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She Loves You research team sends book to press

She Loves You, the long-awaited 3rd volume in The John Lennon Series has just gone to press for its 7 February 2014 release. The expanded biography of John Lennon, which was supposed to have been available for Lennon's birthday in 2013, was delayed in publication because of the size and complexity of its scope. With 946 pages, extensive end notes for each chapter and almost 4000 footnotes, the book covers 1963-mid 1964, an era that saw The Beatles experience four tours of the United Kingdom, a stint in Sweden, a stay in France, and the historic first visit to America (including three Ed Sullivan Shows and the Carnegie Hall performance).

Jude Southerland Kessler, author of the book said, "I absolutely could not have completed She Loves You without the help of an entire research team. I had four editors who each gave a year of his or her life to work hand-in-hand with me on fact-finding, content-checking, and proofing. Jacob and Nicole Michael, Coleen Stern, and Ken Bloom worked tirelessly, and on the last few nights, Jacob, Coleen, and I were writing back and forth until the wee hours. "

Joining The John Lennon Series once again is respected author Bill Harry, creator of Mersey Beat and John Lennon's lifelong friend. Harry, who wrote the Foreword for both Shoulda Been There (Vol. 1) and Shivering Inside (Vol. 2) is this time penning the Prologue for She Loves You. "In the Prologue, Bill takes on some very controversial issues, including what did or did not happen on John and Brian's trip to the Spanish Riviera, an event which opens the book," Kessler commented. "Bill's Prologue alone is worth the purchase price! He spares nothing to tell it like it was...and is!"

Then Larry Kane (who met John and The Beatles in Miami, February 1963, and toured with them later that year) authoritatively wrote the Foreword. "Talking about his own experience with The Beatles, Kane shares personal remembrances and photographs for the volume and paves the way for his role in Vol. 4, Shoulda Known Better," Kessler said. "Both Kane and Harry are powerful writers. Over the years, they've only become more talented. I was honored to have them take part in this project."

Also returning to the research team was Richard Langham, Second Engineer from EMI who worked on the recording of With the Beatles. "Richard's guidance is always invaluable," Kessler told BeatlesNews. "I know so little about recording techniques, and Richard, of course, was actually present for the studio sessions. He 's very careful to make sure that all the details are just right. Richard gives hours to the work."

Jude also had valuable research help from Joe at and Jay Spangler at Both gave considerable time and effort to securing information about the 1963-1964 concerts and rare interviews. "And I had two readers, Joy Voellinger and John Reeder, who worked on the final edits, right up to the last day. Then my husband, Rande, spent over a week doing the final, detailed PDF proof. Shivering Inside took a village," Kessler grinned, "but She Loves You took a talented metropolis!"

With interviews from Louise Harrison, Bob Wooler, Beryl Adams, Allan Williams, Sid Bernstein, Stan Perkins, Freda Kelly, and many others, Kessler spent the last four years painting a careful portrait of John Lennon's life during 1963 and 1964. "When the book is released, it will be celebrated by an entire team who worked to see it 'come together.' Right now, we're tired but very excited to see the finished product."

To pre-order She Loves You (with free shipping in the Continental united States) go to

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Published December 2, 2013

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