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Aussie Beatles fan develops new BeaTriv Board Game

Beatles News Special Fan Spotlight

Australian Beatles fan Sandra Lean-Fore has created something special for Beatles fans, a new family board game called BeaTriv.

Sandra Lean-Fore has followed the fortunes of the Fab Four since they first exploded onto the world stage in the early 60s. From her earliest teen years, Sandra spent all her pocket money gradually acquiring each of the Beatles singles on vinyl, and was overjoyed to receive one of their albums as a gift on special occasions like birthdays or Christmas. These days, she still has her complete collection on vinyl as well as on CD.

Nothing remarkable about this, you might think. What distinguishes Sandra from countless other equally avid Beatles fans world-wide is the fact that she has been blind from birth. Having never seen any of the countless photos of the Beatles that exist, and only having heard their movies, Sandra bases her fan fervour for the four lads from Liverpool purely on the music that they have given the world.

Blindness has not been an obstacle to Sandra leading a full and rewarding life. She has worked as a computer programmer for perhaps the world?s most well-known I.T. company. Sandra also holds two degrees in Psychology, and using this combination of I.T. & Behaviourl Sciences skills, has worked as a Research Officer for faculties in two different Sydney Universities. Added to this, Sandra has successfully raised her daughter, Samantha, who is now 20.

Sandra endured a major setback in 1989, when she first experienced symptoms of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME, also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). For the past 19 years, this debilitating condition has had a dramatic effect on the quality of life that Sandra has lead, and she struggles to function at her previously high level of achievement. One day whilst confined to bed by the CFS, she recalled the words of a motivational speaker, who advocated that your passion could become your successful business.

The meaning of the mantra eluded Sandra for many years until the penny dropped. Her one true passion was for the lives and music of the Beatles, and thus the germ of an idea for the Beatriv Board Game was born. Sandra wrote the first 500 questions from memory, lying in bed, dictating into a small hand-held tape recorder. Later, she used her PC with screen reading software & speech output, to research her chosen field -- scanning print books with OCR, and searching the web -- to amass 2000 questions.

Bob Rogers, a Sydney radio DJ from the 60s, traveled with the Beatles during their 1964 Australian tour, and got to know the boys very well. Bob was so impressed with the game, that he interviewed Sandra on air for his morning radio program, and gave away one copy of the game each day as a prize during a week-long promotion.

The game is produced and assembled by Sandra and her family support team. To learn more about this fantastic fun product, visit www.beatriv.com.au.

Published March 18, 2009

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