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Fest fans vote Abbey Road and In My Life as favorites

The results of the Fest for Beatles Fans' first comprehensive survey in eight years to find out fans Favorite Beatles Albums and Songs are now in, according to Mark Lapidos of The Fest for Beatles Fans. Nearly 4,000 Beatles fans voted for their favorites.

In the 2011 Fest for Beatles Fans Survey, Abbey Road has been voted Favorite Beatles Album and In My Life has been voted Favorite Beatles Song.

The Top Two Albums were far ahead of #3, and #3, 4, & 5 were well ahead of the rest of them. Every Beatles Album that was ever made into a CD plus all of the early U.S. albums and almost every post 1970 Album received votes. If the response "All of Them" counted as a vote, it would have been at #7!

Top 15 Beatles Albums:

1. Abbey Road
2. The Beatles (White Album)
3. Rubber Soul
4. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band
5. Revolver
6. Let It Be
7. With the Beatles
8. A Hard Day's Night
9. Help!
10. Magical Mystery Tour
11. the Beatles Love
12. Beatles for Sale
13. Beatles 1
14. Yellow Submarine
15. Please Please Me

The Top Beatles Songs were a little more predictable. Looking over the Top 25, there are three George songs in the Top 7. Paul (primary writer) has 4 in the Top 10 and 7 in the Top 25, while John (primary writer) has 2 in the Top 10, but 13 in the Top 25. An astonishing 193 songs were voted for. That is over 90% of their total number of songs.

Many fans had trouble picking just one out. As with the albums, if the response "All of Them" counted, it would have been #13. The Top 25 songs come from 11 different albums.

Top 25 Beatles Songs:

1. In My Life
2. Hey Jude
3. A Day in the Life
4. Let It Be
5. Here Comes the Sun
6. Something
7. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
8. Yesterday (Tie)
8. Strawberry Fields Forever
10. Blackbird
11. All You Need Is Love
12. Dear Prudence
13. Across the Universe
14. I Want to Hold Your Hand (3 Way Tie)
14. If I Fell
14. Come Together
17. Norwegian Wood
18. I Am the Walrus
19. Tomorrow Never Knows
20. Golden Slumbers Medley
21. Help! (5 Way Tie)
21. Here, There and Everywhere
21. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
21. Revolution
21. Long and Winding Road

The survey was held on The Fest For Beatles Fans Facebook page from March 18-27, 2011.

As a comparison, here is the Top 20 songs as voted by fans at the Fest in 2003:

1. In My Life
2. Hey Jude
3. Let It Be
4. A Day in the Life
5. Yesterday
6. Strawberry Fields Forever
7. Help!
8. Here Comes the Sun
9. Here There and Everywhere
10. If I Fell (4 Way Tie)
11. I Am the Walrus (4 Way Tie)
12. Something (4 Way Tie)
13. She Loves You (4 Way Tie)
14. Long and Winding Road
15. I Want to Hold Your Hand
16. Nowhere Man
17. Revolution
18. I Saw Her Standing There
19. All My Loving (2 Way Tie) 20. Norwegian Wood

The next Fest, the 35th Annual Chicago Fest for Beatles Fans, takes place the weekend of August 5-7, at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare. Details will be posted at www.thefest.com at the end of May.

Published April 22, 2011

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