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Beatles News On The Scene: Abbey Road 40th Anniversary

Beatles News Exclusive Report
by Katie Hickox

Thousands of fans managed to squeeze themselves this morning along the sidewalks outside of Abbey Road Studios to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Beatles crossing Abbey Road for the famous Abbey Road cover.

Along with the fans, dozens of journalists and photographers also showed up to bear witness. Camera crews from all over the world were on hand to film the event.

Members of the Sergeant Peppers Only Dart Board Band attempted to recreate the famous photo shot in the midst of complete chaos by lack of crowd control, and no traffic control as well. The local police were completely caught off guard by the event and were only expecting 100 fans or so, not the thousands of fans and the many camera crews, photographers that showed up.

Richard Porter who started the London Walks Beatles' Tours attempted to lead a group of fans across the street in an attempt to reenact the original photo, but was hampered by the surprising sea of fans and media. He finally succeeded in making room for his walking tours to cross Abbey Road with a little help from his friends.

And, what a treat to see John Lennon's brillantly painted Rolls Royce as it drove slowly down Abbey Road and then was on display at the St. John's Beatles Coffee Shop! This Rolls Royce was just a replica since the original was purchased for over $2.3 million a few years ago and is on display at Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria.

Ripley's Believe It or Not of London graciously allowed their John Lennon Rolls Royce replica to join today's 40th anniversary Abbey Road celebration. The Sergeant Pepper's Only Dartboard Band members were passengers in the Rolls Royce as they recreated a blast from the past of the Fab Four emerging from the car.

Many young people along with older fans made up the throngs of adoring fans who converged on Abbey Road outside Abbey Road studios to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the famous Beatles Abbey Road album photo session.

One of them was 18-year old Sophie Boyce who lives within an hour of London and is attending A-levels. Sophie is a new Beatles fan who is thrilled to have joined other fans today in celebrating the 40th anniversary at Abbey Road and was on Richard Porter's Beatles walking tour.

Sophie wasn't always a Beatles fan but in the past two years after watching the Beatles' classic "Hard Days Night" film as part of a film studies class, she has since bought all the Beatles albums, read many books on the Beatles and has lost count of how many times she has watched "Hard Days Night". Sophie confesses she has been watching the film at least a few times a month so she thinks she has seen it more than 20 as many as 30 times and frequently with friends who have now also become Beatles fans.

After asking her how she became such a fan, "I knew of them (the Beatles) before (watching Hard Days Night) but it didn't click until I watched the film for the first time two years ago."

Asked if she has a favorite Beatle, Sophie says "she likes them all". She's hoping that Sir Paul McCartney comes to London to perform soon since he hasn't played a concert in London since 2003 and she wasn't a fan back then.

Published August 8, 2009

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