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Author hosts John Lennon birthday party for new book

Jude Southerland Kessler, author of Shoulda Been There, will host a birthday party for John Lennon with the release of her new book, Shivering Inside, on Saturday, 16 October, 2010 at the Doylestown Book Store in Doylestown, Pennsylvania from 7-9 p.m.

Sitting with Ms. Kessler to sign books and to answer questions about The Beatles will be Richard Langham, Second Engineer at EMI/Abbey Road studios who was present for the taping of the Please Please Me album, the "From Me to You" single, and so many others. And Dara Roberts, the gifted Stanford college student who was selected to write a "guest chapter" of Shivering Inside, will be present as well.

"We'll be serving birthday cake and coffee to fete John as the culmination of his week-long birthday celebration around the world," Kessler said. "We'll have free signed posters of the book cover for the first 25 purchasers...and they can be signed by all of us!"

Kessler selected Doylestown as the site for her premiere because of its sentimental value in her life. "I lived for the five happiest years of my life in the Doylestown area and finished my first book in a 100-year old home there. I met my friend, Larry Kane, there in 2003 and attended many wonderful Fests for Beatles Fans with my husband, Rande. When I think of Doylestown, I think of home. I can't wait to go back and see my dear friends once again. Hosting my book release party there is the best of all possible worlds!"

Shivering Inside is the second book in a 9-book series on Lennon's life. It covers John's personal life and career from 10 Dec. 1961- mid-April 1963 when Julian was born. The rise of the Beatles to wild popularity amidst the death of Stu Sutcliffe, the ousting of Pete Best and hiring of Ringo Starr, the wedding of John and Cynthia, and the birth of their child is a whirlwind story.

Kessler's book, written with the help of Bill Harry (who also wrote the Foreword and supplied rare photos for the work), Sam Leach, Joe Flannery, and Richard Langham, gives the reader not only a 675-page narrative, but an "Encyclopedia of Characters" with biographies of each, a "Scouse Glossary" of Liverpudlian terms, and many photos from collectors all over the the world.

You can pre-order the book at or attend the Birthday Book Premiere Bash in Doylestown on 16 October. Kessler would love to fill the room with well-wishers singing "Happy Birthday" to the man whose life has so touched and changed her own...John Lennon.

Published September 17, 2010

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