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Friday, November 20, 2020
McCartney III album delayed one week

Paul McCartney will be releasing a new solo album in 2020, with the title officially McCartney III, but fans will just have to wait one additional week. Yesterday, the legend's social media platforms noted "unforeseeable production delays" have caused the album to move from Dec. 11 to December 18.

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Friday, November 13, 2020
Paul McCartney mentally consults with John Lennon while songwriting

Paul McCartney has admitted he still turns to John Lennon for advice when writing new songs. McCartney said, "I'm working on one at the moment that was going one way but I didn't like the lyric. This would have been the point where John and I would have said, You know what, let's have a cup of tea and try rethink this."

Source: The Daily Mail, UK
2020 in Review: Best Boxed Sets, Collections & Reissues

In their first installment of their annual look back, Best Classic Bands rounds up the most essential boxed sets, reissues and other historical collections of 2020, including Flaming Pie from Paul McCartney, John Lennon's Gimme Some Truth, Goats Head Soup from The Rolling Stones, and Elton John's Jewel Box.

Source: Best Classic Bands
Friday, October 23, 2020
Paul McCartney on new album McCartney III

In a new interview, Paul McCartney, who will release his new solo album McCartney III on December 11, said people often ask him when he will retire from music but that he never commits to the idea. He said, "Everything I do is always supposed to be my last...When we did Abbey Road I was dead, so everything else is a bonus."

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Paul McCartney announces new McCartney III album

Paul McCartney will be releasing a new solo album in 2020, with the title officially McCartney III. On October 21, the legend formally announced the album's Dec. 11 release, with an official trailer. The new album's release date is December 11 via Capitol Records. It's available for pre-order on vinyl in the U.S.

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Looking back at Paul McCartney's biggest misstep

Paul McCartney is the creator of so much genius work over the course of his life that we can let him off the hook for pretty much anything that doesn't go according to plan. On October 22nd, 1984, McCartney released the official soundtrack to accompany his film Give My Regards to Broad Street, Paul's biggest misstep.

Source: Far Out Magazine, UK
Friday, October 9, 2020
Beatles and Yoko Ono remember John Lennon

Paul McCartney has marked what would have been the 80th birthday of his late Beatles band mate John Lennon by sharing a black and white photograph of the pair together. Paul wrote, "I love this picture, it reminds me of the bond between us. Happy 80th John. Love Paul". Ringo Starr also remembered Lennon on Instagram.

Source: The Guide, Liverpool
Friday, October 2, 2020
Paul McCartney happy he reunited with John Lennon before his death

Speaking to John and Yoko Ono's son Sean for Radio 2's John Lennon at 80 event, Paul McCartney said he was "so happy" he had the chance to reconnect with John Lennon before his death, and admitted, "It really, really would have been a heartache to me if we hadn't have reunited. It was so lovely too that we did."

Source: The Daily Mail, UK
Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Paul McCartney to share never-before-heard Beatles song

Paul McCartney is set to treat Beatles fans next month when he plays a segment of an unheard track by his former band. The release will be tied in with what would have been John Lennon's 80th birthday. The song, called Just Fun, will be played as part of a special radio series airing on the BBC next month.

Source: The Daily Star, UK
Paul McCartney speaks about the first time he met John Lennon

Paul McCartney has spoken about the first time he met John Lennon and reveals how he reflects on the moment "like a fan" and "how lucky" he was to meet him, and revealed how the the pair "complemented each other". McCartney spoke to Sean Ono Lennon for a two-part documentary on BBC Radio 2, to mark John Lennon At 80.

Source: The Daily Mail, UK
Tuesday, September 15, 2020
Video: Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson perform God Only Knows

Paul McCartney had achieved more than he could ever have imagined but there was still one thing left on his bucket list which he needed to tick off, performing his favorite song of all time, the Beach Boys' "God Only Knows", on stage with its creator Brian Wilson. The opportunity arrived for Macca at a benefit gala in Los Angeles in 2002.

Source: Far Out Magazine, UK
Friday, September 4, 2020
McCartney shares childhood pic with George Harrison and Ivan Vaughan

Before The Beatles, John Lennon formed The Quarrymen in 1956. A year later Paul McCartney joined, before George Harrison in 1958. Lennon's childhood friend Ivan Vaughan introduced him to McCartney on July 6, 1957. Now Sir Paul McCartney has shared a touching childhood photograph with Ivan Vaughan and George Harrison in 1958.

Source: True Hollywood Talk
Paul McCartney comes clean about encoded words in Sun King

Paul McCartney says the one of the seemingly nonsensical lyrics used the The Beatles' Sun King track on Abbey Road is actually a naughty bit '50s slang from Liverpool. Back in 1969, John Lennon said the term "chicka ferdy" was a reference to childhood teasing back home. Paul said, "We were thinking that nobody would know what it meant."

