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Heather Mills: Unauthorized Biography of the Great Pretender

BEVERLY HILLS, CA -- 01/16/08 -- Everyone has an opinion about Heather Mills. But just who is the woman who loved and lost Sir Paul McCartney? Celebrity biographer Neil Simpson brings us "The Unsinkable Heather Mills: The Unauthorized Biography of the Great Pretender."

This new biography follows Heather Mills' troubled, contradictory and extraordinary life. Drawing upon dozens of interviews and testimonies, Simpson paints the most complete picture yet of the woman who inspires such zealous hatred and criticism from the public.

Even the British police grew weary of Mills after her overwhelming number of calls to them reporting a barrage of threats against her life. Simpson lays bare the truth of her paradoxical personality by detailing:

  • The girl who was abandoned by her mother at nine and who spent her childhood trying to protect her brother and sister from their volatile, unreliable father.

  • The teenager who ran away from home, joined a circus and ended up homeless in London.

  • The swimwear model with the longest legs in London who later lost a leg after being hit by a police motorcyclist in a freak accident.

  • The inspiring role model who left the hospital and learned to walk, run, ski and even dance again.

  • The charity worker who forced the world to help thousands of children disabled by bombs in war zones across Europe.

  • The woman who won the heart of a Beatle, became a mother and ended up in the middle of the ugliest celebrity divorce battle in history.

  • The media victim who has been accused of being a prostitute, a lesbian and a fake.

Few women have lived lives as rich, as tragic or as eventful as Heather Mills. So, just who is she? Phoenix Books is proud to present the answer in "The Unsinkable Heather Mills: The Unauthorized Biography of the Great Pretender."

Phoenix Books is a major force among independent publishers of books and audio books. Phoenix's recent and upcoming titles include works from Larry King, Bill Maher, Stephen Hawking, Gene Simmons, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Senator Mike Gravel and Larry Flynt.

More information:

• The Unsinkable Heather Mills: The Unauthorized Biography of the Great Pretender

Published January 16, 2008

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