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L.A. Beatles tour guide saves John Lennon's star

by Adam Forrest, Beatles News Editor

During her latest Los Angeles Beatles tour last weekend, popular tour guide Gillian Lomax came upon something she'd never seen before. Arriving at John Lennon's star in front of the Capitol Records building in Hollywood, to her horror she discovered that the star had been horribly vandalized, scrawled all over with indelible magic markers.

"Everybody on the tour was quite shocked at the finding," Gillian told Beatles News, "especially because on this tour, John Lennon was the favorite Beatle for most on the tour, and none of the other Beatle stars had been touched."

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There were six people on the Magical History Tour with Gillian that day, including a gentleman from Downey, CA., a couple from Dayton, Ohio, and another couple all the way from Perth, Australia.

Gillian explained, "They didn't know that I had never witnessed anything like this before, as nobody on the tour was an L.A. local, and this was the first time visiting the Capitol Records tower for everybody on the tour."

It was Gillian's experience, on her frequent visits to the site, that usually there is always somebody in the lobby area of Capitol Records, but for some reason that afternoon, Gillian noted that there was nobody in sight. She imagines that's why these vandals took the opportunity to leave their marks.

She said, "We arrived at Capitol Records around 3pm on Saturday afternoon after having driven a long and winding road from Santa Monica. It was only four days before John's birthday, and the planned birthday celebration to be held there at John's star. After studying the star I could tell that it had been a group of people who had done the vandalism, because they had used different colored marker pens and it was all different writing. I bent down to try and rub it off, but to no avail."

Gillian knew she had to get some people involved right away in order to get help having the vandalism removed from John's star. Anna Martinez from the Hollywood Walk of Fame was contacted, who then had a worker come out to the star and successfully removed the scribble and reseal the star, so that it could be as good as new for John's birthday celebration. We also understand that Capitol Records is checking video footage to see if the vandals can be traced.

The Capitol Records tower is just one of the exciting stops on Gillian's Magical History Tour. No place in the U.S. has as much combined Beatles history as Los Angeles, and Gillian has spent a lot of time researching the tour.

Some of the other special stops on the tour include the house up on Blue Jay Way in the Hollywood Hills, where George Harrison lived in the late 60's and wrote the famous song, and the beach house where John Lennon lived during his lost weekend along with Harry Nilsson, Ringo Starr, Hilary Gerard, Klaus Voorman, May Pang, and Keith Moon.

Despite the distressing sights outside Capitol Records, a good time was had by the group of Day Trippers last weekend on the tour. It's very fortunate that Gillian came across the vandalism when she did, if she hadn't, it might have very easily gone unnoticed until people started showing up for John's birthday celebration on Wednesday, at which time it would have been too late to fix.

Gillian, who was originally raised in Merseyside across from Liverpool, is also currently the Beatles news reporter on Beatles-A-Rama. Very highly recommended, the cost for Gillian's four hour Magical History Tour of Los Angeles is $65. To join a tour, or for more information, visit

Published October 11, 2013

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