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Party celebrates John Lennon and new book from Jude Kessler

by Julian McKenzie, Beatles News Reporter

It was a magical night. Ya Shoulda Been There, as it were.

Jude Southerland Kessler's Book Release Party for the second book in the John Lennon 9-book series, Shivering Inside (Dec. 1961- mid April 1963) was quite a party!

The Doylestown Bookshop on Main Street, Doylestown, PA, looked a lot like a Beatles convention! People dressed in Abbey Road t-shirts and Apple jackets ate John Lennon birthday cake and toasted with Starbuck's coffee or tea. Jamie Ryan, down from New York City, strummed his guitar and sipped a glass of lemonade.

Richard Lanham and Dara Roberts

Beatledd and The B Man of "The Beatledd Hour" interviewed Richard Langham, EMI's Second Engineer in the Abbey Road Studio and Susan Ryan, owner of the "New York City John Lennon Tour," chatted with Garry Berman, author of We're Going to See The Beatles. Dara Roberts was being filmed for her John Lennon Television station, and Judith Kristen, author of A Date with A Beatle! was chatting with Moonglow PR's own Jenn Vanderslice. People were celebrating both the new book and the book's muse and inspiration, John Lennon.

Pattie Noah and Jude Kessler

The surprise guest of the evening, Pattie Noah, (half of the Beatles acoustic duo, Luv Me Deux) flew to the party from Orlando, Florida, to lead the group in a "sing-along" of Lennon songs. The enthusiastic crowd even did a rousing rendition of the Liverpool Football Club theme song, "You'll Never Walk Alone."

Both Kessler's first book, Shoulda Been There, and Shivering Inside, were on sale at the event. Kessler will also be selling books at the Farley Book Store in New Hope, Pennsylvania, tomorrow with Richard Langham on hand to sign books as well. "I've lived in 30 cities in the last 34 years," Kessler said, "but Pennsylvania is my 'home.' It's a tremendous joy to be here to launch this second book in the series. I am especially grateful to my agent, Jenn Vanderslice, and my husband, Rande, for making this Beatles Party possible. It was one amazing evening!!"

Then she joined the crowd for one more chorus of "No Reply."

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Published October 18, 2010

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