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Mark Lewisohn announces new comprehensive Beatles bio

by Katie Hickox, What Goes On Special Correspondent

Thousands of Beatle fans were packed into the ballroom to hear well known and acclaimed Beatles author Mark Lewisohn speak about the new upcoming Beatles biography he's working on at the 2005 Fest for Beatles Fans over the weekend.

The Master of ceremonies for Mark's talk was none other than Martin Lewis, who himself is a leading Beatles scholar, as well as humorist, writer and producer. About Lewisohn, Martin said, "People have found their Boswell in Mark Lewisohn," a distinction most fans agree with.

Mark Lewisohn

Mr. Lewisohn says someone needs to do a proper biography of the Beatles before it's too late, because the Beatles story has never been told properly. Why? "The standard of research is poor," Lewisohn said.

For example, Mr. Lewisohn pointed out that no one has the correct date of when Paul met John at the Woolton church fete. So he researched this in a London library by looking in a local paper that was published in Southern Liverpool. Mark couldn't find anything about the church fete on the given date in published Beatles' biographies, so he started looking at other dates, and finally found an article published about the Woolton church fete which not only included the information about The Quarrymen having played, but also information about John Lennon, and also included some of the songs that were played at the fete. No one had done this sort of research before.

Mark will be spending the next 12 years of his life researching and writing the upcoming three volume Beatles biography. He says he intends to write a thorough and balanced account, not one that is whitewashed. His motivation for taking on this project is that he has loved the Beatles since he was a boy enthralled by hit songs such as Penny Lane, which he listened to no fewer than 26 times in a row when he got the new hit single record.

"Listening to their music makes you want to find out more about them," Lewisohn said.

Currently there are over 400 books already published about the Beatles, but Mr. Lewisohn says he intends to write a definitive, comprehensive account that adheres to the highest standards for a biography, since the Beatles deserve no lesser treatment.

Last weekend's appearance at the 2005 Fest for Beatles Fans marked Mr. Lewisohn's first visit to the show in over 16 years.

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Published April 11, 2005

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