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John Lennon birthday party 2012 planned

It's the longest-running Lennon Birthday Bash in America. It has been twice recognized by Yoko Ono with letters of appreciation. And (rightly so) it takes place in an Irish Pub!

The official 33rd Annual John Lennon Birthday Bash will be held at Enoch's Irish Pub in Monroe, Louisiana on Tuesday, October 9, from 7 p.m. until close. A donation in honor of John will be collected at the door. Admission includes: a traditional Irish Toast to John, a huge birthday cake, live music, and a tribute written for the occasion by Jude Southerland Kessler, author of the 9-volume John Lennon Series.

Music will be provided by The Lonely Peppers band, featuring Louisiana recording artist Kenny Bill Stinson. Stinson, a rhythm 'n blues singer with rock'n'roll leanings, has toured with the late Charlie Rich. He was featured by The Smithsonian Institution in a movie about Louisiana music icons entitled, River of Song. Stinson performs both solo and with his band in venues all across The South. In 2001, he released his long-awaited CD, Inspirations. A sincere Beatles and Lennon fan, Stinson knows hundreds of Beatles songs, and The Lonely Peppers will keep the Lennon hits going all party long!

Enoch's Irish Pub in Monroe, Louisiana

Louisiana author, Jude Kessler, will provide the cake for the party and will offer a tribute to John. She is the author of the 9-volume John Lennon Series, including Shoulda Been There (John's life from 1940-Dec. 1961), Shivering Inside (Dec. 1961-May 1963) and the upcoming volume, She Loves You (May 1963-1965). The third volume will debut on John's birthday 2013. Read more about Kessler at www.johnlennonseries.com.

Originators of the Lennon Birthday Bash, Yvette and Doyle Jeter are huge Beatles fans, musicians, and artists. Doyle Jeter also teaches lithography at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. He has most recently returned from Ireland where he taught lithography to students at "Printmakers" in Cork City, Ireland.

When asked about the origins of the Lennon Birthday Bash, Jeter commented, "Yvette and I had the first John Lennon Birthday Celebration in 1980, as a bit of a larf. There was a lot of singing and toasting to our man, Johnny Boy. Of course, a short two months later, the world changed. When John passed on, we swore we would have a remembrance every October 9th, from then on. In reality, after a few years, we thought we should stop, as it smacked of commerciality, and quite honestly, I thought John would tell us all to 'piss off and get on with y'er own lives.' However, every year, the same folks kept showing up along with a few new friends, and we sing and toast to our Johnny Boy. Our customers, friends, and family wouldn't let us stop, if we wanted to! I'd like to think, if he were here, John would join us all in a round or two. Maybe this year..."

Doyle is also the chairperson for The Northeast Louisiana Celtic Festival which will be held on Saturday, 6 October in Monroe. "The Celtic Fest is so close to John's birthday this year, and since Lennon was an Irish musician, we are featuring a tribute session for John at that Fest as well," Jeter explained. "From the Celtic Fest to the Birthday Bash, it will be an entire four days of celebrating the life and genius of John Lennon. Come join us for great music, excellent Irish pub food, friendship, and great memories of Johnny L!"

To read more about the Celtic Fest, go to Northeast Louisiana Celtic Festival's Facebook page.

For more information about The John Lennon Birthday Bash, call 318-388-3662 or e-mail Doyle or Yvette at enochspub@aol.com.

Published September 20, 2012

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