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Ringo talks about the Beatles and the Beeb in Beatlefan magazine

The new Beatlefan magazine #205, their 35th anniversary issue, includes a fascinating, exclusive interview by Ken Sharp with Ringo Starr about his new "Photograph" book and the "On Air: Live at the BBC Volume 2" album.

In the interview, about performing on the BBC, Ringo said, "Those sessions were really immediate; there were no real overdubs of any sort. They'd tell us, 'We'd like you to be on this show and we'd like you to do 10 songs,' and we'd just say 'OK.' These are the numbers we were playing as we were touring anyway."

"People forget that The Beatles were still a cover band when we first started. We did a few of John and Paul's songs and then we only did songs by John and Paul and then we added songs from George, too. But that's not true, if you listen to the first Beatles album ["Please Please Me"], Paul and John did a couple of songs by other people and George did other people's songs as well, so you can see how we progressed into it just being The Beatles' songs and music."

The 35th anniversary issue of Beatlefan also includes Bruce Spizer with the details the story of the dueling American albums that provided the soundtrack for The Beatles' conquest of the U.S. 50 years ago, Howie Edelson begins an enlightening three-part interview with critically hailed Beatles biographer Mark Lewisohn, and Wally Podrazik discusses how he approached Lewisohn's mammoth "Tune In."

Also, issue #205 includes a fascinating look at the chronological extremes of Beatles fandom, as original fan Rick Glover retraces five decades of loving the Fabs while 20-year-old Brigid Choi relates how a millennial gets hooked on John, Paul, George and Ringo. Fans of all ages will enjoy sharing Rick and Brigid's experiences.

Plus, this latest edition covers the return of the U.S. Beatles albums and other forthcoming 50th anniversary events, on-the-scene coverage of Paul McCartney's Japan tour and recent U.K. mini-concerts as well as Ringo Starr's recent shows in South America and Las Vegas, along with lots more news and book and music reviews.

A sample issue of Beatlefan costs $7 in the U.S. or $10 abroad, be sure to specify #205. A year's subscription in the U.S. costs $31.50 for six issues or $36 if sent First Class Mail in an envelope. Canadian and Mexican subscriptions cost $41 per year. International subscriptions to all other countries around the globe are $52 (sent Air Mail) U.S. funds only. For credit card orders, you can call 404-713-6432, e-mail, or mail your order to P.O. Box 33515, Decatur GA 30033.

For more info, you can follow Beatlefan on Twitter at and become a fan of Beatlefan on Facebook at Also, check out their "Something New" blog at

Published December 20, 2013

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