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Gary Wright remembers his friend George Harrison Saturday on XM

The next upcoming edition of "Every Little Thing" on XM's Fine Tuning channel 76 will include an interview with Gary Wright, discussing his friendship and work with George Harrison, along with their shared interest in eastern philosophy. Also featured on the show will be music from the new Paul McCartney releases "The McCartney Years" DVD, and newer deluxe edition for "Memory Almost Full."

Every edition of "Every Little Thing" includes a group of songs that follow a theme, this edition will include a set of "Long" songs in the Beatles group/solo-catalogue (songs with the word "Long" in the title.)

"Every Little Thing" is one hour long, the next edition will be broadcast this Saturday night, Dec. 1 at 9:00 PM (EST) on XM's Fine Tuning channel 76. The Fine Tuning channel features the most eclectic mix of music of all the XM music channels, with mainstream rock, progressive rock, jazz, classical, and world music among the many different genres of music programmed on the channel.

The "Every Little Thing", hosted by Ken Michaels, is a mixture of the Beatles' group and solo-recordings right up to the current releases of today, along with occasional cover versions of songs, plus side-projects, interviews and music from family members. It's a Beatles show that is unlike anything you can hear on terrestrial radio. You're more likely to hear album cuts than hits, and ususally more solo-music than their music when they were together. You'll also hear alternate takes of songs from the Beatles Anthology series, and live versions of Beatles songs from their solo-catalogue. But what makes this show different from other Beatle programs is that it's more about the music and history of four of the greatest artists and musicians who have each had careers to be proud of, than being a show that focuses mainly on the Beatles' accomplishments as a group. The group and solo-catalogue is treated and mixed together as one body of work. Information is given on much of the music, and the idea of the show is to be both entertaining and informative.

"Every Little Thing" is broadcast the first Saturday night of each month at 9:00 PM (EST).

The show's host, Ken Michaels, started doing a Beatles program, "The All-Request Beatles Show" on college radio (New York Institute of Technology) in 1982. The show was picked up on Album-Rock station WDHA-FM in New Jersey under the same title, and had a 10-year run 1983-193. The show was 3 hours long, and had a similar format to "Every Little Thing," but also featured over 20 different types of games and trivia, news, and longer (usually one hour) thematic sets. After that, he did a Beatles show on oldies station WBZO (B-103) in 1995-1996 during the Beatles Anthology craze. He returned to radio when XM began running his short "Beatles News" and "Beatle Breaks" features on the 60's channel in 2003. The following year Fine Tuning started running "Every Little Thing" as a monthly show. He has also contributed articles and interviews for Beatle fanzines "Good Day Sunshine" and "Daytrippin'."

Published November 27, 2007

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