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Lennon pal writes forward for next in 9 book series about John

Shivering Inside, the second volume in the 9-book series on John Lennon by researcher-author, Jude Southerland Kessler, will again be joined by the commanding presence of John's lifelong friend, Bill Harry.

"Bill has just graciously agreed to write the Foreword for Shivering Inside," Kessler said. "He was so close to John during the time frame of the book, Dec. 1961 - mid-April 1963. Bill and his wife, Virginia, were intimate friends of John and Cynthia's, and they were present at so many of the events in the narrative. I'm honored to have him introduce the book. Honored."

Harry has also generously donated photos to the book of his wife, Virginia, John, and himself at events during the book's timeline. "There is an excellent photo of the three good friends at ABC television's Blackpool Night Out. It captures such an honest, candid moment. I'm on Cloud 9 about having the photo in the book."

Bill Harry with the Beatles in 1962

Harry, whose recent book, Liverpool, Bigger Than The Beatles (chronicling the "other groups" who rose to success during the British Invasion) is a long-standing world authority on The Beatles. His Ultimate Beatles Encyclopedia is the guidebook for researchers studying the hundreds of people who rubbed elbows with the boys throughout the Sixties. And his John Lennon Encyclopedia is the best alphabetically arranged research volume on the life of Lennon.

Bill Harry coined the term "Mersey Beat" in his extremely popular Mersey newspaper of the early 1960's. The newspaper - which began in Liverpool - was instrumental in convincing Brian Epstein to go to the Cavern and see The Beatles for the first time. In fact, Epstein had Bill Harry over for a conference (and a sherry) about the boys days before his November trek to the Cavern for the lunchtime show.

"Bill Harry has always been so intricately tied into the very fabric of The Beatles, and more importantly, to John, that I am just humbled at his offer to work with me on Shivering Inside," Kessler said. "I can see why John liked him so much. He's kind, straight-forward, and honest. If you know him, you like him."

Shivering Inside is available for pre-order by writing to Jude Kessler at Selling for a pre-order price of $30, the first 100 readers will get a signed and numbered, limited edition poster with the book. The poster will be shipped to readers immediately; the book will arrive in October. "Once these posters are gone, we're not going to print others," Kessler commented. "We want to make the posters a collector's item for loyal readers, just as our first edition copies of Shoulda Been There have become." Kessler's first-edition Shoulda Been There books are selling for up to $500 on E-bay at present.

"Shivering Inside is an intense narrative," Kessler said. "It covers the death of Stuart, the ousting of Pete and the arrival of Ringo onto the scene. It deals with Cynthia's and John's wedding and the struggles of their early years together when John was constantly away from home. It covers the Parlophone audition, the making of 'Love Me Do,' the marathon recording session for the 'Please Please Me' album, the Helen Shapiro Tour, the Chris Montez/Tommy Roe tour, and the birth of Julian. So much that was extremely important happened during the years of late 1961-April 1963. And the documentation for the work is overwhelming! On the date of 11 February 1963 alone, I had 27 typed pages of notes!"

Shivering Inside will be shipped to pre-order customers the week before John's 9 October birthday. It will sell to the public at,,, and, beginning 9 October 2010.

Kessler will be reading chapters from Shivering inside and pre-selling the book at The Fest for Beatles Fans in Chicago in August, 2010.

Published April 7, 2010

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