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Fans honor George Harrison with concerts and memorabilia exhibit

Beatles News Exclusive
by Katie Hickox

A small group of devoted George Harrison fans have come together and assembled a huge collection of George Harrison memorabilia and organized two concerts taking place to honor George Harrison and his lasting legacy.

On August 1st, which is the anniversary of the Original Concerts For Bangladesh, at St. George's Hall, Liverpool, there will be two performances "celebrating the wonderful legacy of George's music." Also, starting on August 1st at St. George's Hall, an exhibition of the largest collection of George Harrison memorabilia opens. The exhibition will be open daily from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm for seven weeks through September 18th and it's all free to the public.

The lead organizer for the show said, "The exhibition will be on during Beatle week so all fans can see it. It is free so there is no money to pay, as George would like."

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I asked why they are doing this and they said, "George did live more than an enlightened life. He was kind, gentle, generous, humble, funny and sweet - he was a match for anyone in the wits department and as a songwriter - 'All Things Must Pass' wiped the floor with any other solo Beatle record. "

The fans are doing the concerts and free exhibition of George Memorabilia with no funding or endorsement from the BeatlesStory or the Harrison family and they seek no personal publicity. If anyone is interested in helping them with a contribution, or lending a George Harrison item to exhibit, please email

Go to and for more information.

Published April 1, 2009

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