattie Boyd spoke this afternoon at the Vegas Fest.

Billy spoke about getting songs from Paul and John, and his manager, who was also the Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein. He said Brian never got the credit he deserved, and he should be in the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame. He said Brian was very caring and thoughtful, sending everyone Christmas cards, and that it was a very big blow to him when Brian died. Like the Beatles, without Brian he had to learn how hard the record business was.

Pattie Boyd spoke about growing up, getting into modeling and finally meeting George Harrison because of getting a small part in the movie A Hard Day's Night, but she told the story this time with a twist that delighted fans in the audience. She said that George came up to her after that first day of shooting on the film, the only day she was scheduled for, and asked her to Marry Him! Thinking he was kidding, she ignored him, and when he saw that, he asked her to dinner instead, but she said she couldn't, because she had a boyfriend.

Luckily, Pattie was called back for an unplanned second day of filming, and in the interim had realized what a mistake she had made, and when George asked her to dinner again this second time, she said yes, having had dumped the boyfriend in the interim.

Many more interesting celebrities coming up, including Spencer Davis and Donovan. Stay tuned!

2008 Fest Marketplace Treasures
[Posted by Dave Haber on Sunday, 06/29/08 3:43 pm] [Permalink] [Full Blog] [Tweet] [Facebook]

One of the great finds of the Las Vegas Fest is a new booth from NW Limited. They sell plaques of Beatles memorabilia like the one below.

Click here to see a larger image

Bill of NW Limited makes these by hand in the USA. They all put together elements that combine into a truly limited edition presentation that can never be offered again. The plaque above contains a pristine copy of the UK 45 of Hey Jude, with 4 petwer Beatles pins and 6 first-day-issue officially postmarked Beatles postage stamps from England. There will only be about a 100 of these plaques with the first-day-issue stamps altogether!

Everything made by NW Limited includes beautiful frames imported from places like Italy, and come protected in very special boxes made just for these plaques. You can learn more about them at www.historyinvogue.com.

Viva Blog Vegas 2008!
[Posted by Dave Haber on Sunday, 06/29/08 12:30 pm] [Permalink] [Full Blog] [Tweet] [Facebook]

We're blogging today live from Las Vegas to begin our coverage of The Las Vegas Fest For Beatles Fans 2008! Last year's Fest was lots of fun, and this year only promises to be better!

The view outside my Mirage Hotel window

I arrived in Vegas yesterday, a day early for the Fest, to see the LOVE show last night, which I've now PAID to see twice! If you're a Beatles fan and you haven't seen it, you really must get yourself to Las Vegas to see it! It is SPECTACULAR!

When you come to see the show, the doors open about an hour before curtain. I strongly advise you come and be seated as early as possible for the show, because before the show, they play Beatles music like you've never heard it before! It's all songs without their vocals, remixed, no doubt, from the four-track Beatles tape masters, that they had access to when making the Love soundtrack. It's really fun to listen these Beatles songs in a whole new way, and they include small bits of songs that have never been heard before!

And then the show starts, and I promise, the smile will not leave your face for an hour and a half!

Day 1 of the Fest starts in about an hour from right now as I type this. So stay tuned, LOTS more coming up on Viva Blog Vegas 2008!

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