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Beatles fan jobs project announced at fest

Thanks to the generosity of Mark and Carol Lapidos and emcee Martin Lewis, Rande and Jude Kessler of OnTheRock Books announced on stage at the Fest for Beatles Fans Saturday night the creation of a new jobs clearing house to help out-of-work Beatles find employment. "All You Need" is a new initiative for connecting Beatles fans who are seeking employment with other Beatles fans who are hiring, or know someone who is hiring.

Beginning next week, OnTheRock Books will provide a web page where Beatles fans can provide links to their websites and post their resumes. Then Jude Kessler (@JudeKessler on Twitter) will begin Tweeting daily about individuals in different U.S. locations who are out of work. "I'll be Tweeting their names, places where they're seeking employment, and job skills,training, and talent," Jude said. "I'll also provide links to applicants' sites in hopes that others in the Beatles community will reach out and help their fellow fans find work."

The Kesslers were unemployed for several months in 2010 and 2011, and they experienced the "black hole" of job applications online. "We diligently posted and applied," Rande commented, "but heard nothing at all in return." Rande, who is an engineering graduate of the U. S. Naval Academy, holding a Master's degree from Troy State in Personnel Management, added, "Being a former plant manager and CEO, I thought it would be fairly simple to get a new job. However, it was anything but simple. It gave me a great awareness for the real difficulties so many Americans are facing today."

The Kesslers got a new job with help from friends, family, and Rande's Naval Academy Alumni Association. "That's what gave us the idea to ask Beatles 'alumni' to help fellow Beatles fans make connections," Jude continued. "We know that the close-knit community of Beatles friends will reach out and help those who are searching."

Jude Kessler and Joe Johnson

OnTheRock Books will work hand-in-hand with the team at Joe Johnson's "Beatle Brunch" to publicize the names and skills of those seeking employment. Joe and his energetic associates, Donnie G., Anthony Parisi, and Tom Frangione, will post job listings on their website and will work to connect job-seekers with employers.

Anthony Parisi and Donny G.

Furthermore, Tim Coulter of CoulterGraphics.com will be posting the information about applicants on the OnThreRock Books website and helping to get the word out to Beatle fan employers.

If you are a Beatles fan and you would like to help get Beatles people back to work, please contact Rande or Jude Kessler at jude@johnlennonsite.com. If you are looking for work and have a website where your resume is posted, you are invited to send that information to jude@johnlennonsite.com as well.

"We can't promise to find a job for everyone," Rande commented on Saturday night at the Fest for Beatles Fans, "but we will try to make the resumes and skill sets of people in the Beatles world available for other fans to peruse. John sang, 'All You Need is Love,' and we're counting on Beatles people to show that love in action can make miracles happen. Just Imagine..."

Published March 27, 2011

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