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Louise Harrison keeping the Beatles spirit alive in schools

by Adam Forrest, Beatles News Editor

When Beatlemania burst forth in the early 60's, Harold and Louise Harrison responded warmly to the multitude of Beatle fans worldwide who wrote letters to and about their son, thus becoming Mum and Dad to a warm and loving Global Family of Beatle People.

During 1964 and 1965, Louise Harrison, the first child and only daughter of Harold and Louise Harrison, who was born in Liverpool but by then was living in Illinois, found herself writing and broadcasting daily Beatle reports nationwide, due to public demand for news of The Beatles. When her parents passed away in the late 1970s, Louise became Mum, known by many as "the flying mum," to what she fondly refers to as her Global Family. Louise keeps that connection alive these days as manager of the Beatles tribute band Liverpool Legends.

She told Beatles News, "Amongst the many financial problems appearing, we heard that education was suffering very badly and especially the music and arts departments. Being closely involved with a group of compassionate and caring musicians it seemed a logical move, to find a way for our band to try to help keep music alive for the students in our schools."

Liverpool Legends and Louise Harrison

And Louise and the Liverpool Legends are helping to make that a reality, as they have recently given fundraising concerts at five high schools in the U.S. including, Moline, Davenport, two in Chicago and one in Cape Cod. At these shows, student musicians and singers join in, filling in on the instrumental accompaniment and background vocals.

Louise said, "Each of these shows was a great success and we feel very encouraged that as we proceed, and with the ardent support already pouring in from my Beatles family, we shall be able to show the world that the Beatles legacy is still a very positive one."

Now that effort is official, with "Louise Harrison's Help Keep Music Alive, Inc.," her new non-profit organization that is dedicated to help bring music and the message of the Beatles to kids. Louise incorporated the new non-profit in the State of Florida on Jan 23rd of this year. But she needs your help.

The goal of "Louise Harrison's Help Keep Music Alive, Inc." is to bring her broadway class Liverpool Legends show to schools, and have the music students play a large role in the second half of the concert by playing on stage with Liverpool Legends. The proceeds of each of their previous high school shows went to the respective schools where the concerts were held, minus the costs of putting on the show, like travel costs and hotel rooms. Through the new non-profit organization, Louise is now looking for sponsors to help defray these costs, so that more of the money taken in at these concerts can go directly to the actual school's music department.

Louise wants to hear from you if you're a school music director or school administrator and you'd like to arrange for one their shows to happen at your school. Also, please contact Louise if you're part of a company that can sponsor services to Louise's cause, like air fares and hotel rooms. Louise can be reached at or visit their website at

You can also learn more about the band Liverpool Legends at their official website,

Louise says, "In the same way that my Mum and Dad would sit down and answer fan letters for hours and hours hours, they answered hundreds of thousands of fan letters in those early days, and they considered all of the kids across the world as part of their family, I have adopted that same attitude for Beatles people, they are my extended family. I'm just very gratified all these years that whenever I have tried to do something that is in the spirit of the Beatles, that inevitably, my Beatles family all over the world have rallied around and helped me. I'm hoping that this will happen again, because I don't ever want to let my family down, and if I can get the right kind of help, we'll be able to do something really good in the next few years."

Published February 15, 2012

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