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Pete Best becomes songwriter for new auto-biographical CD

Pete Best, the original drummer for The Beatles, will release a new CD entitled Haymans Green on September 16.

The auto-biographical album is Pete Best's thoughts and feelings as he takes us from the time he was a Beatle, which included the famous Hamburg, Germany tour dates, BBC, Polydor, Decca, and EMI recordings, before mysteriously getting fired, to the anguish of losing the gig and then finding his own way, as the famous band went on to superstardom.

The eleven tracks recorded by The Pete Best Band is a musical documentary encapsulating Pete's mind-set and reflections about those now famous days as well as the trials and tribulations of life in general.

Haymans Green is the name of the street where The Casbah Club is, the place The Beatles began. Pete commented, "The excitement around the club and The Beatles was overwhelming for us all. When that ended for me I found myself Broken, the title of one of the tracks on the CD. We were on the verge of international stardom and then the dreams I helped build with my fellow Beatles were snatched away. I was left to crash and burn, Broken. I chose to stand tall. As the song says, 'When I'm beat, you won't see me down. When I'm weak, I'll turn it around -- or at least I'll try. I think I did."

The album, in true Liverpudlian flavor, shows Best as one of the cornerstones of the original sounds of the Beatles. As reflected in another track Everything I Want, Pete says, "It's about my life. The measure of it. Even without the dizzying heights of my fellow Beatles, I still have everything I want."

Haymans Green is Pete Best's first album of original material. The album is a musical documentary, encapsulating Pete's time with the greatest Rock n' Roll band in the world, The Beatles.

"What can I say, this album far outreached my wildest expectations, I just didn't expect what I received. It's as good as anything The Beatles did at their peak, unbelievable. I'm blown away," says Arnie Holland, CEO of Lightyear Entertainment.

The Casbah Coffee Club and Lightyear Entertainment are proud to present Haymans Green. The CD will be available through Lightyear Entertainment/Caroline/EMI as well as online at

Published July 8, 2008

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