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LA Beatles Tour guide helps fans reach out to Ringo on his birthday

by Adam Forrest, Beatles News Editor

Yesterday, July 7, 2014, was Ringo Starr's 74th birthday. To let him know how his fans feel on his birthday, Los Angeles Beatles Tour guide Gillian Lomax gathered birthday wishes for Ringo on twitter and combined them into a massive birthday card which she presented to Ringo by delivering it to his house in Beverly Hills today.

Gillian Lomax holding Ringo's birthday card

Gillian received thousand of well wishes for Ringo on his birthday from all over the world, some even included some great Ringo fan art. Here are some of the fans' greetings:

Happy Birthday to Ringo. Thanks for all the Peace and Love for the last 50 years or so. I bought your book of photographs. Love it. - Mondo Quinn

Hi Ringo/Richard, Very Best Wishes to you on your birthday. What a life eh? Thanks for sharing so much of it with us - and blessings for leaving Rory Storm and the Hurricanes and bringing that world famous backbeat to the Beatles and beyond. They were lucky to get the best drummer in Liverpool (apologies to Pete Best, lol). Peace and Love, man - David Sandilands

Ringo take the Gillians tour with Paul and make a short film of it for the fans. it would ba a magical history Tour and be a fun short film.. then post on your and Pauls site, I know you guys would make it Fun.. do it soon man !! If anyone wants to see it post on Gillians and make it happen,, a tour hosted bty Paul and Ringo?? have amex sponsor it.. and uses it as a promo.. all my best! - Tom Martin

Happy birthday Ringo! I've been a fan of yours all my life and to me, you are the coolest drummer in my book! Happy 74 years and with the way things are going, I hope you have another great 74 years! Peace and Love, Ringo! - Todd Costa Rica

Click here to see a larger image
Ringo fan art by Todd Costa Rica

Hey Ringo! It's Beatles-A-Rama!!! for your 74th! Have a great one! - Pat Matthews

Happy Birthday Ringo. In 1963 I left off school and went to the E. Anglian Savings Bank before they closed. Withdrew 27 shillings and 6 pence and off to Gooses Records in Norwich to buy the Please Please Me LP. Went home up to my bedroom, opened the windows and at highest volume gave the whole of Tuckswood housing estate The Beatles for the 1st time. So that is 51 years of pleasure you have given me. That's a lifetime brother! Thanks! - John Wilkes

Happy Birthday Mr. Starr! I had the honor of being in an elevator in the CNN building with you and Barbara. I didn't disturb you but it was a moment I treasure. - Scott Weisenfeld

Ringo's house in Beverly Hills is just one of the exciting stops on Gillian's Magical History Tour. No place in the U.S. has as much combined Beatles history as Los Angeles, and Gillian has spent a lot of time researching the tour.

Some of the other special stops on the tour include the house up on Blue Jay Way in the Hollywood Hills, where George Harrison lived in the late 60's and wrote the famous song, and the beach house where John Lennon lived during his lost weekend along with Harry Nilsson, Ringo, Klaus Voorman, May Pang, and Keith Moon.

Gillian, who was originally raised in Merseyside across from Liverpool, is also currently the Beatles news reporter on Beatles-A-Rama. Very highly recommended, the cost for Gillian's four hour Magical History Tour of Los Angeles is $75. To join a tour, or for more information, visit www.amagicalhistorytour.com.

Published July 8, 2014

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