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Brazilian Beatles fan wins Ringo photo contest

by Dave Haber, Beatles News Editor

29 year old Ricardo Martinelli de Medeiros lives in Vitoria, the capital city of Espirito Santo, Brazil. On July 3, 2008, he flew all the way to Hollywood, Florida, an 11 hour journey, to see Ringo Starr perform live at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel.

Ricardo at Ringo concert in Florida

He told Beatles News, "When I was about 7 years old and started to listen the Beatles' A Hard Days Night album. As I can remember, I listened to this album from about 6 months consecutively! My parents went crazy with my Beatlemania!"

Now, Ricardo, who's name is Richard is English, the same as Ringo, owns a drum set just like Ringo's Beatles kit, and play the drums in a tribute band called "Vix Beatles Cover Band".

The concert in Florida was the first time he had ever seen Ringo perform live. Ricardo said, "It was one of the most exciting moments of my life! All the money that I spent on the trip, it was a large investment. But it was worth every penny!"

The winning photo (click to see bigger image)

When Ringo posted an announcement about the concert photo contest on his official website last year, Ricardo says, "I thought, Let's try, why not?"

And then on Saturday, Ringo announced the winner of the autographed drum head in a video on his site, and it was Ricardo!

"What a great surprise! I won the big prize! I was completely crazy. I wept and shouted a lot. It was the happiest day of my life!"

Ricardo says the drum head will be proudly displayed in his home.

Published January 21, 2009

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