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Paul McCartney gives fantastic concert at SF Outside Lands Festival

by Katie Hickox

Last Friday night at the August 9th Outside Lands Concert in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, Paul McCartney played before a sold out packed crowd of over 50,000.

Because the Outside Lands Festival, that ran Aug 9th thru 11th, was completely sold out, this author was not able to get a last minute ticket for Paul McCartney's Friday night performance at the venue. However, there were places where one could sit outside the fence of the Golden Gate Park stadium and even see part of one of the big projection screens through the trees.

There was a small crowd that formed up on the hill overlooking the fence, the sound of the music from outside the fence was pretty good, and although I couldn't hear very much of what Paul was saying, we could see part of the fireworks from "Live and Let Die."

New Paul McCartney fan Jeff T. of San Francisco was inside the concert and had never heard Paul play live before. He said, "Paul's concert was pretty fantastic, great sound, the band is very tight, Paul played a great range of Beatles classics and Wings' hits." A friend of Jeff T.'s said she "loved all the songs, especially Hey Jude at the end."

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Other favorite songs played were "Hey Jude," "Day Tripper" and the loving tribute that Paul made to John before playing his song "Here Today," a song Paul wrote about his relationship and appreciation of bandmate John Lennon. The audience went wild when the fireworks were set off for "Live and Let Die."

Both Jeff T. and his friend said they were surprised that Paul played straight through, especially since Paul is much older than the other performers, and played a full 2 1/2 hour set without any breaks. Paul stopped exactly at 10pm which is the noise/curfew restriction set for the Outside Lands Festival permit for their annual event in San Francisco Golden Gate Park.

For this concert, Paul appeared to talk more to this audience than at any other Paul McCartney concert I have attended in the past. He talked so much that I believe Paul made a special effort to connect with all the new young fans who had never seen Paul play live before or heard any classic Beatles songs performed by a real Beatle!

I regret not being able to get a ticket to this concert because I feel I missed out on Paul's ongoing conversation with the crowd and so I look forward to seeing this concert again, hopefully on DVD, since Paul's concert was not streamed live on the Outside Lands website.

In the future, when in doubt, I suggest that you buy your tickets early for the next Paul McCartney concert. But, what a joy it was to hear the sound of Paul McCartney's music and songs going through Golden Gate Park and even beyond to as far away as 5 to 7 blocks outside of the Golden Gate Park area along Lincoln Avenue. Thank you Paul, thank you Outside Lands, for another great concert!

See their website for more information about The SF Outside Lands Festival.

(Photo thanks to paulfan11)

Published August 12, 2013

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