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The man who built the John Lennon Global Peace Monument

by Katie Hickox, Beatles News Liverpool Reporter

Lyle London is the renowned award winning sculptor who helped design and build the Global Peace Monument entitled "Peace and Harmony" based on a painting by young art prodigy Lauren Voiers.

The European Peace Monument is being dedicated to John Lennon and his enduring legacy to promoting world peace and is being unveiled by Julian and Cynthia Lennon Saturday, October 9th, in LiverpoolOne's Chavasse Park, Liverpool, before an audience of over 2,000 dignitaries.

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Lyle used Lauren Voiers' painting (see photo) to design and build the eighteen foot high monument which took him nearly a year to build. Once it was built, Lyle says that Lauren painted "the entire sculpture in the same expressive style as her painting."

You can see the actual completed sculpture side by side with Lauren's painting to see how one woman's vision of global peace that included John Lennon's music and legacy was translated into a metal sculpture by Lyle. Lauren Voiers was discovered as a young art prodigy by Ben Valenty who heads up the Global Peace Initiative and she helped direct Lyle regarding the design and colors used to create the sculpture.

California based Global Peace Initiative commissioned Lyle London to build the "Peace and Harmony" sculpture a year ago August. 26 donors--some of which are listed at the base of the monument--have come together to provide funding to make the peace monument. BeatlesStory paid for the installation.

"Peace and Harmony" is the European Peace Monument representing Europe and is the second monument in a series of seven Global Peace Initiative monuments. Global Peace Initiative hopes to install a monument for peace on each of the seven continents and the first was installed 2005 in Singapore, representing Asia.

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Lyle's firm, Art In Metal, built the sculpture at his large studio in Tempe, Arizona. Per the photo taken Tuesday, the sculpture has been carefully wrapped up in tarps and you can see the original packing crate that was used to ship the sculpture via ocean freighter to Liverpool. Pictured in the above photofrom left to right are Shannon Owen, Lyle's partner, Lyle London and Matt Schieck works for their firm.

Later this week, the plastic tarps will be replaced by a giant black bag that is symbolic of "bagism" which will be used during the unveiling.

Published October 5, 2010

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