Source: iHeart Radio
Friday, August 21, 2020
Paul McCartney still uses the little green amp he bought when he was 14

In a new Flaming Pie featurette, McCartney revealed that he still used a particular amplifier which he bought when he was 14 years old. The "Little Green Amp" is an Elpico A55, and was regularly sighted onstage with The Beatles in their earlier days. However, as Paul Pointed out, it was not a guitar amplifier by design.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020
Barber who cut Macca's hair hanging up his scissors after 65 years

Britain's longest serving barber who cut Paul McCartney's iconic Beatles' mop-top is hanging up his scissors, after 65 years. Brian Higgins, 79, has been cutting hair since he was 14. Undoubtedly his most famous customer was Paul McCartney who nipped in for a trim after playing a gig in Worcester in the 1960s.

Source: One News Page
First, Sir Paul McCartney, now Chief Paul McCartney?

Paul McCartney could become the next Chief for Walpole Island First Nation, a reservation on an island bordering Michigan and Canada. The indigenous community's director of operations said Paul, along with Ryan Reynolds, have been nominated by two eligible electors over the weekend, making them official nominees.

Source: The Daily Mail, UK
Monday, August 10, 2020
Why Paul McCartney had his shoelaces tied by an aide at Glastonbury

Paul McCartney reportedly had one of his assistants crouch down and tie his shoelaces before he performed at Glastonbury, because he had a bad back. Paul is said to have had some help by the aide ahead of his set at Worthy Farm in 2004. Black Eyed Peas star revealed he saw the interaction happen while standing backstage.

Source: The Daily Mail, UK
Paul McCartney on how Jeff Lynne got Ringo Starr on Flaming Pie

Paul McCartney joined forces with his former Beatles bandmate Ringo Starr on his 1997 solo album, Flaming Pie, which marked one of their most significant collaborations together since the band split up in 1970. In a new interview with The Sun, McCartney revealed how Lynne was the mastermind behind the collaboration.

Source: NME, UK
Paul McCartney recalls what Keith Richards told him about the Beatles

During a conversation with GQ, Paul McCartney looked back on The Beatles, how the guys met, their massive impact, and the magic he still feels after all these years. He said, "I remember Keith Richards saying to me, You had four singers. We only had one! I think, Wow. That is pretty uncanny. And writers. Not just singers, but writers."

Source: Ultimate Guitar
Friday, August 7, 2020
Paul McCartney jokes he turns into tour guide when returning to Liverpool

Paul McCartney says he insists on driving himself around when making the trip to his hometown Liverpool, and enjoys showing his friends around the streets where he grew up. He said, "I like driving and I don't want to be driven around Liverpool. On my way I pass all the old haunts and it's like a guided tour, with me as the tour guide."

Source: The Irish Examiner
Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Paul McCartney says Vegas is the rockers' graveyard where you go to die

Paul McCartney has slammed Las Vegas as the rockers' graveyard "where you go to die" and "nothing attracts" him about the idea of playing there. Elton John and Rod Stewart have earned tens of millions of dollars playing at the Nevada city, but Paul has no intention of taking up a residency on the famous strip.

Source: The Daily Mail, UK
Paul found it hurtful when he was blamed for breaking up The Beatles

Paul McCartney revealed he found it "pretty hurtful" when he was blamed for breaking up The Beatles in 1970. Paul spoke candidly with British GQ on Tuesday about how he felt at the time. Saying people believed the band "hated each other" after their split, he said that the group simply had "disputes" like any other family would.

Source: The Daily Mail, UK
The untold story of the Beatles' desegregation rider

On June 5, 2020, McCartney posted a reminder of the historic stand the Beatles took regarding the proposed segregation of a concert they performed in the South. He stated, "In 1964, the Beatles were due to play Jacksonville and we found out that it was going to be a segregated audience. It felt wrong. We said, We're not doing that!"

Source: Culture Sonar
Monday, August 3, 2020
Linda McCartney Retrospective arrives this month in Liverpool

Linda McCartney was an exceptional photographer of huge range, with a portfolio that boasted portraits of some of the most iconic artists and moments from the 1960s. Her photography captured the world as Linda experienced it, representing the people, places and landscape around her in her inimitable spontaneous and experimental style.

Source: The Guide, Liverpool
Friday, July 31, 2020
Your last chance for taking a role in McCartney's upcoming fan video

Paul McCartney has made the last call to his fans to take part in the "Great Day Fan Video" project which will premier in McCartney's YouTube channel. He has announced the chance to star in a special video to his followers on Twitter. He asked his fans to submit a video of themselves having fun with the people they love.

Source: Metalhead Zone

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