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Meeting Forthlin Road caretaker John Haliday
[Posted by Katie Hickox on Saturday, 05/31/08 1:24 pm] [Permalink] [Full Blog] [Tweet] [Facebook]

On Thursday, the What Goes On Beatles news feed carried a story about John Haliday, the live-in caretaker of Paul McCartney's family home on Forthlin Road. I was able to show John Haliday in person this local article which he hadn't heard about, which was about the 10th anniversary of his living and working at Paul's house.

John very much enjoyed finding out from an American visitor to Forthlin Road about this new article that had just been published about him. Thank you Dave Haber and the What Goes On Beatles news!

Click here to see a larger image
John Haliday in front of 20 Forthlin Road

John told me that when he recently visited Australia, dozens of people asked if he was Paul McCartney and said he looked and talked like him. Possibly living in a near replica of Paul's house and giving many tours of the house must somehow make John more Paulish.

Many of Paul's early Beatles Songs were written at his house on Forthlin Road. Yesterday was an extra busy day for John, he gave 6 tours yesterday, normally he only gives 4 tours a day.

Olivia, Yoko and Giles Martin at All Together Now screening
[Posted by Katie Hickox on Friday, 05/30/08 6:47 pm] [Permalink] [Full Blog] [Tweet] [Facebook]

Olivia Harrison and Yoko Ono introduced the UK premiere screening of "All Together Now" at the FACT theater in Liverpool on Friday night. Several Beatles figures were there, including Giles Martin, son of George Martin, Mike McCartney, Bill Harry and several top executives from Apple and EMI.

The new documentary is 90 minutes long and covers how the Cirque De Soleil production of "LOVE" began as a project that the late George Harrison envisioned but died before development could begin. Developing "LOVE" and producing it took nearly 5 years and Olivia Harrison was instrumental in getting the production off the ground to realize her husbands' wish to see this happen.

Backstage at the premiere of "LOVE", a scene from "All Together Now"

Footage included Sir George Martin working with his son Giles closely to mix Beatles tracks copied from the original tapes from Abbey Road. Giles was like a "second set of ears" for Martin. The film showed new interviews with Paul and Ringo regarding their feedback on the "LOVE" production and how their feedback was critical for evolution of 'LOVE'. A handful of the Cirque performers were also featured, along with interviews with the co-founders of Cirque and senior executives with Apple.

The president of the Mirage said "LOVE" cost a shocking $180 million for development, production and its new theater. After the screening, a special VIP reception was held at which Olivia, Giles and senior Apple and EMI executives were present, along with other Liverpool notables such as Mike McCartney, Bill Harry, Bruce Spizer, and others.

Watching the new film, 'All Together Now' was like going on an exclusive behind the scenes tour with Paul, Ringo, Sir George Martin and his son Giles along with the incredibly talented Cirque performers plus scenes taken from many of the different songs dramatized.

Coming up tomorrow, the Beatles Record Fair, and a tribute screening of Concert For George! Stay tuned!

Visiting Mendips
[Posted by Katie Hickox on Friday, 05/30/08 6:29 pm] [Permalink] [Full Blog] [Tweet] [Facebook]

My second report from Liverpool!

Colin Hall is the caretaker of John Lennon's Mendips home and gave an informative tour to our tour group today. He spoke for just over 20 min and then allowed our group to visit the rest of the house.

Colin recently won an award from the BBC for his recent radio interview regarding when Paul McCartney met John Lennon for the first time at a nearby Woolton fete.

Take a look at the gorgeous blooming purple rhododendrons in front of Mendips house. Colin says they only bloom a few weeks out of the year and is the same rhododendrons from when John was living at Mendips. There is another similar large plant now blooming in the backyard near what used to be where John had his treehouse.

It's happening in Liverpool!
[Posted by Katie Hickox on Thursday, 05/29/08 7:02 pm] [Permalink] [Full Blog] [Tweet] [Facebook]

I'm in Liverpool, with the help of Liverpool Productions and Cavern City Tours, for the Magical Macca VIP Tour! Over this very special weekend, I'll be seeing two UK film premieres, a Denny Laine concert, a giant Beatles collectables convention, and on Sunday, Paul McCartney live at the giant Liverpool Sound concert at Liverpool FC's Anfield stadium!

I arrived in Liverpool today to be greeted by Paul McCartney, himself! He's front and center on this huge billboard for Liverpool's European Capital of Culture 2008 that faces Albert Dock. 36,000 fans will hear Paul's only gig in Liverpool Sunday night and hotels are packed this weekend.

Click here to see a larger image

Liverpool has undergone major construction in preparation for this year's European Capital of Culture 2008 award, including today opening up the largest new shopping center in England (and possibly Europe). Liverpool has become a major center of culture with the opening of the Tate Liverpool museum, along with other art galleries, and major Gustav Klimt exhibition opens this weekend.

Click here to see a larger image

We walked from our hotel to the Cavern Club, where the Mersey Beatles played 3 sets tonight! The music was very loud and the audience was filled with Paul McCartney and Beatles fans! Now I know what it must have been like all those years with the Beatles in the original Cavern!

More coming up, live, from Liverpool, all weekened! Stay tuned!

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