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Rare Apple LP released for first time on CD

Out of print since Apple Records suspended operations in 1975, the 1972 album by Lon and Derrek Van Eaton titled "Brother" is being released on CD for the first time ever.

Signed to Apple after John Lennon and George Harrison heard the tape that the duo (formerly of the late 60's American group "Jacob's Creek") had sent to the Apple office, Lon and Derrek were brought over to London to be the first act to be signed to Apple based solely on their homemade demo tape and the first act to record an album in the newly built Apple Studios.

Produced by George Harrison and Klaus Voormann, "Brother" is an eclectic set of songs that encompass a wide range of styles that range from rock and R&B to folk and even an early nod towards rustic Americana.

The centerpiece of the album is the single, 'Sweet Music' which was produced by George Harrison at Abbey Road and which features Harrison, Ringo Starr, Mike Hugg (Manfred Mann) and several others backing Lon and Derrek on a track that sounds nothing less (and understandably so) than a great lost Harrison song from the early seventies.

The album has been freshly remastered at Abbey Road and featuring extensive liner notes from Stefan Granados as well as copious bonus tracks (including their legendary collaboration with Sir John Tavener, "The Sea").

Brother is, to borrow a phrase or two from the review by Stephen Holden that appeared in Rolling Stone, a "staggeringly impressive first album" that "displays more energy, good feeling and sheer musical talent that any debut rock record I've heard this year."

It may be forty years on, but Brother sounds as fresh and exciting today as it did in 1972, which is not a quality that can be taken for granted with many albums from the early seventies.

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Full Track Listing (including Bonus Tracks):

1. Warm Woman
2. Sun Song
3. More Than Words
4. Hear My Cary
5. Without The Lord
6. Sweet Music
7. Help Us All
8. Maybe There's Another
9. Ring
10. Sunshine
11. Another Thought
12. Home Dear Home (album session, unreleased)
13. The Sea (album session, unreleased)
14. Song of Songs (B-side to Sweet Music)
15. Another Thought - Version 2 (album session, unreleased)
16. Sweet Music (remix)
17. Living (finished Apple demo)
18. Can't Wait (finished Apple demo)
19. Resurrection - Version 2 (finished Apple demo)

Published July 28, 2012

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