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Revised Capitol Albums Vol. 2 now in stores

by David Haber

The revised version of Capitol Albums Vol. 2 with the correct mono mixes of Beatles VI and Rubber Soul are now available in some stores.

Although my local Canoga Park, California, Best Buy still had the original versions today, I purchased one of the new, revised versions today at my local Tower Records store.

The revised version can be identified by an "SK1" after the set's stock number that appears in very small print at the bottom of the "NEW... VOLUME 2" sticker that is affixed to the outside front of the sets (see image of a sticker from the revised version below).

Please note, all of the sets we've seen, original and revised editions, have the "NEW... VOLUME 2" sticker. A set is only a revised version if it has the small "SK1" after the stock number at the bottom of the sticker.

Upon closer inspection of the CDs, we've learned you can also tell which version of the CD you have by inspecting the small stock number on the inside margin on the play-side of the disk. On revised copies of the Beatles VI and Rubber Soul CDs, the CD stock number is followed by "RE-2", which we assume stands for "Revision 2". Original versions of the CDs don't have an "RE" number. Also, copies of the "The Early Beatles" and "Help!" CDs now have an "RE-1" designation where the original CDs don't have an "RE" designation at all, but they are the same in any case.

We've also learned at What Goes On that some customers who requested a return mailer from the Capitol Customer Service 800 phone number have already received their pre-paid mailers, so if you requested one, you should be getting it shortly.

Several fans have inquired whether they should keep their "wrong" CDs as opposed to turning them in. Well, we don't know if these are ever going to be "collector's items", tons of them were made, and it depends how many are kept by fans and how many are returned to Capitol and destroyed. We're keeping ours, but we also admit it's unlikely they'll ever be worth anything special.

Published April 23, 2006

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