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George Harrison's nephew passes away

by Katie Hickox

Gordon Caldwell, George Harrison's nephew, and son of Louise Harrison, died this morning, Sunday, January 17th, 2010 at the age of 52 after 6 years of inoperable fourth stage colon cancer.

Most recently he had received treatment at the Burzynski Clinic in Houston but returned to his home in Sarasota Florida to receive additional chemotherapy locally.

Young Gordon with Uncle George, Uncle John, Uncle Paul and Uncle Ringo

Beatles News reached Gordon's mother Louise at home by phone this morning to give her our condolences and she said, "Gordon, like his uncle George Harrison, was a very spiritual person and was a siddha and was prepared for his passing".

Gordon's sister, Leslie Rodgers who is George Harrison's niece, is in critical condition in ICU so Louise Harrison asks for the global Beatles family to say a prayer for her speedy recovery.

Louise Harrison, George Harrison's sister, says she is known as the "flying mum" for the Beatles global family and thanks everyone for their kind thoughts and prayers for her son over the years. Louise currently manages The Liverpool Legends, a Beatles tribute band.

"Gordon was a very special man. He leaves behind his wife, Carol, and his son, Robert, in addition to his sister Leslie and mother Louise. Gordon was an Uncle to his nephew Tory, Leslie's son."

To leave a comment in remembrance of Gordon, here is Gordon's Myspace page.

Published January 17, 2010

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